December 16, 2019

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  • John Mallary

    And he almost got elected president.
    Saved by the electoral college again!

  • Norton

    Like to see a recent pic of his mansion with heavy snow!

  • Gaia

    Now who was it who said that children would never see snow? 🙂

  • Ralphsonjohnny

    Look around, we exist in an ice age.

  • neilwilkes

    Strange how he has made so much money out of this, going from $1.6million to north of $300million, and his latest business is a meat substitute company and almost perfectly on cue comes the statements on how Meat Eaters must be treated in the same way Smokers were.
    Bloody hypocrite

  • neilwilkes

    As Tony Heller has pointed out at
    It’s always 10 years to save the world.
    Utter fraud. I despise this man.

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