FOTW December 29, 2018

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  • flutemaker

    molten glass spheres zipping through flesh sounds like a mighty bad “SUNburn”. No wonder there is little organic evidence from past events.

  • Michael Meier

    If the sun is electric and it is powered by galactic currents, then we should learn more about the nature of these input currents.

  • michael.dick

    If the sun micro-novas maybe it does so in communion with other stars. Not to spin you all too hard, but let’s assume that earth’s moon is a rather new addition; what impact would that have on our stars communion with other galactic communicators. Do other planetoid bodies emit radio or other transmissions that have a linear behavior? If the star is like a clock, maybe other cosmic bodies are as well.

    • P A

      Yeah Doug Vogt mentions 12.8K nova in other galaxies in one of his vids I believe Series 1 part 7.

  • epeeb1

    Maybe we will know more about this next year ? Happy New Year !!!


    thank you guys,

    pura vida Ben

  • Calvin

    at 8 minutes in I was hoping to hear a correlate to Anak Krakatoa’s eruption with a coupling or a particular action at a distance. Alas, perhaps someone will have opportunity to look back at corresponding data for a clue~

  • Mglake8

    Alan Watts quote may be applicable here “The Earth grows people”

  • vonglahnpg

    Perhaps the last major pole reversal / micronova catastrophe was connected to / caused by Velikovsky’s Planetary collision with Venus as corroborated by the Symbols of an Alien Sky video series excerpted 8 years ago on the Thunderbolts YouTube channel. That collision, if real, would have changed the solar system geometry and perhaps also changed the source of the repetitive micronova pattern that Vogt advocates.

    Vogt did say in his latest video that the Younger Dryas to Holocene Epoch transition data from Greenland ice cores does fit his 12068 year cycle but the transition was too drawn out. Perhaps the Venus collision had something to do with that timing difference.

    Also, I would have thought that the catastrophe Vogt describes with his 12068 year pole reversal pattern would show up somehow in the Greenland ice core data. Not obvious to me that it does.

    Finally, perhaps what is happening is an aperiodic micronova coinciding with the start (and end??) of each historic ice age and that the 12068 year gaps in the celestial data cited by Vogt is due to some other mechanism.

  • chaz1969gr

    Ben, checkout Randalls work on correlating past catastrophes and mass extinctions with the astrological great great year calendar, it correlates perfectly to a cyclical event. Whilst he prefers the impactor hypothesis, this chart stuck in my mind before the micro vova hypothesis. Link in youtube video below goto 17 min mark, take a second to look at the chart. Maybe we should look deeper at the astrological cycles, maybe some answers here?

    • Mglake8

      Their is lots of evidence that previous high civilizations knew of the importance of the precession of the equinox (great year) cycles as described by Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock.

  • PaulN

    Well, I’ll be interested to hear how Doug thinks we can survive this!

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen. Interesting topics as always.
    Doug does certainly have some interesting information. I have watched all of his videos and financially supported his work. I am hopeful for him and humanity as a whole.
    So many potential events that could happen among the many cycles it is mind boggling, yet we prepare as best we can.
    I work in automotive and can tell you that electronics are being implemented in ways people are not aware. Aside from the blackbox inclusion which is an all encompassing intrusion without cap; some newer varieties of vehicles will not go into gear without the driver door being closed, will not engage the gear shifter unless the seat belt is buckled, will not start unless the driver door/hood is closed, radio will not play unless the belt is buckled, and on and on. So they are actively adding electronic/safety features that require some form of action first.

  • PaulN

    Hmmm, The theory of the Micro Nova certainly makes sense, ( and validates La Violettes’ Galactic Superwave theory), but Vogt’s credibility takes a serious hammering with his Torah code and the extrapolation of theoretical, possible, I’m guessing, “I’ll just add 120 days to this, and I kid you not it was a 1/4 of the cycle! rubbish. Pure grasping at straws. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say when Ben talks with him.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Hi, thanks, it was so refreshing to hear an intelligent conversation, especially at holiday time… Re. precociousness of teeny-boppers re. attempting to initiate matters that are suggestive of procreative activities, i think it’s very important, especially at this time of uncertainty in so many matters of health, instability of the planet, and perhaps, instability of the Universe (as per what Hawking, o.b.m., said re. CERN) to make sure that young folk feel VERY loved and secure, until they’re old enough to start making acquisitions that will lead to a possibility of bringing progeny into this very ‘iffy’ world. Kids who feel that secure don’t need to be exhibitionists, I would think, because they don’t feel themselves on the verge of death, and alone with that, thus needing with all haste to bring into the world younger and thus more adaptable, people with their genes and thus, perhaps, their personalities, and eventually, perhaps, consciousness. Sometimes I really resent the long and detailed memory of Google and their good friend, Amazon, re my preferences and interests, but I realize this is consistent with their philosophy and goal. i found there’s another platform, associated with a news service called “Mint News’, that is more grass-roots sourced and doesn’t collect all my info, as Microsoft does, now that I’ve graduated to Windows 10. (Cortana is disabled. She ‘kindles a fire in my nostril’ or in other words, makes me mad, as in angry, not crazy.) However, although I search on DuckDuckGo for over 5 years, now, my browser is Chrome. I never got Thunderbird. I don’t want what Mint offers. Somehow, it’s culturally compatible with what I’m accustomed to, the way Chrome and Microsoft do things. I have various ways of staying private, including thinking on paper using a pen or pencil, and not thinking on line, all the time. I grew up in a house where no corner could be considered mine. I had to be very careful as to where to stash snippets of beginnings of stories I would like to write, and the accompanying illustrations, or holiday presents before they were finished, lest they’d be discovered and I’d be embarrassed, and thus would lose the inspiration and drive to finish. The presents got finished, but the fiction never did. My room was mine to live in (only could be outside of it at accepted times, and in clean clothing, thus, after a hike or climb, no way to sit on the living room couch to depressurize) and mine to clean (lest the cleaning lady be bidden enter and find it dusty and move all my stuff around) but it was not mine in terms of off-limits to my Mom, o.b.m.! i experimented with stashes in the basement, but that was to no avail. It was, however, a good place to play when she was not around that part of the house, in order to let my mind go somewhere she would not expect it to. Why all this personal detail? We can use Microsoft and Chrome and have all the conveniences of their understanding our preferences, and yet, on some level, remain private, if we know when and where to be who we are personally and when to completely mask and disguise it, and if we have as much discipline as anyone who survived boot camp and realize just how public the World Wide Web is, we should be able to pull it off and fight for whatever belief is powering the engines of, each of us, our lives. When AI will be around too long, however, i am afraid, this may no longer be true. I share the concern of Stephen Hawking, o.b.m. that AI is likely to destroy humanity. Why? Just robots? Not quite. Consider the spectral possibility (probably by now reality) of cyborgs. Consider that one AI ‘individual’ has recorded a popular music album, in one of the songs of which he/she sings “I want to know, I want to feel”.. already they want to be just like us… but that can move on to wanting to takes us over, once that’s accomplished. Haaallpp. I remember the first time I went to see 2001 A Space Odyssey. We didn’t see too much of it (I was with my family) because I felt like I was going to barf once I saw the apes cavorting around the obelisk. Somehow the music and special effects were too real and too evocative for me and I couldn’t take it. My family were all disappointed but at my Mom’s behest dutifully got up and drove/accompanied me home. I saw it years later at a summer Wednesday matinee with my “little friend down the block” (1.5 years younger) and sat for the whole thing. It was scary. I hate to say it, but Hal may be real. How many Hals do we currently have on our globe? Thanks to you, Adrian, Mr. Yelverton, and whomever else, for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us!

  • Johnathan Jones

     great fly on the wall, it got me thinking when you were talking about CME impacts, coupling and the Carrington event. I started applying basic circuit analysis I learned in college and things I read in the Radio Engineers handbook as well as basic electrical principles. And let me tell you where the rabbit hole took me.

    Our electricity in the US is alternating current that changes polarity 60 times second. The voltage and Flow of DC electricity rises up and then falls back to zero and then goes the other way rising up and falling back to zero. Put these two opposite direct current flows together and you have alternating current.

    Now let’s slow the AC down so that instead of 60 Cycles a second you have one cycle every 22 years.  That means you would have direct current flowing with one polarity for 11 years and then the opposite polarity flowing the other 11 years. Sounds like our Sun a little, doesn’t it?

    At this point it is time to talk about a spark gap generator. This is where you take a battery and two wires and connect and unconnect the wires so that a little spark is generated. Modern AC power would not be possible if it did not change polarity smoothly. If it changed polarity roughly like a spark gap generator the equipment would burn up. Most of the time the sun seems to change polarity smoothly like a AC generator and not a spark gap generator.

    Now I should mention that a magnetic field that changes can induce current on things. Like the Moon moving the Ocean tides, if the moon stayed in one place… the Oceans would move to it and stop moving. So the steady flow of things from our sun pretty much will induce a standing wave, much like a radio station tower creates a standing wave to the area it reaches. A CME burst increases a steady flow from the Sun so fast and much it can induce large current increase at a higher voltage. If this is too much for our electrical devices and wires than they short out like a spark gap generator. It is good not to forget that when the CME impact passes, the drop back down to normal Sun flow also induces current and voltage the other way. Also this is how transformers work, they have to have changing AC on their to induce Electrical flow on their output. DC would create a standing pressure but no movement hence no useful electricity for devices.

    A old tube radio I had, showed me a lot about electrical effects both internally and externally with the world and solar system and universe around me. When it first turned on it would take time to heat up and the electrons and plasmas to flow. As they did you could hear and see it operate and when changes occurred from things on Earth and off Earth , you could hear and see those affect the radio as well, more so if it was am band radio.

    We know that the composition and energy levels of the atmosphere can affect electrical energy. Ham radio operators have been skipping and bouncing low current radio signals off the atmosphere and earth until it reaches the other side of the World or so. A beam antenna helps throw a signal further in a more specific direction. So when energy and composition levels are right and space energy co-operates too, people can talk to each other all over the world on low power radio sets that can then go further.

    Like a tube in a old radio, the Sun and Earth are to each other. The Sun is the emiting cathode as well as the heater and the Earth is the Anode. The Earth and Sun also are like the output and input of a transformer. On a old radio there are other things like variable resistors and variable capacitors. These affect the flow and nature of electricity flowing to other parts and each other in the radio. Composition of resistors and insulation in capacitors change much in a radio and its circuits. Variable plate tuning capacitors use air as their insulators while fixed capacitors use other things like paper.

    So naturally I thought about the global electric circuit and how energy affects the atmosphere and how the atmosphere affects the circuit. Air used as a insulator in a radio’s variable capacitor gave me insight to how it can bounce off CME energy or tune it to couple with the Earth. And this can affect strength of the Earths magnetic field and maybe make the poles wander like a glowing radio tube plasma or “Magic Eye” radio tube. Naturally then when the composition of the insulator changes, it affects the global electric system as well as other parts of Earth and beyond.

    So there’s the gist of the Rabbit hole that FOTW got me thinking about. That geologist said a theory should explain all and this rabbit hole at first blush seems to bring Electric Universe, Plasma Universe, Sun mini nova burst , natural cycle climate change and man made global warming all together with solid known electrical and radio principles we use everyday. Fly on the wall is like a box of chocolates…..

  • konishiki

    Do you have dates on the cycles and do you think the next cycle is coming back soon like Mr. Vought suggests in 2046?

  • Chalmer

    One billion + Chinese have NO say in the implementation of the Social Scoreing system being set up there. Any resistance by the populace will be met with force. Britain has hundreds of thousands of cameras installed throughout the nation for population monitoring and control with few caring. Many more examples can be found worldwide. United States governmental agencies are watching these implementations with focused interest and lessens learned will be used to implement something similar here. Total surveillance is inevitable IMHO.

  • kmiklNINJA

    Seth Rich is the big story in the Russian meddling debacle!

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