February 13, 2017

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  • tcleckner

    This is a guy using a drone to harvest atmospheric energy. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUd8qSRI_F8hiP__pNG4cx2r_xuN3iv8w

    • S0

      What do you think Todd? Is that stealing from the field or creating static and drawing it down?

  • Michael Durfee

    I am interested about this video special Billy mentions about the Chelyabinsk meteor. Could we possibly get a link to that one?

  • 1dhalgren1223

    That guy is harvesting free energy. He seems to have it just about licked.

  • rollin45

    If you want to harvest energy, put those generators on trains running down hill,,, enormous amounts available if harnessed. Perhaps they already do, and I’m not aware of it… but hundreds of tons running down hill will turn some generators!

  • Tyler Morgan

    Would love to see the wait and see list compiled and occasionally updated for further exploration, experimentation and research by the broader SO citizen science community and have a way to report findings back to the list..

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