FOTW June 10, 2017

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  • Deborah Cowan-Ellies

    Viewing this video for the first time a few minutes ago and eager to hit this new FOTW, I have done no research about this mans claims.However,suspicious minded and all, I’m going to be on this one for a while. Energy, limitless.. as you were saying. This is worth ‘a deeper look’. Doug Coulter is his name and fun without borders his game. Passionate people doing what they love. Sweet!

  • KittyMac

    Nice session, guys; Thanks!


    i had my heart attack last October,it coincided with a geomagnetic storm.And now i can feel high levels of space weather.I have found the whole process most interesting and mentioned it to my GP.

    • Kendaiku

      I have tinnitus that gets obnoxiously strong around solar storms as well as high magnetic fields (i.e.- high tension wires). The reactivity happened after a tick-bourne illness that affected my heart and my nerves. It now lets me know when to take extra care.

      • Randrat

        I too have tinnitus. Seems to intensify with cosmic rays and electron flux. Has anyone more information on this phenomenon?

  • Caroline5765

    I remain suspicious of the validity in methods used for determining the age or dating of anything. What is the true meaning of time?
    People like Russian psychic Nina Kulagina performing telekinesis shows me that there exist the potential for something like collective consciousness. Energy in motion IS emotion.
    On a lighter note, thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • nmarshall

    The affect of human consciousness/focus. Take a look at the Heart Math Institute at and UK journalist Lynn McTaggart’s Intention Experiments.

  • carlos

    Be safe.

  • Richard

    *sigh* Forbidden Planet. yes, oldie but goldie. I must’ve been 11 or 12 years old when I first saw it (around 1991, that is ­čÖé scared the hell outta me then, but it left a deep impression ­čÖé

    on the “Observer Effect” … I just remembered a philosophy class back in 9th grade, when our teacher spoke about Heiserberg’s Uncertainty Principle: In quantum mechanics, there is a common misconception that it is the mind of a conscious observer that only causes the observer effect in quantum processes. It is rooted in a misunderstanding of the quantum wave function ¤ł and the quantum measurement process. “Of course the introduction of the observer must not be misunderstood to imply that some kind of subjective features are to be brought into the description of nature. The observer has, rather, only the function of registering decisions, i.e., processes in space and time, and it does not matter whether the observer is an apparatus or a human being; but the registration, i.e., the transition from the “possible” to the “actual,” is absolutely necessary here and cannot be omitted from the interpretation of quantum theory.” – Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy, p. 137 –´╗┐

  • dhoward8816

    The fossil finds don’t make sense because Evolution itself doesn’t make sense. There has been no Evolution. They will find ‘Modern’ humans have been on the earth from the beginning of time.

  • City Samurai

    Observer effect on the observed event…human effects
    (richard response)…here,here.
    I would add we are dealing with a historic event in this time and space. All bets are off given the
    lack complete predictability of the solar minimum.

  • Ricky Neff

    Did anyone consider the possibility that the sub is electric and our electrical systems are damaging its ability to charge our magnetic shield?

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Not a crazy idea at. Billy’s closest to the mark, IMO. Thanks for citing the plug-in “assumption” of dark mode plasma.
    It’s kind of funny although I like the idea that the Sun perceives our planet/us as “closer to equilibrium” than the rest of the planets [we know of].
    The Disaster Predicition App’s potential is greater than even our perception of it. Though with this community’s unique attention, perhaps potential differerences are narrowing. I wonder what that’s going to look like!

  • Mendicus

    They are calling neanderthal a homo. They are two different species.

  • sean leech

    Brilliant discussion on cannabis treatment for cancer. Also delighted to hear the talk about early humans and Neanderthals as having read a couple of books on the topic of evolution I now believe macro evolution is impossible. James Perloff quoted so many scientists who do not believe in it either. I think the Saturn System breakup is involved somehow with the rise or appearance of modern humans. These discussions are the only show in town.

  • sativarg

    I watched this just last month :^) and here is were Forbidden Planet – YouTube –
    and I agree that we are not wise. We are so vulnerable right now to the toxic effects of knowledge in the absence of that wisdom so ya… we have enough trouble managing fire and plutonium as it is?
    great to know that Ben and others here find value as I have in the books and movies and the series that explore possible scenario.
    perhaps the writers are inspired some times from outside themselves by intelligence, reason and or cosmic conciseness on the behalf of Humanity? Angels vs Demons with us as their foils? What if we are on the verge of a point of no return for Humanity past which all the bridges back to sanity are burned? Could we be warning ourselves some how? Are other civilizations at risk if we choose the wrong path? Is this time line a dead end?

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