February 21, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 17 (2017)

1980 PsyOp piece by the Colonel/Major

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  • Vinny


  • Rufus kohn

    Even if it is so that there are people and groups of people that feel the need to manipulate the populous, I often do wonder what on the whole the real effect can be. I am not a deeply religious man but somehow for me there is always a bigger picture that puts all the sceeming in perspective.
    My biggest mind trouble is when I take advantage of results of that manipulation. Like every day when I take a shower drive my car use a phone or even just get dressed. All products of forces protecting a cause at costs that just don’t seem to add up. Seeing what happens to nature to some poorer countries and even to us.
    It does seem so futile to go off the grid and live of the land but the people that do they show that human as a man can make a stand and there lies the original strength of mankind in my humble point of view.

    Thank you Ben

  • Ryan Crass

    Thank you for reporting this.

  • carlos

    Muchas gracias hermano Ben,
    Carlos from Costa Rica.

    Eyes open, no fear.

  • laurie

    Funny, I have been wondering what is going on in areas of politics, shadow government, etc., silent and hidden, as I follow the flooding in Northern California…I often get the feeling that my attention is being diverted, but not sure what is being hidden while I focus on the flooding…something more important, to be sure…

  • laurie


  • Eugene Bagashov

    Sounds like Abstergo type of guys, he-heh.

  • Star 0bserver

    great video! you can see how fear drives the control into delusion and self deception.

    do not give them consent!

  • Texasboy

    “So Jesus was saying to those who had believed Him, ‘If you abide in My word, you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    • internal-jellyfish

      you are this

    • Wade F Hutson

      Well stated.

  • Wade F Hutson

    Excellent choice of topics Ben. Exceedingly interesting.

  • cansrus

    Can’t wait for more Ben!

  • gypsy.dove@yahoo.com

    Lots of fiction/fantasy books on-line etc. “Ascendant” a pretty good example of military deciding to use social media to “mindwar” to advantage. Someone has said, the good news is we’re waking up … The bad news is we’re waking up. Turns out, it’s all good.

  • markaxen

    don’t forget the actual mind manipulation tech. that was deployed, on roof tops, against the people of iraq after the non-sense of wmd and anthrax were used as a psyop in amerika. this is rf tech. that affects the cognitive abilities of those in the radiation zone. very effective and cheap. coming to a city near you.

  • lsolomon1@rgv.rr.com

    Paul E. Vallely (not Valley–that’s a typo) and company were the promoters of the failed “American Spring” effort, meant to turn us into Iraq or Libya or Egypt on the streets. It failed over two attempts even if they handed over the “leadership figure” role to some guy named Riley back in the 2014 effort. The focus was removing President Obama by extra-constitutional means. They were willing, with Valleley proclaiming himself onother General Washington on TeaParty sites like WND. Valleley and Co. also helped to organize militants in Southwest Asia preparatory to “Arab Spring” efforts. None of this has dispensed with bombs and guns much, except the 2nd American episode, which was pretty much rained out.

  • John Fackler
  • Gatito2

    Very nice. I Can’t wait to see/read what comes out of this hole 🙂
    In the meantime, you talk about MindWar..or Mind..and I wanted to talk about Water. You know very well how frequencies affect water and you have the Starwater series..uhmm.. dots dots. I imagine everyone here knows about Viktor Schauberger work? If you dont YT has good vids, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXPrLGUGZsw.
    For the Geoengineering thing, we know at least 5 different levels, 1.weather control, 2. nanocrap, 3. Frequency control, 4. Dis-eases variety, and 5. esoteric stuff; and I was thinking this morning that it creates an implicit state of mind lowering of general frequencies. Think of it this way: wake up in the morning, see the great weather outside (that increases your frequencies as you wake up) and you seee those lines/crap/cloudish stuff/white powder/grey/rainbowclouds/whatnot not-supposed-to-be-there thing up there and that instantly will lower your frequencies, as you will worry (in case you dont know what it is), get annoyed (as you know what it is), get frustrated (as you have researched into it), etc.. None of the reactions most of us get when we realize “yay! the sky is covered with crap again in a beautiful cuadriculate way” is heightened, so to say. So, that is solvable, and WE have the power to control our Minds, starts with oneself *goes to grab ze mirror*.. So when we see those lines, avoid lowering the frequencies. How? Have Compassion; for the people whose job is to spray, generate, greed over the contracts of it, and all you can think of, since Compassion is a form of Love. Am not saying your hug them but avoid generating low frequencies because then the MindWar is already happening within each of us, aware or unaware. *nods* So to start somewhere while we dig the rabbit hole, and given that our community is large, group consciousness can generate wonderful harmonic happenings and WE all can do that at our own pace. Have a nice day and night all! 😀

  • John Otter

    “WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL!” -John McClain ‘Die Hard’

  • Bill

    Free trade is fair but never merciful, politics is not fair, no matter how merciful, and war is neither fair nor merciful, so choose free trade over politics but politics over war…

  • Farmer Jones

    Agenda 21. Ben’s piece on that is excellent. Multi faceted multi tiered, multi generational approach to world domination. All couched in terms of helping humanity. It goes back to the Rothschilds, the creation of central banking and ownership and control of governments and media to maintain that illususion.

    And what is their agenda? Financing and fomenting a war to create the need for a “league of nations” then fomenting and financing a war to create the “United Nations” to prevent other world wars? Not done just yet? How about a Third World War to really make the point? Propaganda via the controlled and owned “free Press”, appealing to greed of arms manufacturers and military contractors (manipulation and domination through the use of greed and vanity?) Then promoting derision between cultures by manipulating immigration policies under the auspices of a trade agreement? All being facilitated through central government control like the EU, which is run by appointed bureaucrats in Brussels at the ECC (European Central commission) all beholden to the control of the ECB (European Central Bank) ANYONE who opposes that paradigm or questions the intent or efficacy of the EU is squelched or censored by the controlled Main stream monopoly media owned by the same group. Interesting

    Then of course NATO is a built in customer for weapons systems that member governments must agree to put 2% of their GDP into the NATO fund for “defense”.

    Defense from what you might ask? It seems to be be more manipulation through greed and corruption.

    It’s even more interesting how the development of the control and domination activities are following the plan laid out by the “Learned Eleders of Zion”. Which of course was “debunked” as a forgery. Right?

    Really? Perhaps that “debunking” was disinformation. A Psy Op?

    Then why is it the deeper one digs the more accurate it becomes? Agenda 21 and the New world order? Global government and global currency run by puppets of the international central bankers and the Rothschilds? Coincidence?.

    It’s interesting how the psy op guys are satanic especially when Satanic pedophiles are being exposed in Washington DC and international pedophile rings under the same rubric are also being exposed yet they are seemingly alive and well, hiding in plain sight.

    Now with the internet available to the masses, they are slowly being exposed and hopefully stopped. Perhaps it’s All part of the same Satanic rituals being observed for centuries if not thousands of years but not spoken of until now on a grand scale.

    England and British Royalty have been implicated in that Satanic crap for years as well. The jimmy Saville case was censored and he was protected by the media in England. He was a Major BBC guy and had very close ties to the royal family and may have even been knighted, or was schedul d to be.

    It turned out he was running an international pedophile trafficking ring supplying children to the deviant psychopaths. He was being protected by the highest powers in government. Similar to what is happening in Washington DC Time will tell.

    There is even an argument that the Talmud, and the Talmudic Jews are not from the line of Judeah, and in fact are of a Satanic sect seeking to fight the battle of darnkness and light on a global scale through deception.
    Interesting Thesis.

    A Christian pastor made the distinction between serving others and dominating others. He pointed out that Jesus shed his blood for others to be free, compared to Dracula who sucks others blood for his own benefit and to dominate.
    Enough of my rant for a Sunday morning.. peace out!

    • Farmer Jones

      *** similar to what is allegedly happening in Washington DC.
      ** “The protocols of the Elders of Zion”

  • Calvin

    Even though we all hold beliefs which include subtle and some not so subtle differences. Established boundaries & protocol allow for dialog which elevates the raw body of knowledge available for analysis as the ideal. Therefore although political & socioeconomic differences exist that would prevent us from gathering under alternate circumstances. This electronic medium contains the precise means to break down those barriers and expand minds~

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