January 25, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 12 (2018)

Here we aim to tie some stories together, and allow them to further our discussions on the true nature of the universe. Below you will find three videos, the first one is for one of my talks at the upcoming conference and it has the same sequence of shots from Billy’s lab repeated 10 times for me to talk-over. You only need to watch it once (or however long it takes to re-orient your mind with the concept of electric translocation of material). When you are ‘there’ you can go on to the second video. You may have already seen the second one (it was posted to Youtube on January 23rd, 2018. It described magnetic fields that were perpendicular or parallel to a dark cloud axis, and correlated with the velocity flows of local mass. It was your introduction to magnetic star-forming regions within galaxies. The third video is your actual episode of ‘deeper look’ for today.

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  • Caroline5765

    Thank you Ben, Billy! As the EU grows more among scientist you guys have been way ahead of the curve. I have enjoyed this membership daily for years now and am grateful for all you have done!

  • sean leech

    Thank you for providing the most up to date education available.

  • kurstburg74

    Much love Ben. This work is inspiring and resonates truth.

  • David Droescher

    In other words we are currently traveling through a cold(unlit) plasma filament Our Stars reacting accordingly and getting in more intense. Once our pathway takes us out of this remanent Life as we know it changes from consists organized energy flow path ways, to dissipated and erratic direction and intensity flow pathways. Dry/heat lightning Vs wet lightning.

    Are there voids along this string of dust we are passing through like the hole in the donut on a rope? Possibly indicating that several Stars went supernova when the filament shut down as they collapsed without the power to support them.

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