FOTW May 13, 2017

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  • CaseyM

    Thanks for adding the food watch topic. I love being able to find out what is really going on without a lot of extra fear mongering. I made sure to share that one on facebook with comments about how important it is and generally what is going on.

    Is there anything new on the magnetic reversal? It’s been a while since talked about that. Inquiring minds.. or at least my inquiring mind would. You did mention a while back (last year some time) that each magnetic reversal is tied to an extinction event. Where can I find that information? I’ve been reading about the Permian extinction and it’s a clear example of the atmospheric loss. I wondered how I could find out the rest. It’s so hard to find my way through the false facts on the internet and find the real truth. Thank you so much for all the information you share.

    • Seairdiel

      I am also wondering about a magnetic reversal update. Thanks.

  • Wade Hutson

    Thanks very much for the info Ben!

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