February 23, 2017

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  • gypsy.dove@yahoo.com

    Excellent followup. Thanks, Ben.

  • Bo Shaffer

    In the ’80s, My college roomate was was pursuing his degree in Bio-electronics.He and his lab partner were working on tuned ports using high frequency microwaves as part of their theses. I saw some fun stuff, bending HF EMF around corners and using multiplexed signals to create focused nodes…all done under a DOE grant.After pre-publishing some of their impressive results half way through the year, the DOE came down and transferred their project off campus to a DOD facility….and it just disappeared. In my late night chats with my roomie, he talked of the potential applications and why their project was yanked from the university. They were playing with everything from sound to UHF, mostly microwave energies, but only because of the limitations of the lab size. Large wave energies had some pretty dark potentials.
    So, the human body is definitely affected by low level, but focused energies. Remember the US Embassy workers getting headaches was how they discovered microwave eavesdropping….

  • Star 0bserver

    First I gotta say Hi to Bo! Love ya brother!

    This is epic, if they only knew the power of their weapon which is there mind, then fear can be relinquished for progress. Some minds are under others controls but the firewalls can be built and fear cast out of the mind. Then and only then does one weild their weapon. Your mind is your weapon!

  • Catherine Reed

    Could you make the link available in the Firewall video. Thank you.

  • klugr27

    First off, Congratulations Cat and Ben!


    this is the story of Charlotte King. I just happened to cross this yesterday, then I saw this deeper look. Charlotte began hearing ultra low frequencies in the ’70’s and predicted the Mt St Helen’s eruption and many others. She was tested and can hear frequencies as low as 2hz. she also gets headaches and other physical problems when this happens.

  • Alexander_D

    Excellent observation. You are correct. We are multi dimensional beings. A thought is real. But can you touch it? Not until it’s manifested in the physical dimension. Love is real. Can you touch it? Electromagnetic, but perhaps a part of a dimensional interface. 🙂 Remember. Science can only measure what it can measure!

  • Kinkajoo73

    Hi Ben and Co.
    Just run through the Fly-on-the-wall sections you suggested. In the second you stated: “You didn’t grow that tumour by thinking bad thoughts”.
    I would draw your attention to the statistics regarding incidence of Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer(s) in people who have suffered physical, emotional, sexual and/or psychological abuse.
    I would, personally, tie this marked increase directly to self-image/perception. I also think it’s interesting to note that Psychological abuse is considered to leave deeper scars than physical or sexual abuse, due to its more insidious nature. i.e It can be harder for the victim to determine that a personal boundary has been crossed with this form of abusive behaviour.
    I think it’s very interesting to note that a fairly consistent 15%-ish of victims are able to conclude, for themselves, that, in fact, there is nothing wrong with either themselves, or their behaviour, to have warranted such experiences but, instead, it is the abusers who are wrong. These lucky few do not seem to suffer the increased incidences in health issues which the other victims demonstrate.




  • Kinkajoo73

    Doh! *ran*

  • Toothfairy6797

    Interesting article & much appreciated given with all that’s going on in our world today. I have to wonder with the hate being generated from both Left & Right, the Wikileaks latest monumental release confirming what anyone with an IQ over -15 should already know, what exactly is lurking around the corner that they want our frequency so low. I really should tweet Dutchsinse’ Michael Janowitse and THANK HIM for mentioning your site…I’m so happy I found y’all! Just checking your morning report increases my positive thinking!! Eyes open No fear

    Congratulations to you & your family on the birth of your Man Child! May you & your family enjoy a long peaceful happy life


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