January 23, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 10 (2018)

This morning a M7.9 struck Alaska, preceded by Blot Echoes, and while a low pressure cell spun overhead. Despite fitting our published model perfectly, we did not alert the region. We did not give as much weight to the in-land Alaska quake, the low pressure cell was not forecast to reach that area, and there were simply other areas that merited the alert zone marking. This is an odd dilemma; the model worked perfectly, but I did not. Here is my solution in the short term, along with a mystery to close.

  • Don Joseph

    Fantastic idea to separate the chart into 2, one for the model & one for your personal forecast using that model.
    Very honorable move & it further legitimizes the 0bserv(ers)ation method :]
    -So the year timing between quakes is significant yes? It does indicate a nearly identical earth position in relation to our sun yes?
    -An earthly wave resonance that re-occurs as a weaker aftershock when the earth returns to that position next year maybe?

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