February 11, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 14 (2017)

MagneticReversal.org and EarthChanges.org

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  • Caroline5765

    Something tells me this time around for the magnetic field loss will be more impactful then any history has ever seen; talk about preparing for the unknown.

  • Robchum

    Back in about 1987 I read some of the predictions made in the 1950s through to the 1970s where they said that the pole movement would wobble, ie move, pause or even go back some, then move again. I don’t know if they could be correct and that is what we’ve been experiencing. They said that the critical time would be around the late 2020s.

  • Alice Foster

    Yes indeed, something also tells me that Caroline. In April 2016, most of the Nations signed the Paris Climate Agreement which implied that, not only did we understand how the climate was changing and what is causing it, our nations implied that we knew enough about how to ‘fix’ the changing climate.
    That unified desire is going to be answered, in Spades, as we really do get what we desire.

  • Gerry Reeves

    Agreed the idea that man has or could ever have control over climate is very arrogant especially to our creator.I sure miss this group of friends. The Lord willing I will need back for the next Bible study. Love Gerr

  • noyouyesme

    This is another profoundly suscint and beautiful breakdown of our amazing electromagnetic universe,..thank you so much Ben! Im trying to write a term paper right now correlating IMFs, solar dynamix, Grand Minimums, the fading GMF, and our wandering poles, and how they relate to ice ages..Bam! Thanks again!

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