FOTW February 22, 2020

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  • Vinny

    Hey y’all,
    On the 19th, of February, we had a case of sudden death for an very unlucky woman passenger on a KLM flight 808 over the north pole in a barely KP 5 level event.
    Not a good place to be in a solar storm (near the pole, at high altitude). The death is the 11th in the sky (during solar activity) in past year and a half.

  • sativarg

    Dear community, Dear Human Unity…
    I see how the Earth could have formed in one or more ways that main stream science would not have been able to understand, given the inadequate perspective from where they have been observing and imagining it.

    We now know that electricity is driving things planetary, Galactic and Universal. So, I can forgive the penguins and other indoctrinated Doctors their blinders and stubborn dogma. Can you see how magnetic and charge and storm like plasma forces could have built our planet in more powerful and dynamic and rapid ways? I can! and it is exciting to know some of the observers who now have the perspective to see all this as well.
    Thank you all for insight and perspective updates; thanks for reading and be safe…

  • Vinny

    About the Greening:
    I think we have more greening from more precipitation, from more radiation ionizing the clouds.
    The mississippi river is overflowing, the great lakes are near record highs, and the sea of galilee in Israel is almost full as well
    – and that never happens. Stuff don’t grow without water. Also, more people are prepping/farming , but professional farmers are having harder time planting in floods with no scuba gear. And planting in droughts is not fun at all/easier either.
    So I think it’s not a global phenomenon because of increasing farming from global warming, It’s a global occurrence from more water in certain places.

  • Chris

    The image of Ben imagining the mind of a squirrel, burrowing 100 feet deep, nearly killed me!

  • sativarg

    RE: 15:06 and Humanities best friend…
    Yes, dogs… and gods and us?
    Given what we are finding about dogs and us, could you imagine other creatures in Earth who may have been partners with Humanity in ages past; cycles of Humanity in Earth?

    I can see Cetaceans and Elephants and perhaps forms long gone now as potential symbiotic members of our Earthling family.

    Great one Ben… I am my late Pepper say thank you.

  • sativarg

    RE a post I made in error that is awaiting moderation…
    one about seeds…
    I was not listening obviously and my imagination bent things again…
    Ooops… I heard wrong and my bad.
    Please disregard and forgive my mistake?
    Of course you guys made no mistake and I jumped on a phantom of my own making.

  • michael.dick

    I disagree with you folks. The SSP is very well developed. Intergalactic.

    • Suprafilan

      dr Walter Russell has explained the electric process of stars and planets to moons… it’s practical when you apply his laws of motion. it’s brilliant work and it explains so so so much of what this group talks about… MSS theories are on a daily proven wrong… Russellian cosmology fits to what we are observing and discovering .. all matter is exploding. exploding is a normal aging process. it’s just that a tree explodes slowly over hundreds of years . we see everything and measure everything relatively… if you speed the life cycle of the tree to a few seconds you would see and hear the explosional life of that tree…. so all matter is exploding.. the sun explodes continuous through our eyes but on its scale of existence , there’s periodically stages and cycles to its growth… Nova ever 12 k years is the measure of its existence right now in its wave… every motion in its wave is losing the ability to compress electrically to it’s death

  • Vinny

    What happens when the drones are flying and an extreme solar storm hits?
    Anyone gonna sell titanium umbrellas in jetson land?

  • Charles

    Covert Dark Theory … AKA “The Dark Forest Theory”, summed up in a neat one page story…
    Don’t read that right before bedtime…

    Anyways, as far as the great filter, Mother Earth kicks us out of the house every 12,000 years or so. Its a hint, we’re old enough to fix up the old Chevy and move out into a home away from the cradle. Some have chosen to move into the basement. Personally, I think we should reach for the stars… or at least build O’Neill colonies inside hollowed out asteroids so we don’t get clobbered by a micro nova. There are many thousands of large asteroids out there, that is 50 miles across or larger.

    An asteroid environment during and after a micro nova and crustal shift seems like it would be MUCH easier to survive.

    … we have the knowledge/technology, its published in freely available books. I’ve read a few of those books, we can do this easily.

    • Archytype

      I’m not on Redit and can’t be invited to read your link…. please post again, thanks.

  • RoxanneSumners

    Randall: “Could there have been a solar factor? I think that’s very plausible…” newest Kosmographia, Feb 22 😎

  • sativarg

    Send a copy of first editions signed and notarized to as many controversial figures as you can… every president of Earths nations that is receiving… every leader good and bad who is not in prison or other wise tied up?

    give it to institutions of lower indoctrination, sent one up to the ISS… get one shot to the moon and OH, I forgot you need to sell them.
    My bad
    bury one under the guide stone live on YouTube?

  • Suprafilan

    biological mutations and adaptations occurr each solar cycle ( Nova) event… ever 12.5 k years more or less the life on this planet is stressed to adapt . Neanderthal were not dumb unintelligent beings, but advanced and for the most part parented homosapiens youth stages during the changes. each Nova event pushes earths orbit further out.. each planet is pushed proportionally as well.. the sun is now hitting perfected maturity in its life cycle.. it’s at 90 amplitude in its wave . most of everything I’m writings is speculative. but also i think there’s evidence in all of it… do you guys ever apply any of suspicious observers work with Walter Russell’s cosmology, it ties together more than people can know. IV never posted anything before and just had these thoughts on my mind tonight. love this community. thanks everyone

  • sativarg

    RE: this mornings news, observation caught by Mr. Davidson and “gravity”
    I have another theory, If I am correct then all matter and dense energy is absorbing empty space as it accelerates outwards. If this is true then I expect to see bow shock or ripples like seen in front of a body moving over and through water… but in all directions. Science has found these in a classic experiment and misinterpreted it.
    … if you look just right at defuse light source between two fingers brought together just right you can see the dark lines that I say is and interference pattern of those bow waves effecting light.

    When the Moon is in or near full eclipse with the sun then we can see the lines of the same bow waves on the ground in all manner of shadows.

    Gravity is not a force but it the accelerating expansion of matter into less dense energy… in my estimation.

    But When matter absorbs emptiness the result is a depletion zone of emptiness surrounding all matter. There is a lag time there that we have learned to exploit… Nature and evolution learned it in flying creatures that use special surfaces to alter the way air moves over one surface… that same lag time modulates the depletion of emptiness on one surface so that lift is achieved. Now if we apply this to any mass by modulating the absorption of emptiness correctly then we can overcome “gravity” efficiently because we understand what is going on. Magnetism is simply matter having been organized so that all the packets of dense energy are aligned and absorbing emptiness in the same direction… thus relative acceleration.

    Electrons or the packets of dense energy they represent find in the bow waves of the nucleus stable states to reside in… see?

    Planets find such places inside Sol as well… perhaps?

    thanks for reading

  • sativarg

    Ooops my bad
    I used to many links I bet and my post was blocked so here
    RE the citations and a Firefox plugin…
    I use “Link Text and Location Copier – Add-ons for Firefox —
    I used it to get this link…
    I can copy in the page or from any link of the page, the page title and location in several formats.

    hope this is a help


    In my early studies in the late 60’s there was this crazy statement that the Sarah was new .. a few desert. That has stayed with me forever… I will try to qualify that

  • sativarg

    Dear Tuomo Leppänen ,
    52 subscribers…
    I wager this number is rising even now.
    Thank you for your Observation and contribution.

    I hope we hear more from you and that you always are blessed with everything you need to achieve your greatest potentials.

  • sativarg

    One more thing…
    “net surplus of energy into the Earth system. Most of the extra energy ends up being stored as heat in the ocean and the remainder warms the atmosphere and land, and melts snow and ice. As a …”
    How many here recognize the quote?
    Is it true?
    the writer is referring to Solar energy and what happens to it in Earth.
    I say that some of the energy from Sol becomes potential energy in the form of Plant and animal tissue… in fact a considerable amount does?

    Writing like this is not worthy, serious science. To leave all life out of the Earth’s equation is typical for main stream science as it focuses on an agenda of blaming Humanity for all manner of ills. How much energy from Sol becomes life?
    I searched for a statistic for a little while and did not yet find one.
    === Environment for Kids: Biomass Energy — ===
    Biomass has energy stored in it from the sun. Plants get energy from the sun through a process called photosynthesis. Animals get their energy indirectly from the sun by eating plants.
    === ===

    So how much of the equation eluded to in the first quote ends up as biomass…
    Owl: “CRUNCH!
    The world may never know…”

    the first quote that I find miserable came from… svs>gsfc>nasa
    CERES Radiation Balance article
    Never A Straight Answer or Dogma Dedicated to Human Exploitation… DDHE?

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    From:Why is there any matter in the universe at all? New Sussex study sheds light : News : University of Sussex —
    “…instruments that have been used up until now, so some theories that attempted to explain the excess of matter have become less likely. The mystery therefore remains, for the time being….”

    Owl: “Crunch, the world may never know…”

    What if matter exists because our Universe was born that way and not the result of any kind of pang?

    I have been leaning towards the theory that Universes are born, created, result from various behaviors of states of being and or all of the above.

    In the case of our current Universe I believe it budded off a mature universe as energy density accumulated to leveled high enough to form it’s own surface tension. An oversimplification would look much like a hydra bud achieving it’s own separate existence… see?

    But the article is full of promise for understanding the nature of Nature… Imagine a neutron in my model of matter that describes gravity as being accelerating expansion. The neutron would be a package of other packages of energy in a stable state that expands outwards accelerating in all directions at the same rate. Not just one particle but a sort of cluster or conglomeration of smaller packets of dense energy.

    thanks for reading my theories and for the great links

  • Kane1331

    Rockets have been outdated for a hundred years. The last age of man was past rocketry. They won’t be known as sergeant but we have been to all the planets without rockets. Our visitors don’t use rockets and we have attained many of their ships. Don’t be naive.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Alex Jones, about a week ago, interviewed the paid Dr.-Detective whose job it is to investigate bio-warfare threats, and that Dr. – I can’t recall or locate his name easily right now – did research and found that a Chinese virologist from the Wuhan P4 facility participated in the development of one coronavirus at the Chapel Hill UNC facility in ca. 2012, and then a Wuhan P4 scientist participated in development of a different HIV virus in Australia in 2015, and both of these viruses are components of the new COVID-19 viral molecule, which was recently developed at the P4 lab for conjectured (by Jones and his interviewee) motives of regaining possession of Taiwan and/or perhaps moving the NW border with Russia a little further NW so that China will have room for its growing populaiton. So, according to this Dr. and Alex Jones, it was a bio-weapon against Taiwan and/or Russia that was not being deployed, merely developed, and somehow got out of the lab due to a non-hermetic situation with containment, and got to the Wuhan live mean market about 200 yards away, in about October 2019. Again, latency period is up until 90 days, according to most recent research. China has a problem with cosmic rays because of low magnetosphere strength off the coast near Wuhan starting November 2019 or so, as recorded by one of MavStar’s machines, so it’s no wonder that when businessmen first got it in January 2020, they fell down in a faint on the street in their business suits because it had a cardiac effect for them – normal with the poor magnetism currently in Wuhan… and I do not know if these ones died right away, but remember the images I was seeing when I first learned of this plague around Jan. 24. The cardiac effect was due to a water and sodium imbalance that the virus caused, leading to sudden hypertension and collapse, and that was probably aggravated by the magnetic anomaly. Just because we are not dropping dead does not mean we are not carrying it. We would not find out right away. But, even with its origin in multi=national bio-weapon research and less-than-perfect bio-hazard containment in the Wuhan p4, it is clearly part of a filter event that would happen anyhow. I personally believe that all people who have survived so far can get past this filter event without dying as long as we adapt to the new norm that such an accident of infection and transmission represents… the fact that we truly are on the verge of the great filter, and, see what in our individual lives will help ourselves and the species live through it.. not to be selfish, greedy, or egotistic, is the first step. That is my belief. It may not sound scientific, but rectifying character traits affects human EMF and pheromone emissions, and could have a good effect on the whole situation. In other words, I think that practice of ethics and morals changes how each human individual affects his world in electromagnetic and invisible airborne chemical emissions. It is not just some Bible-quoter’s mystery about ‘be good and the Universe will respond in kine’. I think that scientifically measurable mechanisms showing HOW being good can bring a better outcome, could be identified by someone who has the expertise to set up the right experiments.

    So, the situation could be considered Hyper-dimensional. It can be scientifically assessed, but, we as humans can also affect it by the level of our ethical and moral commitments and practice.

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