FOTW May 18, 2019

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  • Billy Rogers

    What i have been doing is checking your site daily for hinnts of change in the news like the runway headings and how they have to be devised if you watch live magnetometers and follow the Sun spots coronal hole or cmes and filiment releaseswrinkle the fields and where they are weakest the variations are noticeable in 8 seconds its a continous connection at similar to light speed like the light itself and the magnetic fields are as fast as the photovoltaic fields photovoltaic energy potential is the best way for me to explain i don’t know but i have 0bserved it

  • Brad

    Ben, I have been a long time supporter and follower. Today’s fly on the wall was EXCEPTIONAL! This in my opinion should be made public, free to all on You Tube, it is my belief this would educate a tremendous amount of people about SO and what the benefits are of becoming a member. The subject matters covered today are far reaching and certainly presented in a manner that everyone can consume and enjoy. Just my opinion, you guys did an awesome job with today’s topics. Thanks for all you do.


  • epeeb1

    Man’s Brains operate on electromagnetic currents and impulses , How are the shifting poles going to handle this ? There could be massive convulsions and although this might be hard to recognize in some People , it will effect all . At All instances , I can hear PLATO shouting that we as people tend to FOOL our selves the most ! Throughout History Canada has been Governed By The Rule of law until 2015 when we have had the Rule Of Justin Trudeau , never mind the Criminal Code or the Constitution , who needs “Fake News” we have a fake Prime Minister now !!

  • John Mallary

    Pretty much nobody wants to die in a global cataclysm and endure the aftermath. But the dying part trumps eventually eating bugs and far leftists…;)
    You learn what to watch for, make different plans for different disaster possibilities, and prepare as you see fit!
    Then you seek what simple pleasures appeal to you. The sun will come up tomorrow…and if if doesn’t?
    At least you have a plan…😁
    Yeah kids today are all fucked up!
    …where have I heard that before?
    There’s lots of causes and conditions on that one! Not gonna list em. Categories being:
    Say technology and social networking, parenting, schools, food, and environment. All have problems and those have cumulative cognitive effects on kids.
    That’s not going away anytime soon.
    Good news is, reality is a powerful force. The mainstream media, including Twitter Facebook and the likes of AOC, are amplified by their echo chamber.
    The center left and right,
    There are rational liberals and Democrats, and Conservatives, who were raised to extend and appreciate respect while conversing and interacting with anybody. Like most libertarians do. Who value liberty, and who are not rabidly polarized ideologically.
    These are the center and they don’t jump up and down, screaming in an echo chamber like the Far Left.
    Now the actual far right is a small minority, about twelve people… They wear pointy white hats and used to be proud Democrats.
    Then there’s the corporate spooning, warmongering, old school neo-cons and neo-libs. They do party politics.
    Most folks are center right(conservatives) or moderate right and left. That’s why Trump won. BTW, use aggregate polling analysis.

    That’s how I knew Trump would win. You cannot point at one poll, and see the actual number. Just because one was close last time doesn’t mean squat!
    It’s also how I know, especially considering that biden will likely be the dem nominee, that Trump will crush him in 2020.
    But back to those damn kids!
    The Far Left has no clear line you can use to label an individual as such!
    From Antifa to the citified soccer moms sex strike. From college professors to pink haired 20 something girls. From Robert Dinero and Whoopee Goldberg to your favorite CNN talking head. They’re all obsessed, seemingly irrational!
    There’s a reason they seem that way….
    The real clur is most of these genX kids have parents who rent their home. That means no house to inherit. No trust fund. No one to sign for that college loan. Mom doesn’t have a basement for them to live in till they’re 35.
    They are more pragmatic. They are Billy’s pendulum starting backwards. The new genX is not as bad and useless as many millennials are.
    But these Far Left idiots are going to wake up homeless, with massive debt they expect to be forgiven and never have to repay. Maybe a useless gender studies or social sciences degree.
    Point is, America is doing far too well for any rational American to consider flipping the game board over and starting from nothing. And there’s still way too many rational Americans living between New Jersey and San Francisco.
    But that’s exactly what these crazy fools want to do. It’s just a distracting shitshow. I’m not concerned, my kids are grown and I’m almost 60 but if you are?
    Then raise your kids to think for themselves. No trophies unless they kick ass. If they want something, earn it. Take responsibility for your shit and follow the golden rule. And above all, pay attention. That’s all you can do.
    Watch Tim Pool’s channels. He’s a good liberal. Doesn’t like trump but that’s cool.
    He’s knowledgeable, well traveled, experienced, tech savy and he’s making a huge effort to present logical opinion, factual content, and is extremely critical of the far left. He’s got a lot of followers. He’s on as well.
    This is as also Billy’s pendulum starting to reverse.


    • Jared

      There’s Styxhexxenhammer 666 as well…a good Libertarian who shines the spotlight on the ignorant Far Lefties Agenda…check him out when ya get a chance…just don’t let the long hair and language scare you off…he’s very knowledgeable for a youngster! He’s like a Hippie Paul Harvey….

  • Lois Rasmussen

    In Australia challenges to libel and slander and lies printed or shared have a mixed result in the courts. Interestingly the Australian Electoral Commission did respond this way to posters in yesterdays Federal election: Several women’s magazines weekly print misinformation. Most people cannot trust any printed/web information. At least this site Suspicious0bservers you cite the papers so we can read the data source for ourselves. Strangely in Australia it is not against the law for politicians to lie…’Parliamentary Privilege.” To you earlier issue…I am with some of your speakers…I fear the weakening magnetic field (Although Australia has a fairly strong zone on average) more than the flip, I have grave concerns for infrastructure.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    To answer a question you asked of us towards the beginning of today’s FOTW regarding Earth’s magnetic pole, it’s whereabouts and strength-weakness are items on a natural checklist that pops up daily. Being operationally electro-magnetic, it’s important to me to keep informed. The science and the phenomena fascinate me and seems integral to how the world turns, so to speak. As I perceive it, watching and sensing is a form of prepping; acclimates mind, among other benefits. Your daily reporting provides inestimable guidance and support!

  • Jorge1917

    New member here. My recent discovery of S.O. has been very entertaining and educational. Look forward to FOTW each week.

    Several comments: Re: college today being harder than in the past? No. It is much, much easier. The average grade at Harvard is A-. Can’t have those who pay a lot in tuition getting less than stellar grades. Throw in useless majors like gender studies (or basically anything that ends in studies), communications and other non- rigorous degreed programs and you have kids graduating with no skills or knowledge.

    Todays academy has left behind the values that made western civilization the apex of human history and achievement as we know it; the pursuit of truth, reason, and debating differing ideas. In it’s place have appeared leftist madrassas. Indoctrination centers with a rigid, post modernist (everything is a social construct, including science, which is a tool of the partriarchy) and Marxist hybrid PC culture where a student can spend four years, or more, and never encounter an opinion different than their own. Physical diversity is sought, but diversity of opinion is not.

    Angry self absorbed mobs have even taken over campus’s. Look into the takeover Evergreen State University in Washington on YouTube and prepared to be shocked if you don’t already know of this story, where professors who seemed to fail a purity test are literally being hunted by a social justice mob.

    Campus chaos has given rise to professors who have become public intellectuals with large social media followings who are attempting to save the university system from collapse by bringing attention to their condition in the hopes that tuition paying parents and donors will effect change by withholding dollars. Drs. Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Jonathan Haidt, Camille Pagilia, Christina Hoff Sommers and Eric Weinstein are such public intellectuals who are deserving of ones attention.

    If you have not been on a college campus in the last 5 years, and or you have children who will be going to college in the near future. It is in your and the students best interests to discover what has become of the the college campus today that you thought you knew.

    Re: Singapore and fake news. A question was could we lose the first amendment?
    Legally we will not, as it is enshrined in the U.S. constitution, but as a practical matter, we are in the process of losing it right now.

    The physical public square, where one could voice their opinions to all that pass by is still available to most anyone (unless The Angry Mob gets wind of your activity). But the physical public square has been replaced by a digital public square that is firmly controlled by three tech companies. Facebook, Twitter and Google (which owns YouTube). They sold themselves to their future customers as the way everyone could connect and share ideas. The freedom to express was central to their model. But, along the way, these companies become more powerful than any government, they controlled the digital square and who got to express themselves to others throughout the world.

    With an internal PC culture that rivals any campus, they began censoring those with whom they disagree, effectively shutting them out of any future large scale communication or influence. One may still have freedom of speech legally, but there is no one there to hear you. They have taken to defining what constitutes legitimate news and what doe not. Modern Pravda.

    The legacy media is dying as tech takes over. But the legacy journalist has been replaced by activists to whom truth does not matter and so much of what one sees or reads daily is false. The death of the legacy media is earned. A great way to understand the media house of mirrors is the movie Hoaxed. Available online at it starts with the premise of what if everything you have been told is a lie. No matter what one’s political leanings, this will cause you to question and view the world a bit differently.

    Having gone beyond age 65, my rearview mirror goes back a long way. I have always been a news junkie, and needed information like I need air. Never have I seen this kind of social chaos. As we are electronic beings as well, I wonder if the the topics discussed here daily are impacting our decisions and behavior everywhere in the world. Another clue perhaps?

    Anyway, Ben, etal, I am certainly glad to have discovered SO and really appreciate the amount of work and information you provide to all of us SO’s daily. Thank you so much.

  • epeeb1

    Ben , I meant to ask you for an update on the Wobble of The Earth on it’s axis ! This was a prime topic that seemed to just fade away ! My Brother in Law has noticed the shift in the position where the Sun Rises on His estate near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as of Lately ! I appreciate that strange things often Happen in Ottawa , but they still can’t harness the Sun !

  • Darcie02

    My thoughts about magnetic reversal:

    The magnetic North Pole status has of the earth is headed for an electric pinch between India and the North Pole. Both Norrh and south wable. Then places like Newzeland crack up during thunderstorms once in a while just to remind up if the massive power shifts that are possible (on and electric earth theory conceptual level). As the sun induced these changes, ideally it would not. I follow you.

    I like look at our earths data about magnetic north and south… but I really love checking out the pictographs about the suns magic both and southern Poles and universal interactions on the solar sheet interconnected (GONG, etc).

  • Donn

    The magnetic reversal is certainly one of the subjects I have an interest in. When looking for information, you’ll find a lot of fear mongering tongue waggers out there. Again, I have to thank you all for concise and comprehensive information.

    As for the pussification of our children… I see the phrase/philosophy “Give them grit.”, being used/implemented in the K-12 area a, and I couldn’t help but think of the pendulum Billy spoke of.

  • American Nurse

    What do you all think about Doug Vogt???

  • MPrejean

    I am a 58 yr old grandma RN and I began feeling a shift in energy in Sept 2018 , that’s when I began researching, “Why I feel the way I do.” I can feel a shift in energy. I feel I am on high alert, that change is occurring and I Dont Know exactly what it is. I feel sickly during geomagnetic storms, nautilus, tired. I feel a strong need to prepare for a disaster esp one without electricity. I feel unrest under my feet and in the sky. I was lead to your site in Sept 2018 and I have been studying the polar shift and solar weather daily. Your site is by far the most informative and professional. Yes, this is a constant concern of mine. I am prepared and trying to encourage others to prepare. Just when they thought I could not get any weirder, I did. Studying solar weather and polar shift has left me more alone in conversations than ever before. I think I actually have lost friends over this, some people just dont want to think about it. cant handle it. It’s not on the news they say. Lol. This is Not my first Rodeo. I knew Katrina was coming 6 months prior to it. Its difficult to have premonitions and people don’t listen. I feel a shift in earths energy. I feel the strength of solar weather. Change is coming get ready. No fear be fluid, adjust.
    Be Ssfe No Fear

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H I’m hearing that creak in Ben’s voice that I recognize from other people’s voices and sometimes my own, meaning real, deep concern, when broaching the topic of ‘how fast are all these things happening, and how can we get informed in time’ … I do not remember the words he used – listened to this yesterday… but, we truly need to bring all peoples and all civilizations down to earth, to develop the ability to know what is really going on and the ability to survive and to understand how precarious our position is.

    Looking at all the downed boughs today, after a considerably heavy and wet May snowstorm after all trees had beautifully leafed out, I thought, ‘why am I thinking “bough”.. I haven’t used that word for ages … where did I first learn that word’, and I remember the most commonly used and favorite lullaby at my home: “Rockabye baby, on the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall… and down will come cradle, baby and all”… and of course I loved it as a little girl, but, when I was older I wondered, what baby would ever go to sleep if she understood the words, that if the bough breaks, the baby in the story will come crashing down and get hurt… so, I thought of that today – it probably occurred to me in about my 20’s… and no wonder I always had insomnia… but, it seems that our government, big pharma, the media, the corporate world, the educational world, etc. are telling all individuals, ‘rock-a-bye, everything is fine, just go to sleep a while and don’t cry… be calm and passive and happy’… when we are really just precariously perched in a beautiful world, like on a treetop with a gentle breeze blowing, but we are so lucky, because the wind is not always gentle, and if the ‘cradle’… I guess this earth, its stability, what it’s like with no sinkholes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. would be like the cradle… were just sitting safely down on the ground, there would be no fall. What would that mean, to be down on the ground? To be in touch with reality, with who and what we are, with what we actually need, with where it comes from, in the Universe… with that, we would survive whatever happens.

    But the ‘system’ keeps us addicted to things that cannot be sustained. three cheers for the idea of permaculture! Every person of any age should be educated to create for himself/herself permaculture, something that can’t be shaken or disturbed, because when all the people are informed, the governments can’t harm us. We just use what they do have to give that is good, and ignore the fact that they left the most important topics out!

    In other words, each person on this earth needs to know what people need, and how each can get it independently without depending on the types of resources that can’t be maintained – like the grid, and, even, like an earth that is not shaking or falling out from under one, or spewing forth lava, or in the process of being inundated by a 2-mile-high wall of water. What do we need when things get that desperate? There must be something, if people lived through pole shift and magnetic reversal before. Each person needs to know for him-or-herself what that one thing is… being dry and warm does not take care of it, because that is not guaranteed… being on top of earth instead of falling into a chasm that instantaneously opens up is also not guaranteed… there is something that each person can learn that renders these catastrophes powerless over him/her and his/her fate!

    What that is? I don’t know. How to roll out this info in Sanskrit, Afrikaans, and many other languages? Get it sent via the grid before the grid goes down and make sure it gets to those who are not on the grid? I don’t know. My voice is also frequently creaky, because I just don’t know and too many people are dying, and it is a source of anxiety.

    I did not have to get sent to H-ll… I just stayed on the world too long and H-ll came… trying to escape it I am hiding out in beautiful residential Denver, but will have to face the music (not the Beatles, but the cosmic crash-and-boom and roaring elements) all too soon, just like thousands of woebegone people in the Philippines and other locations on the Ring of Fire that are already deceased by now. The fact that I am getting slower-minded every day does not mean that cosmic impacts and global cycles are getting any slower! I am just becoming less competent to deal with change that is actually speeding up!

    An alternative text for the lullaby is, I think, ‘when the wind stops, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, blanket and all’ or something somewhat like that, I am not sure… I think I may have heard it both ways, but the idea is, that we can’t just let the ‘system’ lull us into a lifestyle that is like sleep, because the nature that keeps us alive is changing and we have to anticipate that change and be ready. Everyone has to. I want to know, affirmatively, that the disasters stopped ending lives.. but, unfortunately, do not know how to get there.

    One way may be to globally blast this info out… what is going to happen, and ask and ask everyone to ask their buddies and pass it on, ‘what will you do WHEN this happens’ .. .not IF this happens.. and start doing it now, practice it now, act it out now, make 5-sensory simulations and practice, what do you do in this scenario. Put it in every school curriculum and in every nursery room play routine, in every company’s break-room pastime list, and in every home-bound housewife’s mailbox… but how? Who has resources? I think I had better put on my thinking cap.

    Enchant the big business people and coax them to release their billions of dollars to get this done… it must be possible. If it is possible to de-venom a snake by holding it under the jaws until all the venom comes dripping out, there must be a way to de-venom big business, and the other big ‘system’ components that keep everyone ignorant, and get them to fund real and relevant education.

    Maybe it would help to tell them that they will be on the hot seat and asked to over-perform, when catastrophes hit and no one is ready, when businesses break down because most workers are absent due to dying in catastrophes.. .if they want to keep their staff and customers, they should inform them as to how to stay alive in spite of natural catastrophes bigger than we have ever seen and become ‘the post-reversal Exxon’; ‘the post-reversal Nestle’s’ etc. because their workers and clientele did not die… instead of forgotten because they were totally wiped out.

    Maybe the SO’s can go for big-business grants! The Performing Arts got away with that, and SO’s is now the next idea whose time has come. The music of Beethoven is wonderful to listen to and may save those people who live and breathe music, and for whom that is the true meaning of life, in a catastrophe, but I am not sure how many people fuel themselves solely on the music of Beethoven, so… it may be time to switch over what big business is funding, so that all the music fans, literary philosophers, baseball fans, arcade fans, dancers, drinkers, smokers, gamblers, sportspeople, indigents, indigenous, etc, will at least have grandchildren who will also have grandchildren. It takes all kinds, to make a balanced and successful humanity tomorrow and down the line.

    Respectfully submitted.

  • littlebuddha4

    Ben everday i live a lifestyle that will help me live life through a magnetic chance , down turn in the world. I think living every day like it yr last but getting ready for the worst . A balance in life is key .

  • MandyleeGc

    Australian girl from Coffs Harbour New. South Wales
    Solli Raphael? Might be a poem called Australian Air?

  • Dixie

    Been a busy month so starting to catch up on these podcasts. Appreciate today’s very much as I am busy looking for a site in northern New England for my family to be able to go to given even 3 hrs lead time, if/ when things start to go bad due to any of the possibilities I see potentially on the horizon. Tough when most family members don’t want to understand, “get it”; I am very aware of potential problems in New England, so my search is focused on the most likely safe locations, or safest, knowing everything is relative! It was reinforcing to me hearing you all converse today. Thanks.

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