FOTW February 11, 2017

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  • tcleckner

    Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

  • Caroline5765

    Great to hear David in tow for another FOTW again. The podcast that he, Trevor and Rolf did was fantastic! It is game up for the GW crowd.
    I have constantly said finish repairing and reinstate Ellis Island, if they want in this country bad enough they will do what is/was required now/back then to be a citizen and their efforts to do so will be more appreciated by more Americans.
    As always another handful of interesting picks Ben! So much to choose from, you pick a very nice selection each week!
    Off the cuff and for the smile- tell Kat every time my son Ben comes over he wants to rock KAT’s Birthday song I sent her on the YT daily; while he likes the turbo-turtle he thinks the martians at the end are the coolest. Hope you all make it a great weekend. Kind regards.

  • Wade Hutson

    It is really gratifying to me that, with one notable exception, you guys so clearly see the political situation for what it is and the implications it holds.

  • Wade Hutson

    The chickens are coming home to roost for the radical Global Warming crowd.

  • Alice Foster

    Another excellent FOTW, as always. Looking forward very much to OTF!

  • hunaforlife

    Helen V Bangs-Weygand, founder of Mind Psi Biotics, used to include information in her classes that she received from talks with the Apollo astronauts … they told her that once their spacecraft passed through the first band of energy surrounding our planet which is located between the earth and our moon, they experienced telepathy with the beings that were pacing them. Those beings told them that if we pursued our present course of nuclear power that we would self destruct.

  • Johnathan Jones

    As usual the G W crowd is clueless to the fact that the Earth has a self adjusting cooling system that picks up the slack the radiative cooling rate can’t. Runaway albedo sequesters water into ice taking it out of the planetary cooling system, so it is self limiting. Water, the planetary refrigerant of Earth, carries heat off the surface to the upper atmosphere as heat heats it. Do they think trillions of gallons of water at 80 thousand feet lifted up by heat is going to come down warm? No , atmosphere is rivers of ice ,snow and rain are actually heat driven events since, unheated water lives at sea level.

  • hhdropbaud

    I wonder if Billy could trap electricity in a magnetic field with the plasma experiment…and if so, if it’s a noticeable amount.. might get something like a Plasma ( Magnetic ) battery, or if it would just have major EMF bleed off.

  • bleedingfingers

    Currently going through the back catalogue as I only joined earlier this year. Absolutely brilliant info.

    The main point, and the only time I’ve heard it mentioned, is the total correlation between the time we started to harness electricity and the start of our diminishing magnetic field/magnetic reversal. If you look at the time line for our magnetic field it recovers slightly around the time of WW2. Just think how much of a reduction in electricity there must have been during this time. The huge German industry flattened, power wiped out right across Europe, and even just regular blackouts.
    Then, after the war, the increase in manufacture, growing population, growing tech, the magnetic field reduction really increased.

    You said it, we’re steeling energy from our own protective magnetic field. How many other civilizations did the same thing leading to their own destruction.

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