January 16, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 7 (2017)

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  • Caroline5765

    Odd as it sounds, I can’t help but to think that at some time in the past some planets were inhabited; this one included. Thank you for the upload. I always enjoy the deeper looks.

  • michael.dick

    I think with this discovery, if we are seriously considering colonization, we need to pursue underground construction in regards to biosphere creation. With the Ice dust layering, it would be very easy to access water and, very easy to carve through in depth. We already know that there is technology that is at the very least in the R&D phase (proved via the audit of the pentagon where they tried to hide the funding) and most likely is already operational. So, should we not be making plans for sending a UBV or Unmanned Burrowing Vehicle that could allow us a more in depth analysis of the Mars lithosphere?

    • Don Joseph

      Very insightful michael. It appears as though the black budget & secret space programs are already well in development for colonization. If the military tech is over a decade advanced beyond what we see in the public eye….this may already be in progress. Dream*Big

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