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  • Charles

    Helium3 is going to be a lot more abundant on Mercury, and you don’t have so many eyes on it. Plus with electro-gravitic tech, as described by Paul LaViolette it would be super easy to get there… for that matter anywhere in the solar system. Electrogravitcs was discovered in the 1920s. There is no way in hell it hasn’t been developed into something akin to Star Trek by now .. its been 100 years!
    For all we know they are mining Neptune’s atmosphere.

    Mars is a popular fantasy, but its best use is getting and keeping people interested in space travel.

    Asteroids are far better because they have minuscule gravity to slow down mining or construction operations, and no planetary catastrophe drama to kill everyone off at random.

  • Michael Durfee

    Its pretty unnerving thinking about how far ahead of the technological game the black military projects have got to. Especially considering Eisenhower’s warning back in the early 60’s.

    In December 1892 the Wright brothers opened a bicycle repair and sales shop (the Wright Cycle Exchange, later the Wright Cycle Company) and began manufacturing their own brand. When the Wrights claimed they could fly in 1899, it took four years until they took to the air on December 17, 1903, making two powered flights each from level ground. Only 57 years later Alan Shepard, was launched on a suborbital flight aboard Freedom 7 on a Mercury-Redstone rocket on May 5, 1961. In a single human lifetime humans went from conceptual bicycle models to active space travel. The cognitive dissonance of a civilization as technologically advanced as the U.S still driving in vehicles, at considerable scale mind you, running on an invention from the 1880s is substantial.

    Bonus from Randall Carlson on one of the podcasts he did with Joe Rogan (can’t remember which one).

    If your grandfather was born in 1895 the main mode of transportation (aside from railroads) was horseback. His grandfather would have been born pre civil war. In five generations we went from the very first railroads that accelerated the industrial revolution to where we are now. Only five generations. If you go back 196,000 years. The time estimated the oldest contemporary anatomically similar homo sapien remains have been dated to and divide that by 25 we’re almost looking at 8,000 generations of humans. Think about that. Within five generations we’ve gone from 90% dominant agriculturally based subsistence farming, feudal system, to where we are now. But who knows what the 8,000 generations of humans could have accomplished during that time frame.

  • 504russ

    What are the limitations to drilling deeper into the crust? The heat?

  • sativarg

    Hi all,
    here am I a year older and thanks to Mr. Davidson a little wiser…
    listening to an article from Sundays news has me seeing all the spiral Galaxies embedded in structure invisible to us. Mostly invisible and becoming ever more discernible as we grow new eyes. If I am right then all spiral galaxies are like storms, sun spots, and spiraling water going down a drain. Where these storms exist high density energy interacts with less dense energy. We see the plain of these spiral and similar shaped galaxies because of the visible stars and such that result from the intercourse between “light” and “dark”… see?
    The galactic plane is not from the galaxies but they are in the plane?

    Other interactions or intercourse nexus that are not embeded in such fabric or surface tension or tissue would not be spiral or have a galactic plane. These are perhaps a very different form?

    does this look right or worthy investigation?
    Happy Breath Day then; another Breath and another chance to learn?

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    When the Earth facing quiet is in effect, do the CME that do not face Earth still help to protect Earth from cosmic bullets? Can I cal them bullets? rays seem mild compared to what impacts Sol and Earth cosmic.

    How much of the dark matter search is subversive? I mean, there seems to be another scientific Paradigm secret and even occult where dark matter is not a thing and anti gravity is? If so then what are we building giant magnetic donuts for?

    Yes… at time frame 15:25
    That common behavior of units of energy exchange that are remnants of a stellar explosion seem to indicate that fabric I mentioned in my other comment about galactic plane and a greater structure invisible where spiral galaxy are embedded like whirlpools .on the surface of a pond. A sort of in and out or up and down to the structure of the Universe; manifold undulating and complex like the tissues in a body or a loosely draped tapestry?
    I see some thing like that.

    === 22:39 and obscene ===
    Absurd | Definition of Absurd by Merriam-Webster
    Absurd definition is – ridiculously unreasonable, unsound, or incongruous : extremely silly or ridiculous. How to use absurd in a sentence. Making Sense of absurd
    Absurd – definition of absurd by The Free Dictionary
    ab·surd (əb-sûrd′, -zûrd′) adj. 1. a. Extremely unreasonable, incongruous, or inappropriate: an absurd request. b. Impossible to take seriously; silly: a character who goes through many absurd adventures. See Synonyms at foolish. 2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or meaning in human life or in the universe. 3. Of …
    Absurd | Definition of Absurd at
    Absurd definition, utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false: an absurd explanation. See more.
    yes it is and I agree… LOL and it seems the more so the more many will defend it?
    defending absurdity verges on paranoia as those who identify with an Absurdity do so with a religious Fervor verging on madness. The more tenuous the evidence the more fear drives the obsession?

    another obscene absurdity? Carbon dating…
    How old are those dino bones and the footprints in the mud; feet of humans and dinos?
    What else is not our story but HisStory?

    Why can we not see the occult?
    In there are things one keeps from children. Are we really ready for “free energy” and or the other things that could have us evoking chaos on planetary and or galactic scale? Could part of what is hidden be kept secret for our “own good”?
    That said, how can we make good choices without the truth; how is there democracy without all the truth and nothing but the Truth?
    Are we in charge in Earth? Are we domesticated and or GMO and or chimera?
    Who is flying or using huge triangular floating platforms in Earth’s air sea?
    What is our true relationship to a greater community of life Galactic; Universal?… etc.

    at 44:17 and Missing 411
    === ??? ===
    Missing 411 seeks the answer to the unsolved disappearances of Thousands of visitors in our National Parks & Forests, all under similar circumstances
    Missing 411: For people who want to know more. Unexplained …
    === ??? ===
    There enough missing to populate another world or more?
    Are they all free now or are some slaves or worse?
    Are we really sure that we are on top in Earth?
    I am not.

    RE: Moon and Mars…
    It feels like resources are placed like they are in a video game. Some are just in the right place and found at the right to drive the player forwards or to lead the player… and some of what we observe in Earth now is like glitches and bugs in the game.
    For me the value in Moon and Mars is not the resources to be exploited but rather the evidence needed to under our true relationship to the Universe, a greater community of life and possible owners of those resources around us.
    thanks for the bright and crisp perspectives that inspire and enlighten
    a blind Harper in Earth
    Harper is a term I adopted from the Dragon Riders of Pern fiction and I see parallels between that universe losing the “thread” of a threat for centuries only to recover that history and then save lives from that thread threat… and Game of Thrones winter like our pending solar surprise?

    ;^) spelling errors? to tired and l8tr then

  • sativarg

    Related to Why is there not real progress for Humanity in Earth from the dark projects and or the occult…
    Colossal ancient Earthworks in America – p 8 / When the Survivors Wake Up – YouTube —
    New from the “New Earth Lady”

    • Caroline5765

      Thank you for the upload gentlemen.
      sativarg I have read all 9 of the CanAm Missing 411 books and reviewed many of the reports, it is very interesting and perplexing.

  • Michael

    In my neck of the woods, more than a few like minded folks can see many unlikely co-incidences of apparent fore prep planning thought out by the governments taking place. Currently coming together way too fast to be spur of the moment responses to the current health issue. We think it’s all a distraction for something/things soon to come.
    Be safe and thank you for all you teach about.

  • Allenvaughan

    My father worked for McDonnell from 1960 through 1974. Dad was in charge of telemetry and guidance. Often in the NASA films I can hear my Dad’s voice as Gene Kranz or Chris Craft (gis full name is Christopher Columbus Craft…what a name for a Flight Director at NASA!)
    Dad also designed the flight consoles for Mercury with John Glenn. Dad was also lead engineer on both of Gus Grissom’s flights on Mercury and Gemini. Gus was Dad’s best friend for many years. January 27th, 1967 was a really dark day in our family.
    To cut to the chase, as I could on and on with the really cool things Dad told me years later….
    Geee-zuz, we were dragged between St. Louis snd Cocoa in 1962-63 and early 64 so many freaking times! I would be car sick by the time we got to St. Augustine on U.S. 1!!! It seems my younger brother pooped his diapers every 30 miles up Hwy 280 in the middle of East BFE Georgia. Or lost in Mississippi!
    Dad told me ALLLL about Project Gemini…. Guys, there were Gemini capsules built that were supposedly “never used”, but were launched at the Canaveral AFB, just south of Cape Canaveral….a pure shadow operation of NASA’s, just up the swampy road from “The Cape.” Guys, EVERYBODY down there knew we were launching spy missions with Gemini capsules on very low Earth orbits. They were doung what the U-2 and SR-71 and the CIA’s A-12 couldn’t do: peering deep into Soviet territory at just 100 miles above the surface…with two men military crews.
    The point is this: RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT, and before DARPA, our military industrial complex was doing pretty crazy stuff by 1963…right under our noses.
    If you travel along some of the old U.S. ighways here in Georgia, and you look off to one side or another, you WILL indeed see mountains of dirt..literally hundreds of acres of land, going straight into the sky. The “Black Budget” is getting us ready for the next catastrophe.
    As for me, since I live in Dahlonega, at the edge of the north Georgia mountains, if I can find a small plot of land at 3000 feet or better, I am confident that my family will watch from the front porch of their submerged intermodal transport box the prophesy of the Georgia Guidestones come true!
    Live long and prosper,

  • Allenvaughan

    Also, congratulations, Ben, on your new son!! I know you’re a proud papa!

  • sativarg

    Dear Humanity,
    RE: tampering with Nature by emulating volcanoes… or “Halving warming with stratospheric aerosol geoengineering moderates policy-relevant climate hazards”
    It sounds good at first glance and in fact I wrote a paper back in college suggesting just this approach to reduce “global warming”. I was young and naive. Now I have learned about Earth’s feed back loops; her robust and diverse and dynamic life support system that already manages to cope with Sol’s moods through mechanisms that are definitively efficient and seem to be too well designed to be so by chance. With that in mind I see that my idea was based in a perspective inadequate to inform me of the risks of my strategy. Such tampering is akin to a well meaning toddler trying to help mommy by dumping more detergent into the washing machine… the result is way too much of a good thing.

    Earth has mechanisms that already moderate climate within livable, if not completely comfortable, ranges for Human Beings. If and when we have learned how these fine systems work then we can think to help her processes with gentle, measured and wise input, but for now we are as that toddler and we are not ready.

    We are learning about how Earth reacts to increasing cosmic ray input, increased Sol’s energetic particle moods and changes in her own magnetic shield. From what I hear here and and in the other articles provided by Mr. Davidson, I find that all the evidence points to a feedback network that works in Earth to regulate climate and other factors remarkably well. From her molten mantle that reacts to cosmic rays to her vast rivers of deep sea circulation that reacts to changing inputs of particles and energy from Sol to the other subsystems we have yet to understand… I find Earth a magnificent survivor in Sol who protects Humanity even as she protects all her children and herself.
    … and I could Harp on and on on this as a Harper in Earth.
    I hope this serves as some sort of argument to the paper”Halving warming with stratospheric aerosol geoengineering moderates policy-relevant climate hazards”
    This paper sounds so much an apology from us children for the wide spread experiment that has been long deployed with tons of stuff being dumped into the machine?
    thanks for reading
    the blind Harper

  • sativarg

    A while ago I posted a link to a video by Silvy Ivanova about megaliths and structures in the Americas in response to a question about how Humanity seems not to gain from the advances hidden in dark projects and or old knowledge uncovered covertly… that video either never was at the link I posted or was removed by Silvy… this is the third time I have reposted and tried to share her work only to have that specific video go missing.
    I found it here though.
    Colossal ancient Earthworks in America p 8 When the Survivors Wake Up
    1,010 views•Sep 18, 2017
    not in her current page and from years ago.
    This seems to be some kind of strategic trick to have people advocate her work only to have the shared content removed after the sharing.
    three times so specific is too much of a “coincidence” for me.
    this time I feel I am obligated to correct the problem here…

  • sativarg

    Dear community,
    RE: Solved: the mystery of the expansion of the universe… No I don’t think so.
    At least not from my perspective.
    accelerating expansion feels right, tastes right and sounds right but not because the spectrum observed from distant galaxies shows a graduated shift with distance but rather because standing in Earth on her bones I am accelerating away from her core at about 9.8 meters per second per second. No it does not just fee like being in an elevator it is being on an elevator. Due to the age of everything in Earth the surface is moving away from Earth’s center at a rate that is near infinite from my perspective. All the matter or dense energy I am made of is expanding at a speed near infinity… But the acceleration is the thing I can perceive and not the speed. I in my little allotted time can not easily sense the speed because to me and most beings infinity and infinity times two are equivalent if not equal. Thus from my perspective a one cubic meter block of plutonium stays the same volume as the same size block of sodium… as time passes I do not perceive that rate of change difference between the two masses due to density as infinities are equivalent. But I can sense the differing relative accelerations in the resistance to change each cubic masses poses if I try to move them or lift them… they poses stored persistence as every packet of energy inside spins like a gyro and each resists any alteration in the spin trajectory and so the more energy a mass contains the more stored resistance to change… see?

    As we look out in time we are looking at matter that is older in most cases. The exceptions like Quasars are perhaps much younger than the neighboring matter? The Farther out the farther back and thus the slower the surfaces of matter are moving outwards from there centers. Thus the light they send out is spectrally shifted accordingly…
    Hows that for mickey mouses brain then… LOL
    just my perspective on why… my passion and madness then
    a blind Harper’s song.

  • sativarg

    Correction, as there is no eraser here…
    poses to possesses
    === ===
    each cubic mass Possesses if I try to move them or lift them… they possess stored persistence as
    === ===

    and I could go on to say I see “perspective” itself to be a function of the same accelerating expansion, the reason why an object at a distance seems smaller and distance seems to exist at all… when light left what I am looking at it was indeed smaller? LOL

  • sativarg

    Dear community,
    If the “v” words is forbidden here then I will try to get this across any way…
    I am hearing some thing important or rather I am not hearing how hot spots of disease severity now are also hot spots for exposure to lung damaging things.
    In New York City there was the dust from the Twin Towers
    in Italy there have been several volcanoes, thus ash damage.
    In Washington State volcanoestoo
    In California there have been decades of chronic smoke exposure
    In Iran there was large scale lung damage from mustard gas and other things in the Iran and Iraq war…
    all these things should be considered when interpreting the statistics surrounding some thing that is a threat to Humanity, how to model that things behavior and when making important decisions about investment etc.
    If any here have any reason to think this is important and has any credibility any connections to any one who could make a difference then please tell some one?

    I have sent out emails that are languishing in office computers some where where no one is allowed to be right now and I have no credentials any way… no one listens to me as I am a bum. indigent, impotent and useless.

    Is it not important to consider all the possible causes for disease severity when interpreting the statistics?
    I think it is and that this is important.
    thanks for reading
    a blind Harper and bum in Earth

  • Kane1331

    They have had reverse engineered technology since the 40s DARPA’s doesn’t have to be involved. There has been a brain drain since the 50s physicist dissapear all the time. They have had technology far beyond just being able to hide from prying eyes for many many years. Quit being naive.

  • desert_fox

    C.S Lewis wrote about microbes and macrobes in The Hideous Strength. His take on the macrobes was that they were evil spirits and certain spiritually deprived people were in regular contact with them. And a still smaller circles, of influential people, “opened” themselves up to be inhabited and guided by these “macrobes”. Regardless of how you feel about spiritualism, it’s still fascinating how he approaches the subject in his story. Kind of get the impression that maybe he knew something.

  • Canamla

    I can’t stand the reliance on carbon dating. Sure, it helps. It HELPS. It’s not absolute! Yet this is never discussed in the discussions I’ve heard or read. I bugs me so much. The Sun, cosmic rays, naturally radioactive mineral deposits… So many things can change the dating.
    Also, that crystal mountain stuff is nuts! So freaking cool!

  • Edward Rutland

    Ben what’s up have a previously tried to post items related to Boyle’s law and they will not post to this webpage

  • Edward Rutland

    Ben what’s up have a previously tried to post items related to Zoyle’s law and they will not post to this webpage

  • Edward Rutland

    Ben what’s up have a previously tried to post items related to Zoyle’s zla and they will not post to this webpage

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