FOTW March 20, 2021

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  • Charles

    Hey Ben,

    When you ask Randal Carlson about the glaciers, ask him about the temperate climate in Alaska and Siberia during the last ice age.

    Because one day I was listening to a Randal Carlson podcast and he mentioned the mystery of the last ice age, when Alaska and Siberia had temperate climates. Then he showed a map of the ice sheets from just before the Younger Dryas change.
    If you do a search for the words last ice sheet map then click on images… lots of maps there, look for the ones of the last ice age. Those ice sheets are centered on a geographic pole that was between greenland and the Hudson bay.

    That is less than 30 degrees from the current geographic pole.

    If that pattern repeats, N America will be a bit warmer, and parts of it will be quite tropical. That pattern would be the Greenland Ice sheet and the Antarctic ice sheet pulling the crust less than 30 degrees…. putting the next geographic pole somewhere in Siberia.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the discussion Gentlemen.
    Just wanted to share a couple things, but I removed them. I will share this though. Senator Tillis, (whom I have a semi-close relationship with, attend conference calls, email, etc.) has informed me that they intend to remove voting all together, taking it out of the hands of the public and making it a Senate/Congressional only vote to determine who the President of The United States is. This is in the works. I do not think it is public yet, but if no one does anything and they are allowed to continue on the path they are, there will not be a 2024 election by the people.
    No matter what, do not give up your firearms or stick your arm out for a syringe. The second shot spiraled my father to the grave…. and hurry up Mother Nature!

    • Bigpicguy

      FYI, electoral college took it out of the public’s hands a while ago.
      BTW, check out your moon. Why isn’t Ben talking about tycho’s rotation from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the northern hemisphere? The extra tilt occurred 11 years ago and he’s actively hiding comments on the subject. Strange huh?

  • Bigpicguy

    Dismissal of God’s plan just makes you look silly & our measly problems mean nothing to those who understand the trinary system. The Egyptians are misrepresented in there knowledge & the Hopi are overlooked but soon we will be forced to see the truth.

  • Allenvaughan

    I never liked the “crustal displacement” idea. The “handlebar” effect of the LLVSP’s tilting the entire planet, despite the amount of mass of the planet being moved would leave mostly intact the continents.


    The Bozo Times …. thanks for the clown news presentation … we gotta find some way outa here said the joker to the thief ….
    thanks guys your discussions are so worth while..

  • Fire302

    It’s good to be a fly on the wall.

  • sativarg

    Good morning community,
    this mornings news features an article about the San Andreas Fault. I have noticed that the east coast of the United States of America has exhibited anomalous quake behavior for decades now. While normal large quakes happen in northern Alaska and western South America California has been limited to quakes at or below 5.7 or so. There have been a few exceptions but not on the most worrisome faults. I suspect that one or more cultures are actively managing the major western United States faults. There is evidence that one or more groups own huge underground infrastructure costing trillions in treasure and representing a huge investment in time and effort. I believe that part of this project or projects is the active management of various risks to these resources.
    Noted:A revised position for the primary strand of the Pleistocene-Holocene San Andreas fault in southern California | Science Advances —

    “”These data establish the Mission Creek strand as the primary fault bounding the Pacific and North American plates at this latitude and “imply that 6 to 9 meters of elastic strain has accumulated “”
    “I observe thousands of “micro quakes” that seem to indicate slow slip and gradual releases of built up energy all along the western United States that is not similar to decades past. I would expect that data showing surface movement showing that this is so could be obfuscated to hide the management program?

    thanks for reading and considering my observations

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