FOTW July 1, 2017

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Trevor, Tony

Today’s episode begins with the last episode of Deeper Look:

*** In the video below I made a pretty big error (must have misheard the General) – he tells a story and I thought it was about himself. Through some sleuthing with Vinny C we realized it was a story about someone else – albeit still 100% true. Sorry for that – when you hear the opening and the General’s 1967 story just remember he is telling a story that was told to him, NOT one that he lived himself.

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  • F

    The plane incident looks like a near miss scenario to me. Plane is coming directly at camera then takes a deep hard dive to escape collision. Then, just like a smoke ring, the exhaust curls up, in and around. Explains the view from below as well

    • Pistolmorgan

      Contrail my ass! Having worked with research with weather mod research 1998-’03, you have been PSYOPed. 1. contrails do not turn on/off. 2. If it lingers, it was meant to.

      • BeechComer

        With respect, pardon me for appearing to contradict you (I’m really trying to edify you), but I must tell you as a turbine pilot of 23 years experience (think high altitude)I have seen great variability in contrails that (6-8.5 miles below) do indeed appear to turn on and/or off. In the stratosphere, there is little vertical air motion, but plenty of (wind-caused) streams of dry air near humid air. As I have flown across these boundaries, I have seen our contrails end as though a light switch were turned off. I have seen them attenuate to near-invisibility, or become just thin streams that stop a few dozen meters behind the engines, and just as suddenly go from nothing to fire-hose intensity. When the temperature is already close to dewpoint, a razor’s edge away from spontaneously condensing, it doesn’t take much to tip the balance suddenly. All dependent on ambient moisture. In turboprops I have seen prop spirals appear suddenly, and as suddenly disappear. Pretty amazing to have something appear right beside you, outside where you expect there to be nothing but widely spaced air molecules! Due to the distance from the ground, a contrail going from four meters across to half a meter (as seen from the window) can indeed seem to have disappeared, to anyone at ground level who is not using magnification.

  • Jeff Sessions

    The aircraft video seems to show an aircraft possibly executing an emergency fuel dump. Look up “787 fuel dump” to see some additional video shots of aircraft routinely dumping fuel, albeit at altitude. The aircraft appears in descent traveling perpendicular and at a lower altitude than the aircraft from which the video is taken. This may be a further clue that an emergency landing was in progress as other aircraft on approach would have been waved off until the situation was resolved. Fuel dump nozzles are located at either end of the wing tips and in the video at 0:37, it appears (though not definitively) that the plumes originate from the wing tips. Atmospheric conditions as well as lighting could have contributed to the appearance and behavior of the plume.

    • Vinny

      Jeff, you may be right. Either a fuel dump on decent, or they are poisoning people. One or the other; because there is no visible moisture to make the vortices appear that pronounced.

      • Jeff Sessions

        Yep, I’d agree that dumping essentially kerosene into the air would constitute poison if ingested or inhaled in sufficient concentrations.

        • Vinny

          What if the air temperature was well below freezing, any heated chemical (or exhaust)will instantly make a thick cloud.

  • Phi

    I wouldn’t say same polarity setup completely blocks the events.
    It’s just different.

    It’s like throwing small water balloons (solar plasma), at a larger water balloon (the earth).

    If the polarity is opposite, the plasma balloon breaks, and all is inducted into the system.

    If the polarity is the same, the likelihood of the smaller balloon breaking depends on how hard it was thrown.
    The same polarity will compress the earth’s magnetic field, but it’s not hard and stable like a small magnet. It can move around, and even reverse polarity for a short time. Which in this case still burst your bubble?

  • Jeff Sessions

    As to the Bee discussion, according to a Professor of Entomology acquaintance, there are many vectors that scientists are studying and the thoughts are that a number of these vectors are combining and then contributing to beehive colony collapse. There are many vectors: Pesticides of all kinds (specifically the overuse of), new types of parasites, viruses, invasive species such as the Africanized honey bee, electromagnetic energy (primarily from cell towers) and one recent study is the mass transportation of bees across the country.

    The transportation of bees from one part of the country to another for the purposes of pollinating crops has been going on for a long time. However, in the past the bees were transported primarily in an East-West/West-East orientation. Within the past 30 years or so, bees started being shipped in North-South/South-North orientation which seems to contribute to bee colony collapse in those cases. The cause of the collapse in these cases is unknown, but temperature change or changes in the Earth’s magnetic field (disorientation) may play a factor. Beehive colony collapse is a very complex phenomena which needs to be corrected or our food supply will suffer – that is certain. What is causing it – is not so certain.

    There are organizations that exist at state and local levels that you should investigate in order to learn more about bees and how to create an environment around your home that protects, proliferates and strengthens the bees that live around you.

  • Catherine Reed

    Maybe Jeffrey Love will find his way to earthquakes through his work on space weather papers.

    6 months food prep: what does that look like?

    Bees: we have not seen 1 single honey bee on our 10 acre farm out in arkansas this year period.

    Jet plane: moisture.

    Meditation: yep Trevor.

    Ben: we love you and still look to hear more from the others during the fly on the wall. You have a tendency to ask for their input but then start right back on the talk trail leaving them in the silence they seem to exist in ..until finally somebody says something. More balance please…

    • Vinny

      ouch, that hurt.

  • carlos

    Thank you guys..

  • Umbra242

    Not sure if this helps but, given this is a new plane and therefore it’s engines would be the latest in technology in that they have a far greater fuel burn efficiency rate. When this happens there is not much left in exhaust (other than carbons and so forth) other than water vapor. I see this in new furnaces all the time. When I replace an old furnace there is often no hose to a drain or condensate safety mechanism on the exhaust side of the heat exchanger. Any moisture is evacuated via direct exhaust to the outdoors. Newer furnaces have a secondary heat exchanger and 95-98% of the heat produced is not lost to the exhaust leaving greater amounts of water not hot enough to vaporize and condensates. In this scenario it is evacuated via hose to drain.

    One might say these newer airplane engines, burning cleaner, I would guess produce far more water than their predecessors and at certain altitudes will produce visable contrails larger and thicker than older engines???

    Just a thought

  • Justine

    Wow Ben. Loved hearing about the conference. Sometimes I naively state the obvious, but the attention of +/- 200 individuals in that particular venue about “our” SpaceWeather Channel seems extremely important. Aside from the connections and insight, that event alone could have profound effects in the future; You dropped a boulder into the pond.

    Interesting about the power companies. That might explain a conversation I had with a supervisor at PNM. It was back when they were upgrading the electrical infrastructure in downtown Albuquerque a couple years ago.
    I was surprised to find him knowledgeable and in agreement with the effects of solar activity and potential impacts on the grid. Does anyone find that unusual or is it common knowledge to folks in the power industry?

  • sativarg

    LOL I was spell checking and I opened the Firefox context menu to correct some dumb error and no suggestion came close… I clicked what I thought was blank space to close the context menu and D’Oh! I hit a link. I know I know hit escape not a link… lost my stupid work :`( stupid

    if at first you don’t such a seed…
    I remember the first time I saw Dr/ Gibson. I was just letting YouTube pick stuff while I fixed supper. She was being interviewed by a student or some thing and she said something that made me put down what I was doing and snap to attention. Dr. Gibson was the first and only scientist I have ever heard say “we are in Sol’s atmosphere. I even downloaded the video. Vindication is sweet? It was like 2011 or so and I still had a “good” eye to see with. Here is a link: time stamped to the phrase that impressed by so much back then. I vote yes and agree in spirit that the good doctor would be a great contributor to the conference for my own personal reason and yours. So Humanity if it’s available? make it so?

    a few hours ago I had this organized so much better…
    any way
    Emily Sobel Mason is very interesting to me since I have been dreaming of an experiment involving specially “doped” optical fiber, sound waves and high intensity broad spectrum laser light (not the oxymoron it seems to be by the way). If I am correct then it should be available to modulate polarization of dense energy/light that in turn modulates localized depletion zones of space~time surrounding matter. In so doing one should be able to alter/modulate relative motion. IE gravity. I never got up the nerve to send her one of my many emails on the subject… I stared looking to students to whisper my ideas to because the older more seasoned scientist ignore me like the plague. I would never bother her now with this of course but wow her creative crisp imagination and novel approach to things really sets a new standard for the future of her field. I vote, for what it’s worth, that Mrs., and soon to be doctor, Mason would be a real pleasure to hear at the conference. Make it so Humanity?

    RE: bees… May God bless Humanity with the humility to learn to work with Earth and Earth with everything she needs to overcome Humanities mistakes. Make it so Humanity? amen?
    If we give Nature enough to work with regarding bees and the other things we have put at risk with our arrogance in Earth then I believe she will recover. We need to back off and use restraint while we listen and watch carefully what Earth is doing for her own. Too often we react too quickly and with too much force with good intent only to do more harm than good. The truth is we are not wise. Who is wise? What we can do is back off with our chemical warfare against ourselves. When we are mindful and in economy with Earth we know that we are in her and she is in us. Sacred is the dirty little word that I must say regardless of stigma because mindfulness depends on deep meaning and empathy for things that should be set as vital to our existence?. like bees and Earth and air and water and Love…

    QUESTION… how do the magnetic “portals” or lines of connection effect or get effected by the magnetic orientation of a CME? Is it available for us to get meaningful information from the magnetic connection between Earth and Sol that could help us prepare for an incoming solar mass?

    thanks for the great networking in Washington on the behalf of Humanity Ben and thanks to all for the presentation.
    copy to notepad then spell check? LOL
    this time I got a login error but I had a coppy Na! Na!

  • Pistolmorgan

    Contrail my ass! Having worked with research with weather mod research 1998-’03, you have been PSYOPed. 1. contrails do not turn on/off. 2. If it lingers, it was meant to. (apologies F, posted to high on the page.)

  • Caroline5765

    Nice uploads gentlemen. Thank you. My answer to the question would be yes, I can live without power for 6 months and help neighbors to do so too. Smart man at the conference to pose the reality question. While the technology is available use it, but heed the warning to be prepared for when it is not.
    Having a face to face with J. Love did good Ben, as did just being there. I am sure your presence left a mark. Good on you Ben. Keep reaching, you rock! And thank you for representing; sounds like it was exhilarating. Positive thoughts for invitees to head to conference next year.
    I feed my bees in hopes that they thrive and survive without the need to forage 5 miles, stuff out there is very bad news. So far so good. We need bees and insects far more than most folks know. Did I mention I hate money and Monsanto?
    Chemtrails/Contrails controversy- a never ending ‘eyes open affair’ as it goes on and on. Never know which patent is being sprayed, who called for it and why. Sigh.
    As always, gratitude to the gang.

  • William and Debi Fauber

    Would like to hear more from the others, Ben always does 95% of the talking. It maybe as simple as the fly only settles on Ben’s wall. Also Wife says wish you would include a woman in these discussions.

  • David Droescher

    Just had an idea

    The nano particulates.
    1 bad , reflectivity

    2 posable good increasing the conductivity of the upper atmosphere? Like an induction motor. The magnetic fild is reducing on a steep parabolic curve. Also the electric presences is reduced by the same amounts.
    By there polution efforts they are clouding with conducive materials.
    1could the layer pick up and dissipate some of the energy from a CME
    2 or becuas eventually they will and have made it into surface currentsmaking them more conducive. Act as lighting rods proving grounding path ways. For localised high intensity impacts instead of wide spread medium damage. If so they dont understand how big the resulting bolts will be . It will bring new meaning to the finger of god wiping a mid west town off the map.

    2 would /could the nano particulates be fused into larger and larger charged particles like hailstones?

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