December 6, 2019

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  • Joningham Farms

    Excellent overview and explanations as always!

    I think from the perspective of proving out plasma theories of the cosmos (also the engineering) the Parker probe is the most exciting probe we have out right now, can’t wait to see data from deeper dives in the future, and even it’s eventual spectacular demise.

    While my favored idea is the transition from co-rotating to radial flow as the source of the instability, I wonder, is it possible the interpretation of a “switchback” is an artifact of the probe taking essentially a 2-D measurement of a 3-D object. If you think of these streams as large birkeland currents, at there core shouldn’t there be a region of opposite field and charge, given the nested, co-rotating nature of the current? If you pass a tiny probe through a massive current would the two look any different?

    Great work though, really looking forward to both more data and your coverage of it, also really hope to hear your thoughts on the dust findings in the current data.

  • Parveaz Anwar

    What causes objects to rotate. Whether planets up to galaxies and beyond. What effect on space fabric. Reactions that causes


    Hi Ben
    I really love everything you are doing and agree with your views.
    I always have trouble finding the links you talk about.
    I wish they were more obvious.

  • neilwilkes

    One day the mainstream will finally understand the surface of the Sun is real and not an optical illusion.
    I think Dr. Robitaille proved this beautifully with the images of Transverse Waves…..

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