FOTW September 9, 2017

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  • Billy Rogers

    Number 1 Prepper US Government!!

  • KittyMac

    IMHO…That 400 Links list is just another CIA Psy-Ops to illicit a plethora of emotions from billions of internet users around the world. HELLO!! They LIE! And most people have continued to fall for their lies, which is nothing more than continuing to play their game. The MATRIX is one huge game which won’t end until there’s not enough gullible people to play it/participate in it. Any time we find our selves getting emotional about something we see or hear on the internet or on TV, we’d better check ourselves to make sure we’re not being sucked back into the MATRIX game.

    • John Mallary

      Are you suggesting the CIA is involved in a massive conspiracy to socially engineer the culture of America?

      That seems extreme.

  • CaseyM

    AgWeek?? They blocked AgWeek? Wow…

  • scorpios sting

    Full house indeed!
    Thanks for keeping your conversations going each weekend.

    ~Regarding your query about the repeating September doom, doom, doom and doom; one of the 4 seasons under the sun. ~

    Are dates/days not also talisman(s)? Like amulets, statues, monuments, spires, domes, turrets or minarets, demarking a space in the mind with imbued meaning, object/subject manipulation.

    People are born into a rehearsed tragedy.
    Fed drama, over and over.
    Those important questions and answers, provided.

    ~Regarding the X Flare~

    SO, transmission delays of sol’s events to my computer/smart device provoked a question. How would I know about a remarkable event, or its likelihood, if I have to wait for information to travel the distance of space, whether that of the solar system, technological system or a person’s pondering? To that end I studied this flaring seeking some evidence, precursor events.

    • 09.03.17 watching SDO imagery of SS 2673
    • looping images reveal electrical stitching taking place on SS 2673
    -obvious 2D/3D geometry differing from other eruptive features
    -a ‘C’ shaped current flow with an arcing destabilizing point ahead of ‘C’ current
    -‘C’ appears rotated 90 degrees with points high above and curved side “resting” on sol’s plasma density
    • continued watching/looping the stitching well into 09.04
    • 09.05-06 all updates were not coming to the computer except for colorized magnetogram – I could at least monitor the progression
    of SS 2673 and 74
    – graphic displays and SO provided me delayed data
    • 09.07.17 able to receive updated SDO imagery, except Stereo B is out and continuing
    • Using SDO/AIA 171, 211(excellent flow views), 304
    ‘C’ geometry continues rather than the paired winged arching flows so commonly seen
    time loops started 09.05 and able to see previously missed views
    2673 and 2674 are interacting
    • 09.06 08:06:11 2674 initiates (a sparkle) builds to 11:22 through 13:34 2673 X-flare
    there is a 5 or 6 pointed “flower” on 2674 seeding local areas
    after X-flare the “flower” is reduced to 4 “petals”

    • geometry and magnetic configuration are one and same
    • image data presentation reveals similar geometry seen from differing charge flows
    • 2673 and 2674 interacted to flare X Class
    • charge mixing (local SS potential) can bridge violently to proximate, other sun spot, differing charge

    ? mercury, venus and earth geometry and CME spread – is there a degree of relation
    ? did the bunching of CME 2 & 3 in back of the pressure rise from CME 1 create a high
    pressure region (like shortwave ridging) deflecting, yet still severely ringing the earth-bell? At
    least successive impulse banging/reverb was reduced. Indeed, did the reverberation of CME 1
    bubble forward of earth, toward Sol, intercepting CME 2 & 3?

    It’s always good to have a dress rehearsal

    ~Opinion ~

    Sol is a highly amped charge aggregator seeking ground as it frictionally drops through the galaxial atmosphere dragging satillites with it, all the while interacting with other galactic density vortices doing same. Sometimes we luck out by being on the “back side” of the “forward” moving sol-system.

    May the People Know

  • laurie

    there are 9 criteria called the Hill Criteria to be justified in statistical association of a phenomenon with public health. I wonder if that article met them…

  • Thejudge4130

    Great topics . ” keep the people divided , then they can be controlled ” on going chaos is by design I think. And on top of that, is our a nation being lied to on a daily basis (age of deseit ) my friends and family are calling it uncommon sense now. Nobody can be lead truthfully these days on common platforms (google ) being one . I hope that makes sense … another thing on the global warming topic , I found interesting is the smog control parts being implemented on vehicles in the late 70’s early 80’s and how all this ties together with the global warming propaganda . Also the implementation of spraying stuff above us in our atmosphere …. if I were to conduct a experiment in a biosphere wouldn’t I try and control all the variables ? Are they not controlling as much of the types of gasses being expelled from the exhaust on a vehicle . I mean down to a lawn mower or chain saw . And CAT COVERTERS changing the gases to other gases . For what ? I mean are they Tara forming our biosphere to certain standards for there experiment . What do you think guys?

  • David Droescher

    Of corce preping is on the list …. if you’re channel is worth a dam or you are preping for many different situations , some of which are black listed, if you don’t explain that in a few scenarios like solar events EMP events General chaos their ability to TURN OFF our information. Flip a switch and NO Google, Bing,or other info hubs, this would kill thousands.
    — big problem with the audio volume level it’s all over the place and it hurts when I have to turn it up all the way to hear you at all and then somebody else comes on and normal =Extremely Loud

  • Famia

    If you leave out the part about the CIA e.g. “How google was made”–no mention of CIA making it. Which is what they said they would do. Not specifically block the site, just make sure it doesn’t show up in the higher rankings unless you specifically type in the search term CIA plus Google. How many people in the mainstream are going to actually connect those two entities together if they have not heard about it? Same reason certain web sites don’t show up in the top 3 pages unless they are spending mega dollars on advertising even though their product may be as good as and less expensive than other sites with same items. Your web site is not blocked, just not out there unless someone is specifically looking for it.

  • SpacyStacy

    I’m not so sure star age will have that much effect on a star’s stability. I think much of it would have to do with position on the node, what is happening within that node, (as well as overall), and available Matter within that node.. Given what I am seeing, I see no reason that stars can’t grow in size, shrink whatever without it having anything to do with age… Suppose our stars goes through an area of more dense space.. Lets think triple or quadruple densities. Maybe more.. What happens to our star? Suppose it goes through areas both more and less dense on a fairly quick period in the grand scheme of time.. Will that not make our star unstable?

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