Update #2 6:15pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Condition Index B- to C+. We appear to be in an extended lull of seismic activity. The Venus/sun conjunction is relevant for another day or two and our best chance for a bigger quake is at a solar wind speed drop-off.

Solar Notes: My ‘horse’ from this morning still needs another night- I am 99% sure that those spots aren’t going to pop tonight (earth facing) and if we get a flare it will be hyder (post filament release) or from the departing megaspores for a limb eruption.

Update #1 2:45pm Eastern Time – 2 Videos

1) High and Low Pressure Systems… an Electric Idea by Billy Yelverton (Mr2) – He made the video unlisted but let’s go ahead and share this one.
2) New video posted to Earthquakes page 🙂