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– Rocky Planet Like Earth:
– Saturn Plasma Waves to Enceladus:
– The coming cold:
– GMO Cannabis:
– Pesticide and Bees:

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  • markaxen

    hey S0 when my brother taught at ucla and lived in culver city, he had 3 chickens, banti size. no roosters (the noisy half of the poultry). had no problems w/ the neighbors., and plenty of eggs. you might need a cpl. more for your growing family unit. he has plans for a perfect size, easy build coop if you want a project for you & kira.

  • John Mallary

    Things that happen fast are usually electrical.
    An interplanetary event, possibly a capture event, and the subsequent effects, affecting changes in our sun’s electrical interactions with the planets.

    This could force anomalies in our weather patterns and manifest in unthinkably extreme shifts.

    I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a butterfly in south America or plant food…

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, nice array of topics as always.
    N.C. House Bill 363, The Pollinator Protection Act. We are aware…and care.

  • cheryl

    plasma wave exchanges between moons, planets, and the sun. Hmmm… I wonder when the planets cycle to being on the same side of the sun can be connected with the larger solar out bursts. At least maybe a piece of that puzzle. GMO cannabis is a concern to a few here in Northern NH and VT. I’ve heard a few conversations about this.

  • cheryl

    Could the proposed comet strike on the North American ice sheet have allowed cold space to rush in, along with massive ice chunks expelled have been the cause of the flash freeze of mammoths ?

  • ambercromby

    Honey bees are not native to North America, thus there are plenty of alternative pollinators out there. In my neck of the woods we have an anit-honey bee atavist. I, however, do keep honey bees in spite of his claims.

  • Purrman

    Has anyone read Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari? This was an amazing read on many of the topics we serious-minded, self-reflective sapiens think and talk about. I highly recommend it and would love to hear the “fly guys” thoughts on the book.

  • Calvin

    What if they were struck by lightning & froze later? The food would still be in their mouth.

  • David Droescher

    Hears a Theory as to how the woolly mammoth had fresh undecomposed food remaining in there mouths.
    GCR of a magnitude to which were carved into stone or larger struck . This would have the “flash freeze ” effect (done commercially that-40° f) (at this temperature the ice crystals form so rapidly and around so many different nuclei that they do not have time to grow a large enough to compromise the cell wall, like slow freeze, preserving the fresh flavor we desire this is what happened to the mammoth why no decomp was found with intact cell walls.) How was the DNA? Some good some like scrambled eggs?

    What volcanos exploded in this time frame?
    If so this would line up the trajectory of the shot at this intensity Earth would likely suffer a through and through like a 50BMG through a sofa with a bowling ball sitting in it.

    What if a GCM of this magnitude 1,000× hit the N Atlantic? Causing an instant freez/desalination severing the femoral arteries of the Gulf Stream?
    The instantly dense highest salinity clump of sub 0F water would sink at a rapid pace has a hit the seafloor around the Titanic 2 miles down it was shoot a plume of that super cold water up to all coasts not only is it displacing cold water off the seafloor but this water can be of Sub-Zero temperatures due to the salinity of this brine (“University of Utah chemists used computers to determine that water, which doesn’t necessarily become solid at its 32 degrees Fahrenheit freezing point, actually can get as cold as minus 55 F before it must freeze.”Nov 28, 2011) If of sufficient magnitude 1,000,000× it could actually form an ice pinnacle attached to the Frozen sea floor.
    I am only pointing out a worst case scenario of how the Earth may have entered a previous Ice Age.
    Are all the planets lining up on the side of the sun to which is more towards the edge of the cloud causing the pulling the sun into a curving trajectory ?
    Accelerating our rate of exit from the cloud ? My hope is for curving the other direction gives us a little more time.
    GMO cannabis ??? I guess it really dependswhat tbere objective is… breed of plant that only produces females, no morphodites, no males. Making it able to be grown Outdoors without being able to cross pollinate. This would be an awesome objective self containing only way you get this strain to propagate is with cuttings or as a rhizome . The problem with as a rhizome, this plants only natural enemy is man (that we know of )and when we experience this dramatic shift we are expecting this plant could potentially overrun ecosystems given enough time.

    Cross it with a mushroom so I could be grown underground in the dark….

    Trevor dose this frind have the same effect from both oil/ distillate vaporizing and herb burning ?
    When younger I had to be extremely cautious not overdo it(2-3) puffs and it was as if I was puking drunk. Thought I was allergic for quite some time then I figured out that’s just what happens when you overdo it also known as od’ing. With time my tolerance has improved but I must be cautious.

    What is the likelihood that Enceladus experiences this plasma discharge as a result of its rotation speed? 2 spheres rotating a different rates through the same field causing a difference in charge. because the moon of Earth rotates so slowly there’s not much of a difference in charge resulting in our lackluster polls on our moon Vs the spinners of Jupiter and Saturn.

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