FOTW March 7, 2020

SOLO EPISODE: I do this week’s short episode myself. Our newborn is great but also, a newborn. Also my wife is recovering. There would be no way to do a full show this week and put all three kids on her so here are the top stories of the week, in context, and a bit more.

– Cycle 25 … This Year:

– CO2 Struggling in CMIP6:

– Ionosphere Affects Ground Current:

– Latest Zharkofail:

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  • John Mallary

    Thanks for the effort and coming through with today’s FOTW.
    Have a great day!

  • Purrman

    Can you post a link for the virus video ? coronavirusaworldwidescam- not finding it….

    • Purrman
    • Purrman

      Not sure if all of the 400 stuff is proof of a scam or not but it makes it much creepier ..who knows…

      • Tesseract Unfolded

        Wow. The suggested video was interesting. I had seen another last week that was showing how similar news was using the number 33 in reported cases or monies lost/spent. Seems like an algorithm gone obvious in a procedurally generated simulation. Lol. Thanks for the episode.

  • Calvin

    Happy to hear, agree completely~

  • Billy Rogers

    Ben I don’t know about a scam or not but my wife is from Beijing and her niece as been sent to Wu Han because she is a nurse

  • Lois Rasmussen

    Congratulations on the birth of your new little boy. Hope everyone is well.

  • kmiklNINJA

    I agree with your assessment about Zarkhova it’s gone too far to stop it now hopefully it won’t gain enough traction to be weaponized too much against us!

  • VisitingProf

    In all matters, please bear in mind these thoughts and words. If it looks like, waddles like, swims like, flies like, and sounds like a duck – apply “Occam’ s Razor” – most probably, it Is A Duck. Quack, quack, quack! We are wiser to apply this same sort of logic to many, many matters in life. The “Nocebo Effect” is very real inasmuch as the human mind is very, very power-full. In this commentary, we do most certainly consider human emotions to be very, very important and also Potent! We have witnessed these findings again and again – speaking from many years of professional, practical and life experience. Keep It Positive.

    Congratulations Adam, Kat, Ben and family. Welcome to the world, Adam.

  • Bart C

    Congratulations to you and yours on the new baby!

  • Pat Vester

    Tell Kat I pray for her continued recovery. Good job, Mom!!!

  • Ron Driver

    Good-on-u Ben all the best to Cat your lovely bride and a job well done my thoughts are with you and your family,
    you could have the would but if not for mum’s it would be of little consequence and the flux would be lost.

  • 5mujiks

    Where have I heard that before? Someone makes claims based in research and it gets noticed. Someone else with “credentials” comes along and learns what they can, publishes a paper with a few changes that can easily be debunked, and the credibility of the original claim now becomes questionable… hmm what a catastrophe.
    Congratulations Kat and Ben! I’m very happy for you two and the new brother and sister who must be excited as well. If it wasn’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t have had my second at my age. My wife and I were trying for 3 years (after 18 idk why) but nothing. We tried everything. Then in 2017 you had a paper in the morning news about some kids that tested sprouts and wifi. I thought ‘omg! With my phone in my pocket and wifi always on, I’m frying my sprouts!’ I took my phone out, shortly over 6 weeks later, I come home to find out I get another 18 years of fun! She’s almost 18 months now and loves the books Kat! Amazing work!
    You guys haven’t let me down since 2014 and I don’t foresee that happening. I’ll still spritz with N1 and take my Fisetin, keeping my eyes open fearlessly. (except when I’m spraying, that sucks!)

    And has anyone else noticed the slight mental ‘glitch’ just before the app went off back in September 2017? The lower class flares not so much although the flurry of them the second or 3rd day had an odd ‘fuzz’ to it. But the larger ones were so strong it was like a quick brain fart. The last 3 I actually tried to say something to the wife when the app went off. I’ve been meaning to say something since but I wasn’t sure if we’d ever see sunspots again.

    Sorry, one more thing. Have we ever tried pointing a laser into a sunspot to see if we get a return? Spectral analysis should give us the makeup of the core/ surface, shouldn’t it? If anything, a reflection would put the gas model to rest.
    Ok I’m done. Take care all!

  • 5mujiks

    Will there be any Kira and Lulu apparel any time soon?

  • snooky12

    Agreed about the virus been around longer than thought, flew from Germany to Australia via japan on 12 dec 2019. Had tightness in the chest pain on inspiration for a few weeks after, runny nose, just put myself into look after yourself mode, keto diet, COD liver oil, 3 day fast, a little gentle swimming and no medical intervention required, kids, grandkid all got a flu like virus a couple a weeks later, my 83 yo dad a little wheezing but no complications . Could easily have been corona virus for all of us. We just too strong, like most people out there. Honestly watching the way the globalist media has misrepresented trump and America over the last 4 years, it would not surprise me too find out they had shut down world economy in an attempt to get their agenda back on track, looks to be working a little, time will tell.

  • Reefgeek

    Finally found the video. Looks likes YouTube scrubbed it but Reddit still had it. Not at all sure what the significance of the number 400 was though. Maybe a search engine tag for media outlets to easily find articles to bolster the false narrative? IDK, suspicious though!

  • sativarg

    Dear community,
    RE: moon origin…
    I thought that article reminded me of something…
    Several links to solar outbursts found in Lunar rocks, The “dark” sides blasted nature… and another article on improved isotopic detection tech: Chemistry says moon is proto-Earth’s mantle, relocated | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis —

    I say the moon is likely a construct built to manage Earth and or Mars when it is necessary to host life. If I am correct then one or more civilizations use planets in stars like our Sol to gather and resign the star’s resources. Planets like Earth, Mars and Venus would serve as fields/ platforms to be enriched with solar material, cultivated and then managed in various ways that result in optimized yields of useful stuff…
    But that is my madness and besides the point.

    The big issue now is what can the moon tell us about Solar activity and how does that Impact Earth and Humanity. I say that Mr. Davidson and others are on the right track with the hypothesis that Sol can be very violent and that the evidence is all over the moon.

    Perhaps another cycle in Earth saw a civilization who know that Earth needed protection and stabilization when Sol fires off? Such a population could have built the moon from resources in Sol including much from Earth herself. Or another planets or more than one planets civilizations could have built Luna. Either way I say it is a construct and part of a dynamic and robust system that maintains Earth’s core activity, ocean factors, Earths orientation/dynamics and thus her life support system even when Sol pops off. I say that Earth and Mars mus needs a moon to support life for sustained periods and that once Mars had a core much like Earth does now. Perhaps the core in Earth now is the result of strategic enrichment as I have theorized before. I see evidence that an impact just so with a planetary core fragment could result in a much smaller Earth inflating while setting, a once singular, land mass into motion as plates… setting the stage for a much more livable place; a place like our current Earth. I say that optimizing Life Support in Mars would require the same sort of core enrichment and moon mechanism when the time and Humanity is ready.

    In the moon we have all the evidence for understanding Sols life cycles, the history of Earth and perhaps who or what is really in charge in Earth now.
    Just my opinion and passion then
    .. — … —.
    RE: Slime mold model…
    Wonderful until the dark head of dark matter pops up?
    What? No… No I don’t think so. When we see all the evidence one needs to say Life is the reason there is no need for “dark” matter. Plasma structures are so much life like that cells observed under microscopes by early Earthlings inspired the term cytoplasm?

    Plasma behaves so much like life that I say it is probably and integral component of life yet to be recognized and that we are just beginning to really see that our Universe is Life.
    another madd opinion?
    LOL good

  • Janice Phillips

    I’m late on this one, but what the hell.
    It’s not the virus that scares me or made me refresh my stocks, it’s people. The media has got them whipped up and my goodness could this go sideways quickly, especially in the big cities! I’m so glad I live in the boonies. Please be safe S0’s! Blessings from Oklahoma to you and yours.

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