FOTW November 16, 2019

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  • gary gray

    Keeps saying player error on Fly on the Wall…

  • olduglycarl

    Want to know just how bad the players in Ukraine are and who is behind it all? Want to know the history?
    See: (part 1 and part 2 is available at this site also).
    Arm yourself with knowledge.

    A couple of things I didn’t hear from Republicans: 1 Yes there was corruption and 7 billion lost into the night all together under bidens watch.
    2 Wouldn’t it be in America’s best interest to know how corrupt and dishonest biden is Before the Dems vote for him? Wouldn’t it be a tremendous
    Waist to find out afterward?

    Didn’t we learn our lesson with obama?
    I guess not…

    PS. The state department has it’s own agenda outside of America’s interest, regardless who is President…you will find that out in the video link above.

  • Billy Rogers

    Hey Ben Adrian should have his own little show online He has some really good points of view on the whole situation. Everyone wants to blame Mr. Trump but at the end of the day they’re gonna get punished for the choices they made isn’t this their 5th bite at the apple already and Regard less of how far left that the former administration says the current one has moved or the current house has moved therout in left field in a badd way

    • SS

      Thx Billy you can see more of my (and other team members) insight over at suspectsky youtube

  • epeeb1

    When we Have a Magnetic Reversal are we going to be able to walk outside with all the “Flying Pigs”? Will your computer or tv still work ? What effect will this have on Socialism and NWO, This is affecting Politics all over the World , not just The Office of The President, Socialism sponsored by our friends at the United Nation’s wants to transfer our Western Wealth and make us all worker’s for the New World Order !
    Climate change besides Being a Redundant Term , because that is what Climates do is change . is the favorite cover for this planned Action for Political change in Government making us all broke and more receptive to Communist Influences which are thrown at us !

  • Dirt

    I’m a Tulsi supporter. While I can’t say that Billy’s right about 100% of us not voting for an establishment candidate, I know that I won’t. The rot is too deep. I regularly complained to the Obama White House about not closing Gitmo and instigating wars in Libya and Syria. It was disgusting to see how a blind eye was turned to the misdeeds of my own party.
    I think that establishment Dems aren’t actually holding these hearings to hurt Trump though. I think they’re doing it to pull 4 under performing Senators (Bennet, Booker, Harris, and Klobuchar) off the campaign trail as well as Sanders and Warren (who they don’t actually want to get the nomination). That clears the lane to promote Buttigieg (a good boy who does as his donors say, just ask the former police chief of South Bend). It also gives Patrick, Bloomberg, and possibly Clinton a lane to run in as well. I think this has everything to do with getting a nominee that they like.
    If they’re successful in this, my prediction is that Trump will win a second term. Establishment Dems don’t care about who the unwashed masses want for President so I doubt we’ll show up for the election.

  • sibeguy

    I have officially lost all respect for you and your group as a source of citizen scientists. Bringing the political shenanigans into this forum seems antithetical to what you say you represent! Going forward if you are going to host political debate please put it the title so I can skip listening.

  • Chris

    Here i was thinking you guys might have turned a corner and come to your senses. What happened to the comedians Ben? Must be tough to find any with your retarded political views. You guys say you despise both sides but you clearly favour one? Wake up and come back to reality boys. You are in the right wing conspiracy theory echo chamber (maybe its good for business?) Please WAKE UP! Its actually really sad to see.

    • John Mallary

      I disagree.
      It only offends the sensibilities of unamerican Americans who, are incapable of listening to, much less debating opposing views.

      You should ask yourself why such discussion triggers you so emotionally? Why you are supporting the removal of a duly elected president who’s only crime appears to be winning the 2016 election?

      The Dems changed the rules for the Senate’s threshold for confirming SCOTUS nominees to a simple majority, and we got Sotomayor from a Dem Senate under Obama.

      Now you have Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Ginsberg appears on her way out now! That means another seat opening up for Trump and the Senate majority to install!

      Now Dems are using impeachment, in a purely partisan effort, to remove a president simply because he won’t play ball!
      What do you think will happen when Congress flips red next Nov?

      Will a Republican Congress start Impeaching Dem congressmen and senators, with the means to remove them all from office with a simple majority vote?

      Changing the rules for petty political gains in the short term, will only ensure the ire of the public, and the dominance of the Republican party in 2020.

      If y’all had brains, you wouldn’t put on blindfolds and change the game.
      The status quo that sheltered biden and hillary’s Pay for Play, would still be intact and maybe, had you focused on the issues effecting average sane voting Americans? You could have unseated Trump!

      Now you get to sit and watch, with no recourse, other than increasing the division, hate and violence caused by your actions and behavior so far, all your say in running this country disappear. You might as well just shoot yourselves in the face with an AK-47.

      In short, this is the most insane political agenda I be seen since anthropogenic global warming.
      Good luck with that!

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload and topic discussion, interesting views.


    thanks again guys,

  • braindeaddoug

    .. thank you again ..
    just a idea after listening
    ** you need to maybe **
    ..delegate This research conglomeration to a different leader in your group ..
    >> the stress is felt in your conversation <<
    and it may effect you poorly which is not good for All of us
    thanks doug

  • Brian T

    Ben & friends,
    I have been looking forward to these scientific discussions on f.o.t.w. for a number of years now and tune in to each with great curiosity and enthusiasm.
    However, the political edge infused into the content really distracts from the neutral , fact based scientific enlightenment that has kept me excited to tune in every week,and has left a bad taste in my mouth.
    Believe that I have given far to much time to paying attention to all angles of politics these last few years. Time I will never get back.( I don’t like politicians in general,just like I can say I don’t like car salesmen). You’re daily news ,Ben ,and these weekly podcasts have been an escape for me into a new awakening of wonder and clarity I never knew might exist.
    I know shit when I smell it .I prefer to be my own judge.Please consider keeping the daily fiasco ,reality T.V. ,political dance-off out of this forum.
    The awesomeness our new age of understanding cannot be muddied .
    Don’t fear fear,fear’s the mind killer.

    With great respect for you’re commitment and you’re dedication .


    • Terese Nehrbauer

      Brian, I second your sentiments and admire the eloquence, specifics and precision of expression. Thank you.

      S0s all: Just as critical a ‘time’ in our Sun’s cycle, it’s now of critical importance to avoid distractions that operate to obfuscate or that add muddle to anthropogenic confusion on the planet. There’s an excess of forums and media that cover emotion-laden election politics and I’d prefer that this forum not allot this much attention to off-science topics. As Adrian noted above, interested friends can tune in to his team’s Suspect Sky for dedicated coverage; and/or Tony’s reporting for Guns ‘n Butter. In the past, FOTW’s team exercised a different balance and weight to civic topics that would arise from time to time, and Billy’s measured succinctness and authority is always on the mark for expressing the essence of things worth saying. It matters energetically where one places their attention.
      With gratitude for this community and it’s shepherds, Terese

  • Johnathan Jones

    Coup d’états usually are violent, under the constitution it can be settled peaceably. Our government, for the people, of the people and by the people will probably survive this, no problem. But what this really is, is the election cycle has begun at full speed with a nice little disguise to amuse the TV viewers.

    Scientific views like political views are often shaped by self induced blindness, there’s really nothing wrong with people’s eyes, the trouble is between the ears. But what friends do we have that we do not tolerate a little bit of their delusions to have such a friendship? Otherwise we would probably have no friends at all.! LOL!

    Oil money is carried to all the worlds governments by mules, arranged by salesman and sent by branch managers for power control and influence in countries and regions. The super rich buy both political sides of many governments so that they can exert power and control in extracting the resources for their market places and pockets. For example, some would say the Clinton foundation is the branch managers that sent salesman like Obama and Biden to other countries to arrange for mules like Biden’s son to drop off money and other valuable small commodities to politicians on both side in said countywide. Anybody who looks into such activities will be hotly contested especially if they are trying to bring in their own cartel or syndicate to vie for the marketplace of that country. But this, while beIng implied, will ultimately be swept back under the rug despite show impeachment election campaigns currently being trotted out.

    Funny how those with the best model get the attention. Main stream science loved Suspicious Observer’s deep earthquake work and this put the channel on the map for many. Greta becomes an instant hit worldwide, why is that ? what is her model? And how long will that last? Remember the world is a relentless $itch when it comes to letting to truth be known. Like a unmarked intersection or curve, it takes a village of body count or more before signal lights or guardrails are put in and we are not there ….yet.

  • Tr1ckykid

    I was too late to the post to sign up as a researcher, but I was a research chemist and am now a nurse. I’m very interested in the health effects of space weather, so I am hoping to join in on the next round!

  • Archegos

    Hey Ben! My name is Rey. I would like to talk to you about possibly being a researcher or coordinator. I have strong “conspiracy”, psychedelic, philosophical, spiritual, prophetic and biblical knowledge. I’d rate my plasma universe knowledge as intermediate. There is a lot I need to learn. But I would love to throw my name in as a researcher. I also have a friend who would be serious as well. .
    I would love to learn more about the range of topics of you seek!

  • David Droescher

    10:30 Quake Prediction
    We need to add a statistic.
    Hit &miss ratio for highest quake but just under the 7.0M threshold.
    There has been many hits that were just too light to count.

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