FOTW June 22, 2019

Sun & Health/Earthquakes/Weather:

– Cosmic Rays and Cognition:

– Geomagnetic Precursors to Japan 2011 M9.0:

– Solar Forcing in Antarctica:

Solar Cycle Discussion:

– Assymetry to Parity to Grand Minimum:

– NASA Forecasts Tiny Solar Cycle:

Plasma Discussion:

– Coulomb Universe:

– Cool Halo Gas Corotates:

– Fields Confine Torus:

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  • Brad

    Douglas Vogt has some interesting discussions and thoughts as well. Example; If the “Watchers or Angels” were cast down from Heaven to Mt. Hermon then you will immediately begin to ask questions if you are aware of what sits atop this mountain. Why would the United Nations maintain an outpost on the summit of Mt Hermon? This outpost is not your conventional UN outpost. Multiple Satellite dishes litter the landscape but in addition to this fortified looking outpost there appears to be an elevator assembly perched atop, like the ones you would see for a mining operation. Why is this here? You also have to ask yourself how did this end up in the old testament, what I mean is how did they know this Isaiah 17? There are many items just like this throughout the bible and within biblical history.

    ” Isaiah 17 New International Version (NIV)
    A Prophecy Against Damascus

    17 A prophecy against Damascus:

    “See, Damascus will no longer be a city
    but will become a heap of ruins.
    The cities of Aroer will be deserted
    and left to flocks, which will lie down,
    with no one to make them afraid.
    The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
    and royal power from Damascus;
    the remnant of Aram will be
    like the glory of the Israelites,”
    declares the Lord Almighty.”

    • soladave

      I cannot give Vogt any more of my time. He presents no evidence for his assumptions. I find it very suspicious that he will not tell us which Hebrew text sources he is using and we are left to assume that he is using the best text sources. Even then, if there is something in the text that he believes cannot be correct, he just asserts a textual variant (with no physical evidence) that explains the variance in accordance with his assumptions. This is the worst kind of scholarship as it simply denies the validity of all previous scholarship to assert that he, and he alone, is the measure of all truth.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Hey Suspect Sky/ Adrian, Been thinking about fast radio bursts and so when I came across Cepheid Varable Stars, I wondered what you would make of it compared to Fast Radio Bursts. Maybe a new tool could be developed using FRB’s instead of visible light. Also at the end of the first video the Professor talks about dark energy and I would like to hear on the news Ben’s take on it. As far as FOTW goes, my one comment on why the US is in Mideast oil while we have tons here is,
    Control the oil and you control the World. You can ‘t run a Navy or Air Force as large as the US if you don’t have tons of oil. And when the Oils replaced by renewable clean energy, transitioning the World economy from a torrent flow of oil sales cash to a meandering flow of renewable energy cash is a problem we better get right.

    links are awaiting approval but you can youtube google How do we know the Milky Way is a spiral. and Cepheid Variable Stars if you can’t wait for the links to pop up after approval.

  • Woody

    Oil: Currently, oil is the life blood of all economies. From a purely strategic standpoint, why would I consume any of my oil when I can use/buy yours? Oil is a finite resource, albeit much larger than previously thought. Fast forward 200 years when countries start depleting their oil reserves. Chaos ensues.

  • KDO03

    Some may want to peruse the perspectives on Lew Rockwell site. Lew Rockwell may be a good candidate for the “10th man”.

  • KDO03

    Here’s the link to the SO video on “Playing the devil’s Advocate” which is the source for the “10th man” concept mentioned in my earlier post. I happened to be watching this earlier today. While this video is about pole reversal, the intro is good advice.

    • Robin

      I miss the weather update from everyone. It always gives me a good feel for current weather across the US

  • Lois Rasmussen
    Reply This is historically the place where the Ark of the Covenant is guarded under Orthodox church of Eithiopia, Priests. There are many more reports from people who have visited Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, originally built in the 4th century CE to confirm the claim by these priests. FYI 🙂

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. Interesting topics as always.

  • Gelphi

    Often the sound is not very good from Ben. He seems to turn away from the mic. Perhaps a mic closer would help.

  • Sunny Bono

    Apparently Doug Vogt believes, not only that Brigadoon exists (or Tír na n-Óg) and that rather then being in the Highlands of Scotland, or off the coast of Ireland, it’s in the Middle East. Interesting.

  • Sunny Bono

    Seriously, Vogt’s ideas bring to mind (for me) Irish and Gaelic Scotrish stories of Fairy abdution and how time is treated in the fairy world.

  • Brad

    “Douglas Vogt has some interesting discussions and thoughts” I did not state that his theories or assumptions were the “Final Say”. What I was stating is that he presents some interesting discussion and points. His focus seems to be around the 22 characters in the Hebrew Alphabet. This is the focal point of where he derives his information in his discussions and is irrelevant as to which book or source he is using as the fact remains the Hebrew alphabet is still 22 characters. Though you may be finished with his works, I myself am willing to hear out and listen to his material in full prior to forming an opinion. If you remember correctly SO or Ben in his early days presented information that was not mainstream and he himself put up with a lot of critics because of his ideas and yet here we are. JMO. Peace.

  • Daniel Smart

    I heard an interview with someone named Lynette Zang who suggested that the US left the gold standard and started the old backed currency. By requiring everyone to buy oil with us dollars, it allows our fiat money to have worth. If China or Russia can break buying oil with US dollars, our currency loses stability. Russia has already stopped using US dollars for oil. We have to cozy up to Saudi Arabia since they are the main ones keeping dollars used for oil. We are meddling in the region to stop our currency from having to buy any other countries currency. Interesting way to look at the situations.

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