FOTW November 13, 2021

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  • IvankaTx

    Another excellent podcast, guys!

    Ben, you made a lot of excellent points about the timeline being shorter and shorter.

    You also made references to the number 666.

    I’d like to point out something to ponder. The carbon atom has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons. 666. What is it that those parasites are continuously harping on? Carbon. Carbon dioxide, carbon emissions, zero carbon goals, etc. Each time I hear or see that number, that is what pops into my mind. It is the atom of life on this planet, and the parasites have declared war on carbon. Perhaps I am the only one to see this connection, but I wanted to put it out there to see if I am just crazy or if that makes any sense to anyone else.

    What is currently happening, IMO, is a war against humanity perhaps disguised as a war against carbon, or life itself. Without actually declaring war against us, we have a problem fighting back because we are defined as terrorists or whatever label “they” hide behind while they are busy impoverishing humanity and transferring our wealth to them. Reminds me of the Catholic Church, but they are only part of the problem.

    I do not do any religion or religious philosophy, but I do believe we are all connected and we cannot be outside of the universe. That means we have a LOT of power that we can access, but it seems it requires focus and filters? How and where to focus? I appreciate any input.

    I do think we have a short timeline before the tipping point. If they reach that goal, the only thing that might reverse their death grip is some help from the sun, but in that case I think we might not fare well, either. I think odds are in our favor as long as we relentlessly interrupt their plans and replace it with something better. Otherwise, this will be the largest transference of wealth program in the history of humankind.

    • Houseboat Grandma

      Great discussion.
      Our world is changing so fast its hard to keep up. I pray hard for you all, the younger generation.
      I personally think if you send your time trying to logically figure out what’s going on you are skidding your wheels. Thats like trying to logically figure out Miracles, you can’t the numbers don’t, won’t add.
      I choose to spend my time getting more in touch with my intuition, my gut, my heart. I dont know how to explain it but there is a force we can tap into, premonitions, whatever you call it but those who are connected will be guided by The Force. I pray for sensitivity to feel Spirit, for the ability to understand what Spirit is saying
      and Courage to Act upon those feelings

  • IvankaTx

    I don’t know where all of my paragraph spacing goes…

  • coffeecraver

    Excellent podcast, thanks guys!

    Speaking from my personal experience, I chose not to get back into the “workforce”, but instead to become self-employed. I chose to no longer part-take in the cabal’s slavery system. Active non-compliance as a form of objection to what is happening to us all.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Houseboat Grandma

    Correction, spend your time.
    I would be focusing on independent living away from government, aware, prepared but far away as possible. I would be focusing on and teaching my children how to listen and connect to higher self, The Force, intuition and how to live off the land, how to forage, get water, make a fire, stay warm etc.
    Things are getting crazier by the day and this is, these are the things my gut and my heart are telling me.
    Sending you all lots of Love and Prayers. Look in the mirror and tell yourself Houseboat Grandma Loves me and Smile Big. 💋💋💋

  • Johnathan Jones

    You can shelter in place anywhere, the city or the country. Even if you go far out, you are usually a half hour to a hour away from the nearest big box store in some small city. And usually 1.5 tanks of gas from the nearest big city. Sheltering in place can mean, not haveing a credit card debt that gives them the money of your working years but instead, you keep all that interest instead of the Banks getting it. But no one seems to do this as there is no interest or the system is designed to make this almost impossible to do. But if Money is power than ..stop giving those people money by any means possible.

    And who are “they”. The Wealthy groups of family’s that own the biggest highest levels Banks which make up the currency blocks of the World. When they fight for dominance against each other, World and major wars break out. The fight between the China Bank and the US Bank brought us Wars like Korea, Vietnam, and the smaller pan-asia wars , then those banks started trade and China grew powerful sucking up the Wealth of trade with the US.. So much so it was able to start to do World trade and barrels of oil in Yuyans instead of dollars. The Euro banks, the Swiss Catholic Bank and the Pound bank which lurk as the Banks funding and feeding off the Fed Bank where threatened by this challenge to the FWO (fiscal world order). Even more so when they started the Silk Road Project and the US had a President who would not take orders from the G-x summit meetings of the current dominant world bank currency group or cabal.

    This would not do, so with a Weaponized Cold Virus they were able to take out one President, put in a Potato President and severely cut back and damage the Trade between the US and China which greatly weakens the China Bank and its threat. Meanwhile those Euro Swiss Catholic, Pound Banking groups crack down on the Citizens that are free in the nations like Austrilia , Canada, Britain, The US and others. They want to make U subservient colonies again to them.

    Meanwhile the China Bank is not just taking this, They have a common Fiscal enemy in the free US and they via a Silk Road in the future probably want to come down it in a fashion that would make Ghangas Khan, both proud and envious. You get the ideas….

    Anyway people leaving their jobs of planned useless dealership car fixing parts that should have been made telsa like in the first place, mean we are making our own jobs leaving the system with “do nothings that hold their hands out demanding”. Bag them all in a paper sack, they can rot on the Vine while we start and run a our economy repaired, renewed. Those fools in office can destroy, burn ,loot and plunder the old economy like so many in history, but they are not capable of Building back better. They can not make what we have now work. They are spoiled piglets at the trough and when they push us out and the trough runs dry…..

    Or they murder the Kids for Vaccine cash….

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Simply, we have a million ways to resist and beat them without resorting to throwing stones. I could cause far more damage with a cutoff saw than throwing stones. We all could. But if we work at our lives and not go along, they only have two hands and they can’t make us because it is more work for them then they can do. Separate from them in all ways you can think of, they are dead weight and they don’t work.

  • Woody

    Kyle/Ahmad – if you watch the videos it is clear each is innocent. Kyle acted in self defense, Ahmad Arbery did not steal anything. Twice Ahmad was on camera looking around the new build and not stealing, but you never hear about the white couple who actual stole stuff ON CAMERA. Two armed men in a truck chased him down and brandished their weapons. At the very least they should get involuntary manslaughter. Recorded conversations show both of them to be racists.

    But in the end, the catastrophe is on it’s way. If the new world order does it first, so what? Everything is temporary. I for one hope for another revolution. Enough is enough.

  • sativarg

    Hello Earthlings and other Sol observers,
    I am here with hat in hand… asking if the following is readable…
    “”physical vacuumL is a fundamental constant ofnatureL whose accurate measurement plays a central role in testing some proposed theories of quantum gravityNseveral combinations of currently public cosmological data and an assumed flat Λcdm cosmological modelare used here to make a joint bayesian inference on the combination of conventional parameters ΩΛℎ2 thatcorresponds to the absolute physical density 𝜌ΛN in physical unitsL we obtain 𝜌Λ = (60.3 ±1.3)×10−31g/cm3Lthe most accurate constraint to dateL with an absolute calibration of cosmological measurements based on cmbtemperatureN significantly di;erent “”
    I am using the PDF functionality of FireFox so this may cause oddities. What I am attempting to read is a PDF from this mornings links from YouTube news. Vacuum energy VS the symptoms of change… in my opinion.
    LOL and how sad is it to call anything in our Universe a vacuum? I mean it is not at all wise to make a thing out of nothing?

    Will Human Beings ever see how all the fields and the forces are symptoms of the passage of time? Change is the thing. The interaction between fullness and emptiness and all the variations in between is Life, the Universe and everything… in my opinion and passion.
    … So when any one opens the PDF in any application that provides actual text is it like the sample above? What I hear with my screen reader is sort of like a bad OCR rendering. I can sort of figure it all out but should I have to guess?
    thanks and blessings

    Now Mr. Davidson and or Mrs. Davidson, What was in the plastic or Polycarbonate pouch that came with my hat? I got a hat from the store and sent a question to Kat. I do not know what is in the pouch… there is a dropper bottle and two little metal canisters. Is this for making my own chlorine dioxide? The liquid in the bottle is very bitter and thick like bitter syrup. In each canister is a heart shaped “biscuit” of some sort of sandstone like mineral. Did you get my Email? Please tell me what it is.
    I thank you for the four pens too… it is like Christmas.
    thanks again

    • ddtufw1975

      One day you will believe it. Your so close to believing it you just can’t see it. Evil is real and its coming for us. But in the end we Win.


    yea Adrian kittyman…lol

  • dragorios

    GREAT RESIGNATION – you ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Although the Court has put a temp stop on it, major companies continue to state you MUST get the vaccine. So, our date got pushed to Jan 4.
    You think you saw a Great Resignation in the past month, just wait till Jan 4. Their are allot more people who didn’t walk out yet because it’s kinda nice to have money to support bad habits like paying bills. Yes, people do switch jobs – but it will be difficult to find another job with a smaller employer who won’t be subject / intimidated by the mandates.
    It’s odd that major companies don’t offer retirement pensions any more, and they try to get out of handling the medical plans. I’m sure it’s all a pain in the butt.
    However, the same companies are going full speed ahead on the vaccine mandates. They are not fighting it, they want to be vaccine police. And as we all know, fully vaccinated is a moving target. Just imagine the future lawsuits, massive awards against major US companies who gladly took over the vaccine liability because they made vaccinated a condition of employment.

  • Ricky Neff

    I have applied for more than 400 jobs but in this last month. Employers are asking us to work for half pay. Fuck that.

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