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  • onezeroseven

    I was gonna’ say it’s hard to gauge a person’s “mettle” when it comes to survival. Friends, family, acquaintances, and I’m talkin’ about people you think you KNOW well enough, can sorely disappoint to the point of jeopardizing EVERYONE’S survival. It’s amazing how easily an adult become a person who’s all Me, Me, Me, I, I, I or simply becomes a blithering, non-contributing, deficit to the community. I just happened to see a movie last night that had a character who portrayed EXACTLY THAT. Free on AMZ Prime: The Lost City Of Z, 2016, 6.6 on IMDB, little over 2 hours.
    cool quote from the hero’ ” … I apologize to the members of the expedition for having mistaken a mans ‘rank’ as a measure of his ‘mettle’.”
    I’m just sayin’… and the man who had failed so miserably had been 2nd in command on Shackleton’s polar expedition.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Society uses steam plants all the time, they used to drive belts but now they drive turbines which term generators which are used for a variety of high-tech devices that stationary engineers and electrical engineers understand an ordinary people use. However solar panels and other renewable devices are way easier to use and don’t require supply of coal. I don’t know how many coal veins are nearby the property are speaking of. I would say water and sanitation would be probably number one on the list. With the way things are going in our society, perhaps you could post on the subscriber website a tentative address to go a until official address can be posted. Do you know something that people can go to until things blow over a little bit and they can return to society to pick your goods and services from that large, cooperative thing that may become very uncooperative in the very near future.

  • DBeane

    You stated that you can’t understand how people can be so brain washed (towards the end of the podcast). I have a book you need to read that will give you that answer. But, be forewarned, it is a very difficult read and it will make you literally sick to your stomach!!! I’m not kidding, but at this point, I think you need to know about this book. it was written in 1899-1901 not exact for the year, but enough forewarning:

    “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

    That is the name of the book and once you start reading, you will get a chill down your spine. It is very detailed and organized in the way it has been set up in order to control all of us “sheep”. The book uses another word, but you can find that out for yourself. This book is NOT for someone who doesn’t have a very strong spine. I found it on, but in order to get a download you will need to go to and enter the book title from above. It will show you the archive book. click on that one to get the book, and then bookmark it. It took me a lot of creative thinking to finally be able to get this downloaded. I’m sharing this with you, and I guess others who read this comment.

    This book is some heavy duty very serious SH*T!!! Approach it with your Armor of Light fully activated.
    I Love You, The Gang and Kat!!!
    Be Safe. No Fear. eyes Open
    Beaner from PA

  • michael.dick

    Look up Bush Craft. Those skills are the kind of thing that gets better with practice, and only practice, and you can learn quite a bit just by watching videos. Little tricks with basic tools like a bow saw, hatchet, hand drill, and twine. Basic shelter construction, and survival skills that you might otherwise overlook. Community is key. I disagree with your assessment that we may NEED to turn some away, that’s just a result of poor use of your imagination Adrian. If you know droves are possible then have a plan to employ them. People will not only work for food, they will work for the possibility of community. I know it may not be popular, but people who are in touch with Spirit: Shamans, Witch-doctors, Priest, call it whatever you want, Connection with Spirit is a must or you missed the point of this entire journey.

  • Charles

    OK guys, as far as a library of stuff to print out, someone has been WAAAYYY ahead of all of us for over a decade. They have curated and sorted books into categories, ALL with the intention to be able to preserve or rebuild a civilization after some kind of collapse.


    Check out the survivor library… the Librarian has almost 14,000 books to choose from, and if we are going to start printing stuff out, first read at least one book on bookbinding! Because three ring binders SUCK, bookbinding is pretty easy, they are far more durable, and well worth the effort. Also everyone needs to be sure to use a laser printer, so the ink doesn’t fade or run if it gets damp. We also need to be coordinating, so we aren’t duplicating our efforts.



    As far as food, you guys need to learn about pemmican. It has a shelf life of decades. It was such a valuable long term, energy rich, and nutritious food that during the early decades of settling North America, it was often used as currency.


    Some of the ‘disciples’ like me actually go out and find more material, more evidence, and actually try to get ahead of Ben. I find that almost everything I find and work out agrees with what Ben has worked out … even though I’m not using the same sources.

  • Linefeed

    Ben your idea reminded me of something I recently stumbled upon called Freedom cells ( Worth investigating!

  • Allenvaughan

    Ben, THE thing yo do about fuel for a tractor with a back how—-convert it to propane. And stockpile the hell out of it! Diesel and gas goes bad. Propane will last for decades!

  • Allenvaughan

    Observer Land SOUTHEAST could be where I am, just outside from the Chattahoochee National Forest and the highest land in Georgia.

    I will work on my ham radio and EMS and carpentry skills.

    • Randrat

      We need to talk. Trackrock Ga has historical relevance to human survival of significant events.

  • Backcast

    There have been several groups with a common goal that have started communities in this country. Some of the more successful;

    Amana Colony
    Black Mountain

    Only the first three were truly successful and self sustaining over time.A brief Wikipedia inquiry will provide a quick synopsis of any of these communities. A couple of the panel members described a community very similar to what was attempted at Black Mountain, NC. Don’t do it. Read the book. The successful model seems to be that where families take responsibility for themselves most of the time but pull together for larger projects such as financing road improvements. The new low cost, low latency, high speed Starlink satellite network is rolling out just in time.

  • Katz

    We share the same dream.

    I’m an artist, I sew, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, anything you can create with your hands – I can do…but, today I turned 56…I only wish I could still be useful when the time comes 😊😅

    How much are the plots you talked about?

  • dmallred

    Thanks guys!!!

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Re. the sociopolitical scene, I have NEVER seen things look this bad, not even in history. There are so many people in this country that I care about but lost touch with years ago because I was taught to spend time doing my homework, cooperate with the psychiatrists, move out and get a job and take care of many mundane activities, and never bother anyone, not even family members… just put one foot in front of the other, and I never caught the deterioration in government honesty and justice, nor the suppression of real science, but it is HORRENDOUS… like thinking one’s house is normal and then finding it absolutely infested with termites, and all the friends I refuse to bother at least 44 years later, are even more ignrant than I am, and sittund dusks due to my stupidity in failing to escape ‘the system’ and watchdog the government, fro my FRIENDS… now it looks like Masada, a time when community leaders of a religion that normally preaches hope and condemns giving up on life, told their community, they are coming after us, and will enslave us terribly, so, now, buddy up and finish each other, and the last one, jump! And they did. Being older, I see more personal, unspoken observations from my earlier life, scary hunches that were confusing and worrying, but qucikly put out of my mind so I could for the next fun day at school, confirming the ironhanded and creepiness of the peperclip-men and theirdisciples, filth that has nothing but proliferated in this country and below it, underground, while I was busy being religions and listening to certain individuals talking about the golden path to the messianic age, which does exist but not the way they say it… it only exists if one gives up one’s life for what is right, and one can’t know what is right when deceived by the manipulators… most teachers of religion in my history have played down what happened to six million of us eighty years ago, trying to nourish in us a hope to live and flourish just in case it will be possible this time… I would never rely on the basis of that destruction to allow myself a right to survive, because I also know that 13 million Catholics were killed by the Wehrmacht, as well as many Lutherans and other Protestants who saw through the ‘German National Church’, all gypsies, all sick or disabled people, many violinists… and the torture and killing continues for minors and even adults via the Satanic cult network… it’s not a pretty show, and I don’t often see anything I can actually do to help victims significantly except to give up my portion, meaning life itself, and let people who knew me remember the best they can of me before things get worse, because the net that is spread is spread fro almost everyone in this world and the stench of evil and corruption must reach to the highest heaven… yet most of my current contacts (who are not the online communities aware of this situation) are, just, like, ‘business as usual’. No, even if there were no physical disaster on the way, this sociopolitical situation is enough to make any thinking person throw in the towel. I am glad you guys sound so hopeful, but you are much younger, and have not witnesseed the decception and control i have, in the various therapy institutions, and with the networking between them and those who claim that they are trying to help their students become closer to Hashem, and, at my age, even having lost essential body parts via deceptive medical marketing of unnecessary surgery with no clues given as to after effects of surgery that any doctor would have known about twenty years prior for how it affected women then, unless they are cretins (and craven greed does make many people who appear smart into cretins) …. the picture I see has a much more sordid cast (meaning, ambience and, the lighting, not ‘cast’ as in a stage play), to where I want to barf even seeing my own face.. because I belong to the same species as these monsters… I like your show because it always sounds optimistic, as though there could actually be something people could do to help save this species, from corruption as well as from physical destruction, yet you are still telling it like it is, so, I really appreciate your presentations. It’s nice to hear from people who still believe there is hope,despite current events.

  • Chris

    I have this life size statue of our dear leader Donald Trump that i can send to your bug out recruitment center. You can put it next to the sun dial.

    I hope Donald steals the election. Then USA can rightfully take their place next to China. You asked for it man. You guy deserve an autocrat leader to control the population.

    By the way Ben the Russia thing is true. Why do you think our dear leader hired William Barr? Did you read the Mueller report?

    By the way, the USA is the laughing stock for the rest of the world. Thats because of people like you. You are a disgrace to the electric universe community.

    • CaseyM

      I absolutely love the science here, but the political stuff just blows my mind. How can he be so smart in some areas and so brainwashed in others. The US is the laughing stock of the world. However, the donald has so screwed up the US, that we have to rebuild it. Instead of whining, let’s all get in and rebuild it right including the science and teaching more self sufficiency and responsibility for our own actions. Instead of blaming, which we’ve seen in spades this year, let’s try doing something about it.

      • S0

        For four years your side wined like children about something stemming from a now-proven hoax started bye Clinton to deflect from her email scandal. That’s the official report. If you believe the stuff about Trump you might as well believe in global warming and dark matter. 100% truth. The globalist agenda 21 deep state depopulationist agenda is the left. 100% truth.

  • Michael Meier


  • Ralphsonjohnny

    Natural gas?

  • Caroline5765

    One of the greatest human impacts on my life for self survival was a man named Sal…..When I was a child, I went with my father one time to buy goats. Dad bought goats from an old, black man named Sal, twice a year that lived just inside the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp, alone. He had no friends, one family member somewhere in the USA he rarely spoke to or saw. He had no driveway (we parked in a field and walked there), no mailbox, no sign of living there. When we got there and went in, I saw bare amenities. A true loner who lived in a one room, mud packed log shack, no electricity, no windows, dirt floors, a rusty old wood stove, a few pots, one wooden chair, a half outhouse, an old rusty pitcher pump, His goats had a wood shack, no fences, a clay packed hole for water. The goats provided him milk, meat and fur (which he wore and slept on). He grew his own food and winter food for the goats; the goats grazed the area in the good seasons. He planted enough food to keep the wildlife at bay and out of his garden, goats etc. He had no mailbox, never paid taxes, did not have any contact with society. I think the IRS had no idea he existed as when he died, my father, a preacher and his sister buried him. He gathered the plant life from around for additional food and medicinal. He never saw a doctor, or came to town but sold my father enough goats twice a year to buy himself flour, salt and sugar, maybe coffee (I can’t be sure of the later.) He used gathered wood for fire, cooking, bathing, etc. He had all hand tools that looked older then the 3 of us combined and he was keen, aware and quite interesting. I will never forget my little mind constantly asking questions as my dad walked the goats marking his choices with paint. I don’t remember the exact words but they were along the lines of…
    How do you see at night with no lights or candles? “You work by day and sleep by night.”
    Don’t the goats run away? “No, they stick together and come home when I call.”
    Are you scared living in here? Do you get lost in the swamp? “No, stay out of the swamp.” ( some years later those words came back to haunt me as I got lost hunting in the swamp, spent the whole night and half the next day wandering to find my way out. Came out 6 miles from entry and in another state.)
    Did you make those shoes? “Yes.”
    I like your belt, you made it? “Yes.” (twisted vine.)
    Do the bears come here? “Yes.” Do they eat the goats? “No.they eat the corn.” (He point to a small section of corn he grew for the wildlife a ways away and I noticed he had stalks of corn lying in the floor of his shack that he grew by which he pulled ears from for the goats in winter and probably used as seed the following year.)
    Are there really ghosts in the swamp? “Yes. An Indian woman and a white buck.” (While I took that lightly years later I actually saw that albino buck hunting and it was huge! Just showed up, turned its head to me, and was gone in a flash. The strange thing about it was that it did not have a curved-in swamp rack, it was wide and stood tall. Another triggered memory of him. Sent chills down my spine.)
    What is that for? (An old plunger with a handle in a small barrel like thing.) “Making cheese.” How do you do that? “Goat milk.”
    What kind of wood is that stick? “Cypress… always carry a stick.” (He had a stick in hand. Years later it dawned on me why, a walking stick has so many uses.)
    This is my pocket knife, do you like it? He nodded and reached in his pocket. (He had a small single blade old timer in his pocket that looked really old.)
    How did you get here? “I am here all my life.” Did you go to school? ‘No.” How did you learn to talk? He smiled. (He could count money so I am not sure where he got his education or how, but when at his house, nothing ‘society’ seemed to fit so I did not ask too much about that.)
    He was steady doing things as we chatted and I followed him around. When we went back in the shack I saw a blob of white stuff by a bowl, he used it to wash in one of the few pots I saw stacked. (Later as I learned to make soap, I realized it was soap he had rendered from the goat fat and ash. Another memory of him.) He also had slabs of meat hanging in the shack, which I later realized were probably salted preserved goat.
    So many things he talked of, and things I saw, came to light as I grew older. To this day I will bring him up to dad and when dad has a memory of mind he talks about him. Looking back I think he and his family, were from the Great Dismal Swamp railroad slave era and he never trusted to leave the swamp or go near people. I am almost certain of that now.
    In any case, he was a fascinating person that made Amish look very modern and had a long, lonely, but happy, life in the swamp. I wish I had spent more time with him, but his impact on me helped me to further my own knowledge. There is no greater survival education in this world then that of the people who actually lived it. Sal came from the earth and lived as close to the earth as any one person could before going back to it. I strive to be that way to this day.
    Now is the time to get those skills sharpened, to not be so dependent on others as I believe we need them now more than ever.
    Thank you for the upload and interesting discussions as always Gentlemen.


      What an exceptional experience…. thank you for sharing it… made my day.


    Idk … with the convo on a place of refuge… all I can see is the Divergent series playing out ….
    You will still be dealing with people from this system… this is going to be hard. Know matter how well you play with the ideas before hand… no matter …. We will take on many shapes moving forward …. thanks for the stimulus 🖖🏻

    • S0

      This isn’t a commune… its a campground. Basically a vacation resort for observers since conferences may never happen again.

  • Dirt

    0bserver Ranch workshops should be 100% hands-on, and it should not only be that skill but also how to build whatever you need to perform that skill. For instance, the comment was made about learning how to run steam machinery. Steam machinery isn’t just lying around everywhere, so people will need to learn how to fabricate this equipment. My buddy Chris from Asheville Fungi ( builds most of his production equipment by hand, and he’s running a full-scale mycology lab and production facility. Learning to fabricate your own equipment is invaluable.

  • Michael Durfee

    The magnetic declination of the solar system, the ecological effects of that, the collapse of society, the crossing of the current sheet and the solar outburst that follows, the ecological effects from the outburst, and the reconstruction. A cycle….always a cycle.

    But I’m stuck on pinpointing when exactly the micronova happens. Will it be the initial coupling of the current sheet? The magnetic declination of the suns orientation to the galactic current sheet as it passes? Or, could it be the combined torque from the other planets acting on the sun that finally does it in? But all that turbulence is going to happen in a short amount of time. If the micronova does happen the initial flash will be catastrophic for the people exposed to sunlight but also the oceans. The initial ‘flash’ will vaporize untold amounts of salt water off the surface of the oceans. What destruction results from something like that? I’m spinning in circles around Earth’s ecological effects just to the magnetic declination. We know the earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes will ramp up but how deep will it go? Just the mantle? Low velocity zone? The large scale structure of the mantle, low velocity zone, plumes and core and their orientation I think factor in.

    This ‘post disaster survival community’ filled with ‘collapseatarians’ sounds like a great way to hear some open minded dialogue. Seriously though, it might sound weird but a community is actually is a byproduct of the skills that reside within it. The members bring their experience first, then community forms itself with and around those skills. You can have hopes and wishes what you want; but it’s going to majorly depend on what those skills are. Because the skill of the member determines not only the difficulty of the task that can be completed, but what kind and how much of a resource can be gathered. Assets will matter more initially, while people still have them; but skills eventually. What technology will there be? At what scale? Will efforts be made to harvest energy (solar/natural gas/geothermal/wind)? Critical elements in my opinion are going to be sanitation, a medic, the library, a farm, the permaculture layout, a defensible position, water source, and location. Because the world after the collapse…is going to be a harsh one.

    Which of course begs the question as to why do something like this at all? Why go through such toil and struggle when we all live, more or less, safely and sustained in our community, town, or neighborhood? Will it even be possible to do something like this if the micronova and the resulting upheaval really happens? Well…it won’t be much of a question as a matter of life or death if something like a micronova happens; but why take the steps now? Because there needs to be a place to get the science right. There needs to be a laboratory that is conducive to learn the skills that will keep you alive when you have nothing. You can call it a community, a public square, an auditorium. But whatever you call it, it is where people from a diverse background of skills put forth efforts to compose the common ground. It is where everything converges to make the coherent whole.

    Things to look into:
    The archive/library/encyclopedia created by Congress to rebuild a civilization collapse.
    I knew that if you drew a straight line through the Bermuda’s triangle you would come out in the center of the Dragon’s triangle off the southern coast of Japan. Didn’t know there might be another associated with them.

  • sativarg

    I am seeing a review notice on my Ivermectin comment so I will repost without links in case they are the issue and will result in a deletion.
    adding search on DuckDuckGo with filters totally off “IVERMECTIN GRAND ROUNDS – Dr KORY YouTube ”
    also: “COVID -19: Ivermectin Update YouTube”
    sources: search “Dr. Paul Marik: Ivermectin Works and Should be Accepted for Large Observational Studies — trialsitenews”
    YouTube user “Paul Marik”
    related search Note: turn of ALL filters
    Ivermectin Hydroxychloroquine Doxycycline Azithromycin “vitamin D” Zinc no quotes but for “D” at DuckDuckGo —

  • Robchum

    Have a look at:
    1. the trompe for compressed air and refrigeration
    2. heron’s fountain – pumping water
    3. sand filters for drinking water – put on rainwater downpipes
    4. using wood ash to neutralize bugs in human waste
    5. making a bush fridge utilizing chicken wire, straw, a pipe and guttering
    6. making a bush oven using clay and straw
    7. rocket stove

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