January 6, 2017

2017 Episode 3 – Electric Convergence

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    As always B&B thanks so much for the time taken to realize.
    Carlos from Costa Rica

  • Caroline5765

    A US map on the platform, blue and red fog, and you would have had yourselves a side-by-side double there. What an impact video. Very nice.

  • kEEpEr

    Notice the perfect grid cloud formation at the end, bottom right. I wonder if that is a signature of some kind.

  • Simeon Nartoomid

    In the earthspots dynamics, it would seem from your explanations of those, that there must be earth-ionosphere “electrodes”… with high pressure cells having an opposite polarity than the low pressure cells as witnessed by their reversed vertical as well as circular flows.

    It might therefore be quite interesting to expand this experiment whereby there would be 4 electrodes… 2 above with their polarity opposites below. Then turn on the juice and be able to move the two electrode pairs around on the board in relationship to each other and vary the strength of the juice in each. This might truly duplicate the earth spots that drive weather.

    It would be a lot more complex for Billy to setup but I’m sure he can do it, he’s a true wizard!

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