December 31, 2018

This is a sneak preview of the best micronova stand-in animation I can find, and will be used in Part 5 of the Earth Catastrophe Cycle series. This was made by the ESO. If you can find a better one, send a link to – otherwise, enjoy the animation, and let your imagination fly!

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  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Best micronova animation I’ve seen! The viewing “perspective” offers an appropriate platform to be an 0bserver or to feel +/or be swept up in the star’s tidal waves. Beauty and fright here.

  • KittyMac


  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H That’s a pretty clear 7-minute movie. One relevant piece of literature would be “On the Beach” by Nevil Shute, in which one sees how different governments and personality-types deal with limited time. I saw on Mr. Vogt’s site a time-ticker as to how many days we have until pole shift … just under 28 years. I am not at this point able to doubt his scientific accuracy. I do, however, stick with some other comments I’ve heard about pole shift, including those of Carlos Munoz Ferrada, o.b.m., that the situation of earth’s peril is hyperdimensional. This means we can change for the better, although it’s clear he felt we would not succeed in doing so before it would be too late. It’s in the hands of each of us to think, speak and act on the highest level we can in moral terms. No person on the planet is exempt from this. How would ‘being good’ affect things? It would change the nature of pheromones we, and thus other living creatures in response emit, and that’s scientifically measurable according to the discipline of chemistry, and it would also change our brainwaves – that is, the thoughts that travel without our speaking or writing them or otherwise consciously and deliberately sharing them with other, yet they are, somehow, available to humanity WITHOUT the world wide web, once they’ve been thought, for recipients who are on the suitable wavelengths to intuit them, and our EMF radiation, as, according to all I’ve read in search for the proper protection when I work on computer, or, as in now, have to deal with smart meters having been installed nearly right below our apartment, humans also emit EMF, it’s not only electronic devices that do, and for more on that, look up Jerry Tennant on line and learn how the human body is an electronic device. So we can change things in ways that are other than or may be added to publicizing dangers and concerns and trying to encourage governments, official scientists, and corporate executives to be more open about dangers they know of and may perpetrate but do not let anyone outside their in-group know about. We can change the situation via right thought, right speech, and right deed.

    After that 7-minute flick, I was, as usual, presented with an array of choices as to what to watch next. I chose a flick with the words “Phantom of the Universe” which I thought might be interesting in that it might have to do with the idea of those of us that are religious that there is a Spirit over-all that made all this, and I got some talking and photography or moving graphics on dark matter, and, then, it may have been in the same movie, found out i was being hosted by CERN and found myself virtually zooming through their hadron collider or another accelerator, faster and faster… at which point I had to close Chrome. I decided to see, what is doing with CERN, and how dangerous is this Higgs boson. Grim indeed. Even the strangelets are grim. The sculpture in front of CERN – it is all so grim. I thought, what does Stephen Hawking have to say? I found, searching on DDG, that he SAID, not that he SAYS… whereupon I looked further and watched most of the flicks BBC had on him. Somehow I thought he’d always be there, but looking at the photos I realize, it’s a miracle he hung on as long as he did, for the rest of us! O.B.M. Now i REALLY feel like an orphan. Today I will be living at half-mast.

    Dealing with being an orphan. See a video of a lecture I was linked to by ‘Take Back Your Power’ – from Eastlake Community Church, about ‘Carrying the Fire’, including excerpts from ‘The Road’. Yes, I’m Jewish, but the message in this lecture is universal enough. It’s up at that church’s site, for anyone who is not forbidden to go there. I am but did anyhow, to see a bit of it again. Maybe I’ll get a dispensation, after the fact.

    Dealing with being trapped by power… see ‘Die Forelle’ on vimeo, filmed in 2017. Not exactly material for me, but it was filmed near my alma mater.

    Dealing with last moments… see ‘The Last Bogatyr’… again not suitable for me according to the authorities, but, it was filmed close to my alma mater, and indeed in a forest i may have spent much time in, including on a Jewish retreat at a rented camp facility, so, I let down my defenses and decided to jump for 17 minutes to the world view of another culture.

    We have to be smarter than the government, or the corporations, or the scientists whose curiosity and need to have victory in empirical discovery override their concern for human survival real time, for the people that ARE now, and their offspring, rather than some farmed people they might like to invent. But we have to be quiet about it. We have to do what we have to do, so that there will be a tomorrow. Invention and discovery do not always guarantee a tomorrow. Right thought, speech, and deed do.

    Above all, while being suspicious, may we not let the wrong people suspect us of having suspicions, lest they find us or our behavior suspicious. it goes on paper, and once the note or picture is no longer needed, is torn up and mashed into a pulp, and sent down the plumbing… if it won’t stop it up. If the paper pulp and ink or pencil graphite are not too toxic for the sewer system. If no one in the Department of Sanitation has learned of this trick and is looking to see from which pipes the pulp is coming.

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