FOTW March 16, 2019

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  • pepgmsc

    I’ve heard the southern desert mountains in Arizona appear to have been dropped out of the sky because they seem to have no relation with the underlying strata. Any thoughts that these could be some of sun’s dust shell from one of the mini-novas?

    • RoxanneSumners

      I wonder (similar) about Ayers Rock in Australia, too.

  • Billy Rogers

    Hawaii is not finished yet recent history is incomplete as compared to previous lava excursions and refills.

  • John Mallary

    Maybe tracking the depths and locations of those 300ish K deep quakes that aren’t blots or OLR makers can be used to roughly map the topography of the global LVZ, at least along the fault lines…

  • Lois Rasmussen

    Dust and the end of an ice age….Perhaps the dark dust allowed the further absorption of heat/UV sunlight to melt ice faster as is happening in Greenland presently?

  • David Droescher

    13:30 impactors
    shoemaker-levy 9 passed too close to the giant Jupiter’s causing it to break up due to gravitational tug also changing the trajectory of Shoemaker to be on an intercept course on the next pass. It was known that at least some of the fragments would hit Jupiter there was major excitement when all of them hit Jupiter taking us out of the cross hairs. dis Earth possess the same power as Jupiter in regards to close approach passing comets meteors Space bodies. I do not recall hearing about close approach asteroids and other near Miss events at the rate of present several in last couple of years . Do to the impactor story finger pointing discribed @ 22:00 there would be no publicity of the trajectory having been changed from close approach to impactor. Bing between the Moon and the Earth distance wise.

  • jcdoss

    Hancock’s book “Magicians of the Gods” was about fragmentation of a bolide that hit the northern hemisphere, not a single impactor, although they did think there was a “major” one with multiple smaller fragments. The theory was that the majority of them hit the ice sheet and instantaneously melted it, forming such geologic features as the Scablands in the NW USA, and dumping all that fresh water into the ocean. I don’t think Hancock is “married” to any theory, however. The book previous to this “Fingerprints of the Gods” explained the cataclysm as a crustal slippage event a la Hapgood. I don’t think they are claiming to know with certainty what the cataclysm was… just that there was one and that it wiped out a fairly advanced civilization leaving virtually no traces.

  • Dixie

    I am a new memnber and an interested novice. My readings of late confer one response to your comments, observations about how it seemed strange that NASA type folks and others all of the sudden seem to be offering up support for things like a “plasma universe” and other things like going towards a new ice age, etc that seem strange from listening/watching your talks and interesting videos so far. I think that their hidden off the books projects ever since the Second World War has kept from the public and even college studies, information about what has been referred to as “a secret physics” even though modern weapon systems, weather weapon systems and probably even terrestrial travel equipment (not speaking of extra terrestrial here) should hint strongly that a different physics exists. My point is that I think we will hear more and more releases of Information as though it is just being discovered to bring narratives up closer to realities and of what is desired. Hope this makes sense. Also wondered listening today if you have read the Rand and Rose Flem-Ath 2012 book , ‘Atlantis Beneath the Ice”, an updated version of their earlier 1995 version, “When The Ice Fell”? I heard one of you mention Charles Hapgood so I wondered. Chapter 13 has very interesting discussion about interglacial period cycles and raises questions, ideas of when, how crustal displacements might occur for example on p 197..” .we believe that displacements correlate to times when the earth’s tilt is at a maximum of 24.4 degrees (as in 9600 BCE), we do not expect another earth crust displacement for at least another 28,500 years.”…They go on to discuss whether it was a crust or axis shift. Anyway I have found the book interesting, loving the maps and stories told by ancient people’s about what happened during this time. It is interesting to me to see ideas, correlations in many areas of study, like your mention of Graham Hancock today, examples of others pointing to, trying to explain ancient happenings. I agree with you all, that whatever is in the future, that it is always important to be as aware and prepared. For me as an 82 year old, it is all about children, grandchildren as I have laughingly told my son after first learning about the Sun from you that, “I would never even survive a strong CME!” I would just like to contribute to waking a few other people up hoping that many more come aware of changes going on, and future possibilities so as to be better prepared, hopefully mentally and physically.

    • Don Joseph

      Thank you for the informative & intelligent post Dixie! You are an inspiration to the people in your age group.
      Never stop learning, never stop teaching, your family is lucky to have you. Be*Well, Namaste.

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