FOTW June 12, 2021

– Dark Energy = Artifact?
– Cosmological Principal:
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  • Michael Durfee

    It’s hard to have a fixed point of view in a universe where everything happens cyclically and across timelines that are so far beyond not just our mortal condition, but the experience of our ancestors. Not to mention completing objectives that change faster than you can even imagine the objective being fulfilled. The universe is so strange that our ‘standard candles’ can only light up so much of these infinite cosmological principles and artifacts. Which is why scientific discoveries like the galactic dipole repeller/attractor, the anisotropic expansion, and the spinning early universe (suggestive of a cosmic magnetic dipole), are likewise of systems outside our perception. Our species is resilient, but not as resilient as what the principles and our civilization are built with. As we all know very well that whatever filaments making those candles shine have been known to burn out, cyclically. And if we improve the instrumentation to observe those systems we might find that with whatever paradigm that comes with it, might be for the better.

    I miss Billy.

  • Dirt

    I work in a mycology lab. Fungi are great at breaking down plastics and the end result is compost, albeit a low-nitrogen compost. Nitrogen is easy to come by though and most of our soils are actually carbon-deficient so as far as I’m concerned as a biologist and a farmer, that’s a win. Also, worms are attracted to mycelium because they excrete an alcohol called octanol. Basically the mycelium are throwing a worm kegger. I hope that more people start to use fungi in farming, gardening, and bioremediation. They really are amazing.

    • lonestar 420

      Completely agree Dirt, i ve been espousing this for years. we generally just get in the way of all progress

    • Charles

      If you look to the traditions of India, specifically the Vedas, they have identified many many cycles up to Trillions of years. Even the Maya materials that have been found contain cycles up to 65 million years.

      The big bang theory shows how ridiculously stupid, arrogant, and shortsighted “academia” is in this context. For that matter most of so called academia act like a bunch of bullying high school punks who make up BS to distract the world from reality.

      Same goes for the medical industrial complex, politicians and governments, and pretty much everything else mainstream.

      We are lied to about everything. We are being contained.

  • olduglycarl

    Fits into your discussion toward the end; check out my weekly publication IN THE MEME TYME. This weeks in the news subject matter has to do with ‘Seeing’ what’s in front of you in the country or not: I try to balance between, the horror of it and laughing at it.

  • Kevin Benham

    Betelgeuse 2022…….coming to an outdoor theater near you!

    Thx Ben for all you do. You kick butt!

  • Gelphi

    A good one. The discussion was excellent !

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Great show… by mentioning all the phenomena in space whose discovery is so new, such as the touching of haloes of galaxies Andromeda and Milky Way, dsspite the hermetic dismalness of the decline of our society into the dratted NWO, you do outline many avenues for hope! Because these phenomena are not only physical; they give opporutniites to escape totalitarianism through other dimentsions. If we are dealing with Electromagnetic Universe, it’s structured just like the human brain, just bigger… and we certainly have in our brains the ability to visit and relate to life through many different dimensions, and so totalitatrianism has power over the limited, but NOT over the unlimited, and how much more so on the larger scale of the universe. There will be many, many escape routes from the Stygian, Infernal Oppression which NWO advocates are trying to establish… and in ways and places in which they would never know to seek their escapees! Their Stygian nature will never allow them to victimize the rest of us, only themselves, and this is the message I get from hearing once again today that Andromeda’s halo is touching ours, and that old seeds germinated in the Middle Esst, and that there is a likelihood for rebirth of life on Mars! The NWO will tie themselves into a pretzel with controlling mindsets and policies, and the rest of us will escape free and clear to the dimensions and worlds which we inhabit best! We will be invisible to them because we will be in dimensions they will never be able to perceive. Thank you for tying the practical, such as survival warnings in the face of the likely imminemce of grid down as the sunspots ramp up at this low-magnetosphere strength time, to the amazing revelations that hint at fantastical solutions we will never dream of or predict until they happen.

  • Ricky Neff

    Oumuamua came from Lyra, Vega, it was using our star for gravity assist to get somewhere else. I have no idea where.

    It has an organic coating.
    0bservers need to revisit this one.

  • Dixie

    Have to remember that quote of von Braun’s where he listed all of the things we were to be made afraid of…then terrorists, countries of concern, etc but ending with asteroids, and finally aliens at which he would always laugh and say that it all will be fake, a lie! After watching how humanity as a whole have played along this past year in ways I would not have believed could happen, I do not at all feel confident that mass compliance is not capable of being achieved! 😢🤨

  • Houseboat Grandma

    Regarding spending your energy trying to convince others or waiting and watching I use to be more energetically animated, outgoing, out spoken sharing my opinion and feelings. As I have aged, as an old seasoned RN I have changed. Now I sit back watch, observe and assess. I find its not so much what people say or do its their energy, tone, vibe; the way they come across has changed. Yes the board is set, the intention thought energy is palpable. People have changed. The world has changed them and the Shift is also changing them. As a seasoned nurse I have been trained to assess people, their breathing, demeanor everything. People have and are changing and I believe they just like the animals sense the shifting energy and the fight or flight is kicking in, survival of fittest. People want to fight, its their way or no way. They don’t play nice. Nurses take so much abuse, hitting yelling assaults its happening more and more. I now have distanced myself from most people i think they are crazy just like the weather and I think the distancing is for good reasons. I trust my gut, intuition. I love you guys Kiss the kiddos for me, Thank you for the conversation and for being there for me. 💋💋💋💋💋💋🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  • Roos Kohn

    So funny you guy’s mention the alien invasion. Every time I watch S0 daily on YT I get an add for alien invasion. I alway think it is to make (the best show on earth) S0 look just as wacky as the add shown before you are on.

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