August 2, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 60 (2017)

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  • David Droescher

    Now we need to include some hard rock miners in the study, as when under ground the theory is that they are protected by the ground . They could be the control groop. Have some test subjects that have Faraday cages installed in there work office to test the effectiveness.
    This I hope was just step1 in the sequence of planed tests.
    Dream Big Chisel Down To Reality

  • Lloyd Welch

    Cell phone RF radiation. If you live within site of a tower you are literally bathed in radiation that is out of phase with the earths electromagnetic field and has potential of being extremely harmful. There is no place to hid from the frequency modulated radio waves being broadcast by FM radio stations unless you want to build a Faraday cage to live in. Well…..not actually a faraday cage but you catch my drift. Add to that that vaccinations for polio my generation was forced to take, and by the way I did have that as a child or would have been taken out of school. It slipped my mind till just then.

    • fmhboudreau

      Is there a way to measure this? I have a son with young kids living on a hillside. There is a tower at the top of the hill. I get terrible cell phone reception there, so I am hoping that the steepness of the hill is protecting them.

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