January 17, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 8 (2018)

Big Bang Video

Why did I decide to make this video? If you are a veteran observer you don’t need reminded that we find the best hidden gems where electrical cosmology straddles mainstream and they can almost come together. You likely also do not need reminded that I have extreme discomfort with the focus on the term electric universe when plasma universe and magnetic universe may not just be different ways of describing the same thing.

There is a critical question of what is fundamental. I find virtually no way to argue that plasma is less fundamental than electricity, electric charge, electric currents or electric fields. Plasma is the building block. Truly, electric universe would have to focus on the elementary electric charge of the particles. But when we go down that road, we find magnetism might be the driving force behind electric charge, and would be more fundamental than even plasma. Ed Leedskalnin discussed the essential particles of the universe as a tiny north pole magnet and a tiny south pole magnet. They come together to build all particles in his eyes. The point to be made here is that not only might electric universe not be a great name for this cosmology, but it comes with the great negative baggage of its past. The academic world hates electric universe but can get behind plasma and are shifting towards magnetic universe even in some NASA articles we’ve seen.

Are you all going to sit there and let them righteously jump ahead of you? Simply out of your loyalty to an idea, a movement, an individual? The truth is that Velikovsky probably got a few things wrong. The truth is that Talbott and Thornhill likely missed a thing or two as well. The truth is that we need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are actually seeing evidence of electricity being fundamental. Consider this: To say the universe is made up of subatomic particles is not wrong, not at all. But there is more to it, whether you are mainstream or electromagnetoplasmic in your thinking. I made up that word by the way- don’t go trying to use it in a normal conversation. The point is that electricity has never struck me as fundamental, merely an underestimated and under recognized piece of many puzzles.

The truth at the heart of the physics is the plasma, and to an argument that you could just be describing electric charge, there comes the question of the genesis of the charge itself.