August 7, 2017

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  • michael.dick

    Do you believe this to be cosmic ray induced? Is the cosmic ray penetration that substantial to cause a storm like that in the outer planets region of the solar system?

    Thanks for the forum.



  • laurie

    That’s a really good question Michael!

  • Kinkajoo73

    You could a do run back through what the sun’s output was during the period appropriate for the lag due to Neptune’s distance out. If the sun’s output was low, in the relevant time period, then it would stand that cosmic ray influence could have been higher.
    Equally, do we have any data, from our sensors in the inner system, suggesting a spike in cosmic ray levels during this storm appearing and growing?
    Do we know whether any of the other planets are experiencing pole shifts? Do we have any good data on the magnetic field strengths of the other planets at that time? Has Neptune’s light spectra changed at all, indicating atmospheric composition changes? Have there been any changes in Neptune’s average atmospheric pressure or temperature that we can measure?

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