FOTW November 4, 2017

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  • ElectricDragon

    It snowed yesterday here in the Seattle area. More like December than November weather.

  • Star 0bserver

    Ben, I love the background it can mean only one thing…Saturn as black Representitives of Saturn which makes sense because you have Hebrew blood and I’m game for whatever we worship today on sabbath. I like black because it represents anarchy. I like adjusting volume so I can feel the shift and feel like I have had a born again experience with the anxiety attacks. Feels like your raising voice at me.

    I love starring into the black screen void. Hail captain Kronos!

    1. A background image for FOTW with website info a must.(Xaiver)
    2. Audio correction software to stabilize volume uniformly is required.

  • Dave Posh

    Central Texas (Paige, TX) seems warmer than normal for this time of year (80 @ 1:30pm CT).

  • Donn

    39° and enjoying it Indian summer here in the High Sierras. We don’t have many deciduous trees here, but my yard lilacs and The willows in the creek are half gone and yellowed. We have snow above 6K Ft..

    While there are many who have presentations on the pyramids, Jimmy over at Bright Insight has some good fairly concise clips, here is the link to the pier amid that I think you were speaking of:
    If I’m not mistaken him, the pyramids are built from sandstone and granite. While it’s more probable that there is a chamber detected, Billy is right degradation or a ferrous rock could create a similar reading, especially when performed with the same method.

    Gold, especially as bullion, can be block chained. This could easily be done via certificate on packaging, or external chip 🙁 I thought this was the pyrite cube connection, still stumped there):

    Disaster relief, when it comes, will be late. (Here’s where I begin to sound like a tongue-wagging doom-sayer). We are already indoctrinated with the drone bee mentality. We do not create or produce the majority of what we consume, most could not provide for their own basic nessecities. As for the ‘prepare everyone’ possibility… No. Likely better to return as a saving force, with alignment objectives. Returning to established feudalism or the slight possibility of an invading force would be less than optimal, for the retention of power/control (money/time). Thoughts lead me to a ‘Just After the Nick of Time’ scenario.
    Investors understand the hedge, and make no mistake, the thinking mind will use it. I used to say to watch the MSN meteorologists, I was naive, I now say to watch the tarmacs of Boulder, Denver, Vail, and surrounds. While it might be possible to leverage passage, I don’t suspect purchase is an option… Like you said, money is too cheap.
    Thanks for another good talk.

  • sean leech

    Thank You S0. I thought this episode of FOTW was one of the best discussions I have ever listened to.

  • Mendicus

    The metals are an interesting topic to me. Silver and copper are both under valued i think.

  • mark macfadzen

    NB Canada (besides Maine) leaves left tree on normal basis, maple trees first and oaks couple weeks later, weather has been above normal warm and dry. Been on the right side of the jet stream. Today is normal as 6 C high and freezing night.

  • KittyMac

    Here in western Arkansas, for the past few years, Summer temps have been below normal, and Winter temps have been above normal.
    Spring & Autumn have lasted longer, and Winter & Summer have been of shorter duration.
    Nice conversations, guys. 😉

  • mark macfadzen

    On Netflix … Pyramid Code season 1 espisode 1 the band of peace … 5 part series that was very well done. It includes the inverted pyramid which the was mentioned as the first template before the great pyramid ..

  • cheryl

    Hi folks, cooling off here (Northern NH near Canadian border)no real hard frost yet at 900 foot elevation accept for the river bottoms. cooler summer (dry) and longer fall, now highs 40’s/50’s and snow dust on the white mountains.

  • David & Linda GIBBS

    Hi Ben,
    Boise, ID is 40+ days ahead of Winter. Earliest I shut the garden down, due to a severe frost @ 28 degrees.
    My Maples still have half there leaves, but I think by Monday, I’ll no excuse – not to rake them up. Tell Kat that Linda said Hi..,

  • Elijah Duggan

    Glutamine is an amino acid, and not a common food additive to my knowledge. Ben it sounded like you were confused with gluten when you were talking about it as an additive that provides structure to foods. Gluten and glutamine are completely different substances.

  • Ricky Neff

    Baltimore, every 3 days it feels like we shift from spring to fall. No summer or winter. It’s a definitive 3 day 20 degree or so swing. I have felt it in my bones. I am 3/4 a mile from the port of Baltimore.

  • Ricky Neff

    You obviously won’t do it Ben so I will start the show.
    It’s not dark matter or dark energy it is dark gravity and dark electricity, the cause is ZetaNova and GammaNova star explosions.
    Galaxy killers, which place new “strings” or “dimensional” aspects upon a surface medium. They can’t see it or determine what it is because this is another universe being noticed.
    Call it heaven if you like the Hebrew route.

  • John

    cfapps on Youtube does a marvelous job of exploring the pyramids, using Google Earth and old texts from some of the original pyramid explorers and ancient texts, that the mainstream ignores. He has some great theories on this subject. You will spend hours looking at his videos! Great work.

  • Richard

    Cheers! A must watch on the Giza Pyramids –

    • XaviarThunders

      Thanks for the link. Great share!

  • John Mallary

    Here, in the Santa Cruz mountains of CA, our weather is usually mild and balanced in temp and precip.

    Nothing extreme for years, then we’ll see the rains diminish enough for rationing and rate hikes…that never diminish.

    The 70s were dry, colder winters, snow to sea level twice that stuck, and some gnarly winds.
    The 80s were wet, warmer winters.
    The 90 were balanced but a bit more extreme.
    2000s were more dry, colder winters with a bit of snow that also stuck, twice.
    2010-2015 was also dry but not as cold.

    El Niño last year was wet and warm. Barely hit freezing in Feb. Streams ran nicely all summer.
    A nice 1970 we’ve seen high wind events, heat, snow, floods, cold. We usually don’t see big deviations from our operating ranges…usually.

    This year, the weather pattern has been similar to that through most of the 90s. Mild.

    The last snow here below 500 ft was in 2004.

    This year our fall has been mild. We just got our first actual rain. Thru the 90s, it would start around Halloween.
    Here it just got chilly. The native maples, hazelnut, alder and poison oak started coloring and dropping last week, like a switch was thrown. I’ve never seen them do that. Usually a slower, more smooth change. The few deciduous oaks started dropping leaves a few weeks ago as usual but a actually saw some orange on the maples. No red tho… We only get red’s here on poison oak but this year it’s very bright red.

    The temp dropped the last two nights, into the upper mid 30s. I’ve been burning in my stove. Nice to awake to a healthy bed of coals, with Nina in her crate four feet away from the stove that she’s snoring and farting in front of now… She likes asparagus but… I digress.

    I found a weather ap that is forecasting out to Jan. Been watching and it’s been disturbingly accurate… Precisioncast by

    Nailed this rain event over a month ago and has two storms coming into nor-cal after next Sunday, dry and cold thru Thanksgiving and my birthday on the 21st.
    Then nothing this far south till after Dec.3.
    The following week, one storm. Then one north of us the next week.
    Christmas will be rainy and cold with snow on the bay area mountains.
    A short lul then unsettled as a system goes north around New Year’s day.
    Then warming until mid Jan, when we get wind, rain and more snow and I might see flakes here at 700 ft.

    I can’t get to the bottom of their method…just vague references to using historical patterns and cycles. No mention of solar activity but I suspect they have reverse engineered Piers Corbyn’s algorithms or maybe David Dilly’s lunar cycle influences. They’re not saying…

    So it looks like the warm el Niño rains will be replaced by northern storms with us here getting “tail whipped” by the convergence, not too extreme, as Wash Oregon and nor-cal get some cold wet nastiness, far more inconvenient than we shall endure here.

    I think I need to drop another standing dead vertical firewood storage unit, if I wanna make it thru till April without having to do that in the rain.

    At least I get to watch S0 news and FOTW.
    I find that is what makes life tolerable. Quando la playa esta muy client en el suelo! Or when the beach is very hot on the sun…;)

    Gracias mi amigo mucho!

  • Rach_T

    We’re having an unusually warm late Spring in central New Zealand (Wellington.) We normally track around 11-13 C on average through October and November. So far there have been multiple days in the low 20s, and it is currently 17 degrees at 9am.

  • Ryan Harlow

    Blockchain technology does have the vulnerability of complete global grid failure. But its value only goes to zero if everyone decided it had no value. It does not go automatically to zero.

    Also, The blockchain itself will survive.

  • Lena-Marie

    Whoever is burning the bowl should mute. That sound totally distorts the conversation and makes it hard to understand.

    • Star 0bserver

      No one is burning a bowl! What is the time stamp that you claim to hear this?

      Personally I am a cancer patient and when someone states something like this, it is stereotyping and just because you do not understand how a plant can kill cancer cells or have any knowledge in it other then the hysteria created by a generation of hypocrites. Then keep your bias opinions to yourself.

      Medicine is medicine. Do you complain when others take a aspirin from the headache you give people around you that have to tolerate this type of narcissistic thinking?

  • bleedingfingers

    As a thought on the gold, was it Trevor that immediately blamed China, China have rocked the Oil boat recently by trading oil in Yuan backed by gold instead of dollars. Discredit gold due to Chinese counterfeit, the Chinese oil market may also lose credibility!

    • Star 0bserver

      It’s a swap out, see gold chocolate bars and vending. They are manipulating the gold index and are the worlds number one counterfeiting country. The steal and duplicate everything. Why wouldn’t they be blamed?

  • Kinkajoo73

    Thank you, Ben, for the comment about the power supply and cryptocurrency. I hadn’t missed the idea but, couldn’t work out why David’s been soooo keen on the concept of immaterial money. He’s recently said he’s a consultant to one of these organisations, providing ideas with regard to future food supply. That may be it.

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