FOTW June 5, 2020

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  • olduglycarl
    • sativarg

      LOL I can not see any of that? or was there any thing there to read said the blind one

  • albrown54

    Within the next couple decades, even the word “economy” will be burned and washed into oblivion…. You know that They know.

  • epeeb1

    Space & time are more than likely infinite in NATURE ! We can just see what we are supposed to with our limited understanding !

    • sativarg

      Perhaps or perhaps the potential of space and time are infinite and at any given moment nothing is not finite. Or we do not see what we have not been taught to?

  • sativarg

    Hi Guys and Gals,
    This morning I am finding it hard to reconcile one of the articles in the news with real science or even reason…
    How do real scientists test “dark energy” when no one can even find any?
    As I read I hear them testing symptoms of change and calling those symptoms energy and fields and dark matter… LOL really?
    As far as I am concerned main stream science does not understand “gravity” let alone the shape of the Universe. While all the observations show all interactions between light and dark, High and Low, dense and less dense energy are spiral vortex… some one has concluded that our Universe is flat? I suppose if Humans can believe that Earth is flat in the face of so much objective observations then I should not be,, at all, surprised.
    I still hold that the shortest distance between any two points in space time in our plane of existence is a complex curve.
    see: Plane (esotericism) – Wikipedia?
    I hold that straight lines are only ever transient events rather than ever a steady state in this Universe as all is flux while engaged as part of Unity… see? hear?
    No dark matter or even gravity exists as a “thing” rather all that are symptoms of change and the passage of time.
    For us Humans it is as hard to let go fields and objectifying such symptoms as it is for a young child to grasp abstract concepts… in fact a child may well be better able to grasp the “truth” about symptoms of change than jaded adults?

    thanks for reading then
    blessings and namaste
    a blind Harper harping on.

  • epeeb1

    Good Shot , blind Harper !

    • sativarg

      Hi Fred Jones,
      OK then the FRB would be like a pop or a snap as a tipping point is reached… like wood creeking in slow motion as it expands due to heat? I mean the galactic sheet nears some thing or touches it and some thing pops?at a tipping point?

      Could many things like a pandemic be opportunitie for testing the control infrastructure? Any disruption used as a testing ground for techniques and technologies that can profile, manipulate and or control individuals and groups? At the same time all manner of actors take advantage of the situation for all manner of objectives?

      • Sunny Bono

        Attack on,.or destruction of infrastructure. Highways, damns, electric grids. This could be the next chapter. And the mail in voting will be a disaster.

  • Fred Jones

    When I saw the Figure of the Structure of Galactic Disk my thought was can we figure out distances between each wave high or bottom and slowly draw a model and rotate that round to where we are (Earth Here type thing). and then on that same map create a set of layers that have the location and time we have seen the FRB’s , and see if there is a match to the profile of the Galactic Disk / Sheet, of course with my thought being that the FRB’s could be the symptom of the sheet passing or entering an area… my guess is locations of the FRB’s will show us where in the galactic sheet there are the conditions needed for the MicroNova event and then we could see if those parts of the sheet are tracking our way. I don’t know which characteristic of the sheet would be the resulting info. but maybe its enough to know where the density of the sheet is higher, or the temp is higher or the speed is faster… in either case I was thinking maybe that might be a cool map to do…

    As far a the last part of the FOTW, I don’t think there will be another fear anger stage… I think it was a test of how far the population as a whole can control their actions, even though their mind says this is wrong or WTF… One of your first videos 9 some years ago talked about using a calm or creating a calm before the storm, I think the calm is getting created from exhaustion of the Anger and fear stage…. and the markets… well they are doing well so the people on both sides of the aisle can clear their table and get ready… you cant get rid of stocks very well when everyone wants to sell, and you cant clean house at the businesses if everyone is working everyday.

    However this turns out, be it man made or natural I should be ok, as I can live in either the technological side of society or the stone age society, im not all that great on the solitude all the time but alas it is what it is. The trick is not to have anything in my opinion other than the lump of crap three feet above my rear end to work with… cheers everyone, thank you for the FOTW , I enjoy it making me think on both sides of a situation.

  • sativarg

    at 11:37
    No term?
    perhaps there should be one?
    Ya… where is that apparent energy coming from?
    There are places in Sol where more “heat” is observed than one would expect?
    If I am correct then different local environment energy density can cause some energy packets or particles to exhibit “heat” differently as a function of the depletion zone of empty space surrounding the packet or particle. When such a particle is surrounded with dense energy there is a lag time or persistence of state as the dense energy in the packet/particle absorbs emptiness. That lag time is less for the same particle/packet when not surrounded by dense energy. In a dense energy environment the depletion zone surrounding the particle causes that particle to expand slower due to the absence of emptiness nearby… see?
    When some thing emerges from sols nucleus through his photosphere that thing goes from very dense energy environment into a much less dense environment thus it is suddenly free to expand at a rate that exhibits its absolute energy density… hard to verbalize my vision here but I could see a similar effect resulting in matter in the galaxy exhibiting heat that is not explained by the main stream understanding of gravity and energy.

    So, you may be searching for a term that does not exist in order to reconcile observation with main stream science’s inadequate perspective?
    The “heat” is not coming from outside the masses packets or particles, rather they are expressing their absolute energy differently… Perhaps?

    I have no credentials though so feel free to LOL and say shut up chuck

  • John Mallary

    What if the third fear/anger wave is in the form of an assassination, right before November?

  • Charles

    The next big thing/calamity/crises they are going to hit us with is going to be a false flag/fake ET invasion. Hollyweird and the intelligence community have been building up the xenophobia for at over half a century.
    Check out the documentary “Unacknowledged” (Steven Greer)

    Mail in voting… anyone just needs to point out that the CCP or the Russians can easily mail in tens of millions of votes. The CCP is by far the most ruthless and biggest threat.

    • sativarg

      is it ever safe to make a declaration?
      Hi Charles I am also named thus by my Mom.
      Sweeping declarations are hard to defend or credit in my opinion and some wiggle room is nice?

      • Charles

        Ok, how about ‘most likely’?
        Think about it this way, what’s the best way to get the people of the world to cozy up with the CCP? Most of the world is pretty mad at China right now… until George Floyd got murdered.

        Also today .. and it might be BS, there are lots of people talking about George Floyd’s murder being staged/hoax etc . In the original video, there are no EMTs, just cops in different uniforms, zero medical equipment, just flop the guy onto the gurney and stuff him in the ambulance. They don’t check for responsiveness, just tap his head. Also the cop finally gets off the guy when the new cops on the scene tap him on the shoulder? … after 8 plus minutes of him ignoring all those people? All these thing look like actor’s signals.

        Look for the outrage from the left, they absolutely hate the truth… or at least they hate lies other than their own. There is a really really old saying “Thou dost protest too much.”
        The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Why else would random pallets of bricks be placed in these big cities right before the biggest riots?
        Also the prosecutor has changed the charge to murder 2, much much harder to prove, so the cop will most likely be let off.

  • sativarg

    Hi community,
    Red shift, expansion and frequency at time frame 28:45 …
    What if matter is expanding and absorbing emptiness?
    If light takes time to travel from a star to Earth and we see the spectrum of sodium in hear blue green and then we observe another star and the lines for sodium are near green yellow then could one star be made of stuff that has expanded to a size larger than the stuff at another? Could the spectral shift reflect relative stages of expansion at the same as reflecting relative motion? Could that help to explain the odd observations of quasar in galactic systems that exhibit spectral shifts that are not expected?
    If all energy in our Universe moves from dense to less dense or towards equilibrium then all matter or dense energy should be expanding at an acceleration rate proportional to the density of it’s energy… No? Matter at different stages of expansion could well emit light with spectrum from elements at frequency that is shifted in proportion to density as well?
    Where does that leave the idea of distance and “Doppler shift” then? While there may be a Doppler effect exhibited another factor may need to be considered?

    In fact if I am correct then matter expansion is an acceleration so that the surface of any mass is now moving away from it’s center at an absolute rate that nears infinity. Thus “gravity” is not just feeling like being on an elevator it is being on an ever accelerating one. The “speed” of light is just a stable state above that near infinity at any given time in any given place. Spectra in that light from elements at the origin would reflect the acceleration of the surface of that origin? Any new matter would then seem to exhibit a blue shift in spectrum when compared to old matter?

    at 38:19 …
    I can not see the figure for the last link today… but what I just saw was this…
    as the sheet nears Sol he aligns with it magnetically… Sol tilts on his side?
    When this happens and he purges his shell of accumulated stuff that stuff is polarized in such a way as to cause all the planets, that have a strong magnetic state,to also align with the ejecta. Then as the sheet passes or when we pass to the reversal zone Earth’s crust assumes it’s default alignment along with Sols core/nucleus.
    Do we pass all the way through the sheet with Sol or does Sol simply enter the sheet and exit the same side?
    Are there inversion zone on either side of the Galactic Sheet?

    LOL as for the question of a living death…
    What is called an economy is not and has not been for a long time. An economy is an ecosystem that is not without balance… eco is all about equation and the thing that we call an economy now is not any sort of equal. It is held together by a sort of necromancy that involves pumping in debt and pumping out value. What is now is F’ing magic of a sort that is pure illusion. Just as this culture is not a civilization and all democracy in Earth are not… economy is not at at all what is the current of our exploitation… in my opinion. and it has not been echo for a very long time?
    There is not echo economy without balance of an equation and that equation is immutable and Law Universal… Debt is as Death and begets more death!
    Life is about the balance of input and output maintained actively according to Truth. Likewise any ecosystem must adhere to immutable Law Universal and not Fantasy. To value Debt as a thing is to engage in fantacy and to practice necromancy… to love death over life in a way. It is cheating and it is abomination.
    the cure is forgiveness and not just debt forgiveness but in our case it requires Universal and unconditional spiritual forgiveness. We have long passed a point of reconciliation into the realm of reckoning. Here where we are now all tings are infected with a sort of malignant dis ease where we are bound to an abomination and system of corruption that is feeding on us… see? It has a life of it’s own and it uses us to protect itself from us. It binds us to its parts, the federal reserve is like one of it’s proboscis that is made of Human beings and those ones are bound to it by guilt and debt so that only forgiveness Universal can free them. To fight the beast we must stop fighting each other, forgive one another all debt and set the members of the machine free… see?sorry this a passionate issue to me…
    What the DOW is is lure fish in towards a net so they can be harvested or the proboscis reserve ever pumps in debt like a sickly sweet digestive juice that works as anticoagulant, anesthetic and digestive agent… In with the bad and out with the gold… see? Up and down goes the pump… in and out goes the beast. All the while we are kept just comfortable to serve as host to the giant parasite that is an abomination and corporation; a very old and wise business that uses whole Solar systems the way we might use a field… this last is just my opinion and attempt to reconcile Human behavior with any sort of Nature in Earth. In any case what uses us is very good at hiding in plain sight, manipulating us and maximizing our output of the resources it or “they” need.
    Hijack? if so then sorry again

    Please consider how it could be… Those wizards with their Yachts are not on the top at all. Those ones only ever think they have power. They are tools of the machine and so are all of us. Some of these may well know who or what they serve but I would bet that most do not. If I am right then Earth has been cultivated, seeded, protected and harvested cycle after cycle by one or more culture that owns Sol, Earth and even Humanity. Thus Human behavior is not according to “Nature” as much as a business model Galactic… see?
    As long as we see ourselves as being in Charge in Earth then our perspective is inadequate and unable to provide vision enough for us to achieve our potential. That toxic and false perspective is fed to us from birth. It is maintained actively by all manner of religions and institutional structures that remain invisible for what they are… hidden hands that manipulate from wisdom and long tested knowledge.

    at time bubble 47:40 or so
    Your observation that “The overarching goal is to…” is quite valid from down here in the sand box. Here in this box we are presented with all manner of object that seem real and that have real effect… and they do. But, out side the sand box are or is some one who is in real control. From out here see how the ones who are believing they must stay on top are not on top but are being deceived and are used to perform tasks and exhibit behaviors that serve the controllers/manipulators/ owners of Earth. Our observations down here make less and less sense as we un-calcify our minds… as we break down all the lies and false facts we can see the unreal as unreal… see? So now we can learn to look up and from a new better perspective we see the hidden hands?

    Thank yo community for the great inspiration and discussion.

  • blackhole

    voting doesn’t work

  • Malinwa

    Interesting discussion about the currect economic situation. The part about the FED owning +/- everything in the near future reminded me of the “neofeudalism” RT’s Max Keiser always talks about.

    Also very interesting in light of the economic shocks becoming worse and worse and needing ever more debt creation to keep the system on life support, i can recommend this video from Mike Maloney of how this whole mess started in the first place:


    Good financial explanations are good from. ARMSTRONG ECONIMICS he isn’t a buy or sell guy it’s based on trends world history politics famine politics very surprising and like with you I’ve gotten a great education ….

  • fester

    Great comments on the economic, and financial perspective. The powers have no friggin clue on the timeline. Obviously close because of closing mom/pop ice cream shops, and superpowers maneuvering their chess pieces. Why are they so scared of humanity evolving? Obviously power. Cheers.

  • Deriv

    Ben don’t you know that ‘stonks only go up’!? Jokes aside, with the 2008 initial crash a whole bunch of new investor money flooded the market. Once these poor saps and seasoned investors held enough confidence in the market and began to fully invest was when the second crash happened and that took months to years in some sectors to finally recover. Right now we have exactly that, all this new investor money flooding the market, as well as the Fed purchasing everything plus a market stimulus that has propped everything up.. for now. I do believe a second crash will happen when the next fear stage comes to be though as confidence is fragile, but I have a feeling they will do anything in their power to keep it propped up until the next election comes to a conclusion. That being said, the ability sectors have had to recover in quick succession has been astounding to say the least and I believe has never happened so quickly before. We went from tech recovering overnight and breaking through all time highs, to the recovery of the food industry, to the energy sector, to airlines, cruise lines and casinos. There was a story ran on investment broker ‘news’ sites early Monday, June 8, talking about the biggest surge in job growth that’s ever been seen. Never mind that it was due to a ‘slight’ recovery from the highest unemployment numbers we’ve seen in 100 years.. they’re selling confidence, but as soon as that goes out the window it all comes crashing down!

  • sativarg

    OK then… I stand corrected and ::blushing:: humbled.
    Scientists Claim the Universe Is Actually Flat —
    “When scientists say the universe is flat, it doesn’t necessarily mean it resembles an infinitely-expanding sheet of paper. More study, for instance, is needed to determine whether the universe could be bent into a torus — a donut-like shape still considered “flat” by cosmological models.”
    Now a torus is a shape I can see as well… especially given the Nature of the form being echoed in so many levels of scale or and fractal stable states… No?
    the “dark energy” reaserchers claim they are observing or measuring may still be my symptoms of change… the results are the same as long as assumptions are avoided and objective data remains. In the crucible of best practice good science burns off the false facts and what is left are golden threads of truth?
    A torus… Nice! I can see that for sure.

  • BlackHolesSuck

    Hi All….
    How about ballcaps that state….

    (Dark Matter Doesn’t Matter)
    ; )

  • sativarg

    Hi community,
    Once again Mr. Davidson has inspired me to write here about how alive Sol seems or at least how intelligent seems our Earth Sol system.
    First: “1 The State of the Heliosphere Revealed by Limb Halo Coronal Mass Ejections in Solar
    Cycles 23 and 24
    Nat Gopalswamy”
    Second: “Ice, ice, maybe: Neutrino anomalies in Antarctica explained by physics’ Ian Shoemaker”
    These two stories make the little hairs on the back of my neck dance as chills rise up my back… No I don’t have a fever,I am feeling some thing even more rare for me; I am pleasantly surprised. I have already written about how I believe that it is no accident that Earth cloaks herself in Ice and Snow when cosmic rays are threatening Life here. Now I am seeing evidence that Sol may be part of the conspiracy to bless Earth with what she needs to protect that same life; even Human life. Or… Some one has engineered the Earth, moon and Sol system so that Life in Earth is preserved. Even when Sol has to express or Micro-nova as part of his life cycle he may well do what he is able to, to protect Earth and other planets. Or… The makers of the Sol system have made it that way.
    When Sol spares his strongest ejecta Earth is able to build ever more clouds, glaciers and snow shields. As the gigantic magnetic disruption form the Galactic plain grows near and Earths magnetic field weakens Earth and all her life needs protection… could clouds help to intercept cosmic rays and Sols emissions?
    … Not all conspiracy need be malignant?
    A conspiracy to keep Humanity alive? With an investment as finely crafted as the Earth moon system I could see some faction or community of factions managing things so that Earth is safe… No? Or… Earth lives in Sol as part of him and they interact… or Sol lives and Earth is an important enough part of him as to warrant the special treatment he is displaying towards her… or it’s all just a coincidence?

    What ever the reason… I choose to believe and enjoy the awe and splendor of observation, recognition and admiration of a fine work of Nature and or engineering.
    that’s it
    Sativarg out
    end of harping Harper’s histrionics… LOL
    Happy Shiny revelations then… My wonderful fellows and Earthlings

    • sativarg

      error correction… and where or where is the eraser here?
      “the gigantic magnetic disruption form the Galactic ”
      replace form with from… I am always doing that D’oh!

  • Johnathan Jones

    Dark matter is easy to find. If you use the stellar periodic table instead of the earth periodic table you could account for elements that are heavier than anything found on the earth in the heavy gravity of stars. And if you can see it it has mass even if you can’t measure it. Therefore energy has mass and in its aggregate, It can be calculated and the difference between what you can calculate but measure, has created the mystery of dark matter and dark energy.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Dark matter is easy to find. If you use the stellar periodic table instead of the earth periodic table you find elements in stars that are heavier than anything found on earth. And if you can see something, it has mass even if you can’t measure it. Therefore energy has mass and taken in its aggregate it’s can be calculated and the difference between what you can calculate but not measure, has created the mystery of dark matter and dark energy.

  • albert

    A thought on the “COVID-1984” (I like that 🙂 part of the discussion.

    Why wreak the economy and create mass unemploymeny?

    How about looking at the whole hoax as a way to quickly create a big labour force?

    * Immigration imports labour. (Very limited)

    * Prior to the 1960s it was one income per household, the ladies created the home and family. Then came “equal opportunity” and the labour force increased substantially very quickly.

    * Back in the so-called industrial revolution, it was not energy that fueled the revolution. It was a sudden increase in labour; child labour.

    The British parliament of the time was concerned about a six million pound drain on the empire’s ecconomy caused by the importation of linen from India.

    A prize was offered for the solution.

    The solution was to miniaturize looms so a small child could operate it.

    This created a market for children. Rural England had lots of children,

    Buyers would roam the countryside offering a promise of apprenticeships and a monetary sum for children.

    Boys were onsold to the coal mines. Girls onsold to the mills.

    The boys developed rickkets, permanently bent backs and black lung. The girls were often injured in machinery, served as bedwarmers for factory overseers, and were without a job when they grew too big to operate the looms. If they couldn’t find jobs in factories, they often became child prostitutes. Then it was a future if sphylis and the insane asylums. It was in the asylums that many medical discoveries were made by physicians paying the asylums for human guinea pigs.

    The Seventh Earl of Shaftbury’s biography published in the 19th century contains all the horror of what really was driving the industrial revolution.

    It wasn’t energy and innovation, it was a sudden increase in labour availability.

    COVID-1984 has created a huge supply of unemployed people.

    What next I wonder . .

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