FOTW May 22, 2021

– Many Disasters in One Asian Monsoon Dataset:
– Airplane Electric Phenomenon (Billy) & Solar Wind and Ground-Level Atmospheric Electricity:
– The Charlotte Whale:

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  • Allen Vaughan

    Ben, do you have a link to Adrian’s pod cast?

    • jon mallary

      suspectsky youtube

      • Allen Vaughan

        Thanks Jon!

  • krippri

    Perhaps triboluminescence.

  • Brad

    Latest pole shift data location.

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    One of “Them” on the other side, who thinks everything will be OK if we follow the Green New Deal, is my son. I can’t talk to him about even the C-1984 virus. My husband runs a hospital and has access to the real facts and my son, who lives on the Left Coast, won’t believe me because those facts are different than what he’s hearing in his Echo Chambers. As a parent, it breaks my heart know I may not be able to save him when things go sideways.

  • sativarg

    Hello, my other comment is awaiting moderation… but In the mean time is there an equatorward plane or is there an error in the article about atmospheric electrics? I know there is an Equatorial plane and perhaps this plane has a component known as the “equatorward plane”? Or part of the equatorial plane moving towards the equator?
    … Like an inversion layer seen in Sol’s current sheet?
    back to listening…

  • sativarg

    continued at time frame 19:05 of 39:13 and “static electricity” vs stable accumulated potential?
    … As I listen to Billy and Ben I remember a nagging doubt about what is an electron to a neutron and proton. I came up with this
    All the parts of an atom are symptoms of change. The atom is a unit of change stable and exhibiting attributes of stable units of potential. One is named by Humanity now the proton who is the fullness attribute of the atom. Another symptom or attribute is the neutron who is the equilibrium component of the atom. The electron is the emptiness component and represents all the stable nothing in the atom. Each of these packets of potential have behaviors that result from their nature.
    … The proton is absorbing emptiness as it moves towards equilibrium as does all dense energy. The electron recedes into itself in relation to our perspective and in relation to the neutral neutron and the expanding proton. the Neutron is neither expanding or receeding as he is neutral in potential to local space time.

    The Proton will absorb all the free emptiness in the atom thus all the “space” between the neutron and himself. The Electron is emptiness so he is not expanding outwards and is rather receding and providing “distance” or “space” even as he is a unit and stable in the system atomic.
    … All mass energy and all the forces are symptoms of change and change in our universe is the behavior of energy moving from density towards equilibrium and at the same time emptiness moving towards equilibrium… as this happens time passes, dense energy absorbs emptiness and emptiness absorbs fullness… see?
    the fields we observe are behaviors of fullness and emptiness as they interact. Directional flow is named electric and magnetic by us here in the experiment and omni-directional flow of change is called gravity as well… but both are symptoms or behaviors of Yin and Yang or emptiness and fullness moving towards equilibrium … see? The intercourse and dance of life with death and light with dark?
    … hope this is interesting at least.
    back to listening…

  • sativarg

    continued at time frame: 37:07 of 39:13 and perspectives of Wheat and Chaff…
    See as me or as thyself all sights and sites or know thyself as thine or mine…
    Life the Universe and everything is. Each perspective is valid as long as the observer is also valid. There are as many perspectives on truth as there are thriving individuals… in my opinion.

    Is the chaff valid? Who are the berries to judge? What wheat berry could, would be but for the chaff?
    Likewise can any one make wheat from chaff or chaff from wheat? Some value the chaff and some the berries… and some both. One Who is wise may well value both?
    … back to listening…
    … The three phase motor in Earth spiritual or psychological could be focused in Gaza. The fulcrum of the motor… the axis grinding away as each religion takes it’s turn in phase driving Humanity in Earth… see? I see a Huge engine working on levels seen and unseen. Jewish, Christian and Islamic in attraction and unison and repulsion each in their phases as the engine turns… but who built this machine? Now, and for decades the fulcrum is dominated by Judaism and the Gaza strip is locking her into place like a linchpin. I see the Jewish Peoples being used by manipulators for their exceptionalism and Israel as a construct and installation and fulcrum for wielding power in the Holy Land and the middle east. Israel the state is counterfeit and man made now rather than ever from divine origins. Not earned but installed… not according to contract or covenant but convention. If there is a divine covenant between Humanity and the Creator then the descendants of the founder and signer of the covenant are in Israel as Jews and in Palestine as Islam. Neither more or less justified or destined to inhabit any promised land. If there is instead a contract between the founders children’s children and a lord or business then there is still rights and powers legal being exploited in my opinion. Secular or spiritual… power is being used and the fulcrum or axis seems to be Jerusalem in Earth.
    … as long as the blood of the founder is driven against itself… as long as brother and sister fights brother and sister in the great desecration then there will be no peace in Earth. Two equals back to back held fast against each other back to back and never turning to see one another as United and One… see? Even as a blood sacrament of darkness raises Hell in Earth… Needful things? Must the evil rise in order to be dealt with? Must the invisible be made manifest in order for reckoning?

    The end of the false story or epoch… the collapse of the lies or apocalypse… revelation as the cloak of deniability is rent and all is seen once again?

    the end
    … the beginning …
    thanks for this presentation and inspiration once again.
    namaska and or blessings

  • dragorios

    I watched a video of people putting magnets on the spot where they got the vaccine, and it STUCK. One person said it felt like the needle was going in again.
    Of course I’m not going to get the shot, and turn myself into a lab rat – but I am interested into why the spot would hold a magnet. Because I’ve got family and friends that have taken the shot, I never talk the subject anymore. So, I’d like to hear your ideas, please talk it next week.

  • Vincent philip Cimato


    Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. MATT 3 VS 12
    Matthew 13:30
    Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.’”

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