FOTW November 25, 2017

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Ionosphere Pulse:
Quakes due to deceleration?

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  • KittyMac

    There’s a couple of ancient pyramids which have huge pools of mercury inside. Thought to be used to power space ships. (Ancient Aliens series)

    • Rebecca Stuart

      Somewhere I read that perhaps the mercury could be transformed into gold via electricity/lightening??…not sure if it was from a video, tv series or a book that I got that information…

      • S0

        100,000 volts

  • independent109

    Article on Length of Day change associated with 2004 Earthquake/tsunami.

  • tcleckner

    Ocean Tides and the Earth’s Rotation
    “Tides affect the earth’s rotation in two sharply contrasting ways. One way, caused by tidal friction, produces an extremely slow secular change in rotation. The other way, caused by the continual movements of the tides about the planet, produces very small but very rapid changes in rotation. These rapid changes occur at exactly the same periods as the tides themselves — half-daily, daily, etc. ”

  • Caroline5765

    Tesla’s burning through half a million dollars every hour…and a preview to their other causes…

    I can tell you from experience when “they” want you to stop doing something you will get a phone call from a stranger who straight up ‘strongly encourages you’ to cease whatever it is they want you to stop doing. They will know all the information and even share some no one else could know. I know, I was a participant in one of those… (we got a provisional patent to a hydrogen unit we invented ((irony you discussed that today)). They are hairy, quite serious and will leave you looking 360 for a month. So keep getting up until then; the rest is heresay.

    Thank you for another upload and some interesting topics.

  • Ricky Neff

    As soon as you said there is uranium that can be found everywhere, my internet got hit.
    Yeah they heard that and panicked lmfao

  • Ricky Neff

    Ben, of course they are targeting us and influencing us to pay attention to certain things. We do better work than the entire agency network combined. Just think about that.

  • cheryl

    I was pondering during the earths slowing rotation discussion, the 5 to 6 year period could be related to the solar polarity flip, and boom you folks went there. One other variable I wonder about is the odd reports of coastal retreat of the water due to the her/him-icanes this year and the impact of all that water displacement on eq’s as well. Certainly large tsunamis must bump the crust one way, then the other. I find the amount of variables on so many of these space/geographical topics very fascinating. Thank you all for expanding my mind.

  • Wade F Hutson

    A day late but here I am.

  • Ragnarok

    Good show this week!
    No distractions in the background…

  • Michael Angelo

    TY Ben and the rest of the community for blazing the path of truth in reality:)
    With HHO, hydrogen is certainly the future:))
    I got knocked off about a dozen times attempting to finish this…something is up:)))
    EyesOpen Everyday LIVIN

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