FOTW January 7, 2017

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Trevor

Yale Article
Comet Photos
Diamond GPS
Tractor Beam

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  • Caroline5765

    My viewers topic choice; the Comet Pictures. When I first looked at the photos of the Comet I flashed back to a deep water Scuba dive in a cave I once took; like external environment/pressures and internal warding off/resistance created gradient oddity formations on the surface, yet it has it’s own contained life like event interactions, possibly even occurring by an Element not on our chart. Earlier and later photos reminded me of K-cell build up on skin, like an Eczema. Microbial, I see what you were speaking about, looks NOTHING like I would have envisioned. Amazing and intriguing pictures! I bet they stared at, and continue to stare at, these in awe while at work. Diamonds detect things and collect things, my birthstone of action. House full to prove it. Smile.
    Great listed conversation today Gentlemen, these topics always remind me of just how tiny my intelligence still is. Thank you.

  • John Mallary

    I’m really surprised that the comment feature here hasn’t caught on yet… I guess most don’t scroll down and see it. You u mentioned that DL vids had it now but I don’t believe you did for FOTW.

    The seeming interactions between different forms of resonant energy is amazingly basic and fundamental.

    Perhaps taking less complex approaches to how our bodies are effected by external resonances, will be where breakthrough is made.
    Resonant Effect should be a science.

  • Wade F Hutson

    Amazes me that the panel had so little to say concerning your points on your last topic. When I heard the reports about what this fellow had to say to the FBI, alarm bells began blasting in my head…botched false flag event! Last year, I watched a documentary about how a hypnotist took a volunteer and was able to hypnotically convince him to open fire with a pistol at a speaker at a lecture that was set up for the purposes of this experiment. The gun was loaded purposely with blanks, but the subject, when hearing the “key words’, pulled the pistol out of his pocket and indeed opened fire at the speaker without a second thought! The subject has been chosen from a group of volunteers as the most likely candidate to follow a hypnotic suggestion. Otherwise, he was just a normal guy. It’s obvious this can be done. This situation smacks of the scenario you described, Ben. Again, amazed that everyone was SOOOO reluctant to speak on it. We must shed our hesitancy to openly discuss and investigate these things!!

  • Cyril Guthridge

    Very glad to see the comment section now in FOTW.
    Another great show.
    I liked the diamond topic was fascinating for storing data and energy.
    The levitation topic is amazing. How cool is sound, music and the energy they have as well as the affect they have on us. During Holotropic Breath Work listening to the loud tribal music can within 30 seconds of music and breathing can take you so far out into the cosmos, your mothers womb or any other number of past lives. All with music and breathing. Not sure if that makes sense but its very cool.
    False False Flags. Interesting thought.
    Good job boys

  • John

    Great to see a comment section here! I don’t think that many even know that it’s here. We are all used to turning on the audio and looking at the links, while listening. This is great!

  • KittyMac

    Aaah…another reason why diamonds are a girl’s best friend! lol!
    Billy, I think the filament is still there, but just not observable in this 3D realm.
    Trevor, back in the late 80’s or early 90’s I recall reading about that Swedish doctor and his experiments with sound. That’s when I became convinced that this was how the pyramids and many other massive structures from the past were built.
    My older brother in LA has been a whole health practitioner for the better portion of his life; and he’s been using the sound-healing method in his practice for the past 15 years or so, and also does presentations at attunement and health seminars internationally. He uses a combination of tuning forks, bowls, and his own voice in his healing profession.
    It seems that our pheuma/ghost bodies and our physical bodies are actually toruses; and our physical, toric bodies contain crystaline elements.
    If it’s true that ‘the word (sound) is made flesh and dwells among us’, then what could prevent us from creating things out of ‘thin air’/our conscious thoughts?! After all, didn’t the Master say, “Know ye not that ye are gods?” and, “The things that I do, ye shall do also, and even greater…”?! Mankind has been creating things throughout history, and oh, how we’ve cluttered this beautiful planet and its atmosphere! It wouldn’t surprise me if we all woke up one day and realized that all we really need in life is ourselves and each other!
    Thank you all for this excellent and substantive FOTW! Namaste

  • Ryan Harlow

    Ben, I would like to assume that you and the others, and the community, have heard about the idea of using diamonds for energy storage.

    Maybe what you discuss in the video here is not similar to what I am mentioning?

  • Ricky Neff

    There is twelve tribes of Israel, there is twelve zodiacs,
    In revelation there is mentioning of a song the 144,000 will sing to complete the final stages of the “end times”
    It’s an acoustic vibration that only master meditators can perform.
    Does this explain things to you a bit better ben?

  • Eldryn

    At the risk of sounding totally crazy (muahaha) I live by joint base Lewis McChord and there is something that flies over that you can only hear when it passes over you. It’s not really a sound though, more like a vibration when bass is in a car outside, but all encompassing around you, below and above. I always figured it was part of the Olympic Forest EMP testing they wanted to do flying over on the way there and back. Daughter and Husband claim to have seen I have only heard it. Thinking of getting cctv to catch a glimpse. We have a no smoking without your camera rule now. Testing link

    Comet indeed looks like slag from welding or soldering. Neato extreme.

    False Flag guy. Yeah totally odd, If you pull up the false flag bingo board he is all over the place. Could be a “sensitive” person influenced by subliminal messages, programmed, self induced mania, actual ISIS convert, weird stuff planted in his head resurfacing. Everything seen in the news is completely suspect these days.

    Nanu Nanu.

  • David Droescher

    The Comet photos remind me of the “sticky” rock surrounding Las Vegas, NV the section of Lake Mead Bullard that is just outside city limits. The kind of rock that if you fall (from any level) will make you bleed. is a video in this location.
    All but pg24 pic B make me think of this place, Just shot in blackand Wight. The hole mountain range looks this way. Ive hiked to the peek on both sides of the hiway.

  • American Nurse

    Christ said that it isn’t what goes into the mouth that defiles…but what comes out. Words are very powerful

  • Hemhoci

    About the situation in with the airport. I have done some research concerning Mk Ultra. Now I am no way saying that this was Mk Ultra. There is to much unaccountable evidence to make any heads or tails. I do agree with Ben about if this incident was by product of the C.I.A. influence. We would probably not get that part of the story. I am somewhat intrigued.

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