FOTW December 26, 2020

– Solar Current Sheet Forcing, and More:

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  • Brad

    Join facebooks replacement a conservative version go to and sign up.

    • Vinny

      Thanks Brad

  • Charles

    At least half of everything Adrian has said today has dropped his credibility deeper into the crapper. Dude, go be a black-pilled doomer somewhere else. Your channel is already ridiculous as well… and I am a proponent of ETIs being here on our world.

    Historically, betting against Donald Trump is a great way to lose, and lose big.

    The military have all taken oaths to protect and preserve the US Constitution. This is the path Donal Trump and all of his lawsuits also follow.
    The military will never support Beijing Biden. If you have seen ANY of the recent public statements from US military generals, they have all re-affirmed their oaths to the constitution.

    Everything DJT has done is to show the world and the military that all other possible paths of recourse have failed.

    Expect some fireworks in January, it will be glorious.

    Ben, be careful about catching rainwater in Colorado. The communist state of Colorado purports to own the rain that falls on your property. They will harass you, fine you, and possibly arrest you for capturing it.

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    There is something I do not understand. I could understand avoiding using the word Ivermectin in YouTube where one is instantly sanctioned for using that word but this is a private community. Why do you not talk about Ivermectin here?

    Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 may or may not be the cause of what is called COVID-19 but one thing is scientifically proven… Ivermectin stops people who are exposed to the suspected cause from getting sick. Even people who show symptoms and test positive who receive Ivermectin are far less likely to get badly sick and die. The people in the few countries who were given Ivermectin are far less likely to die or even get sick. So, why? Why not mention the FLCCC Alliance and the protocols proven to stop mass murder?
    Have a blessed new year and please search
    Ivermectin Doxycycline Azithromycin “vitamin D” Zinc at DuckDuckGo —

    to learn more about the FLCCC Alliance and Ivermectin
    thank you

  • sativarg

    continued at 43:45 and Jesus put back an ear…
    Well, Mr. Davidson, Great ones had mercy
    Grace from a greater perspective provides?
    in those times who knows what one will do?
    Mahatma Gandhi is said to have forgiven his killer and Jesus forgave all of us. Judas took the silver… or so the story goes.
    Some thing happens to some of us some of the time that we can not explain. When in spirit or when for armed with spirit, in my experience, we are all capable of miracles or their equivalent. Once I was approached by a group of gang members in county jail who wanted to butt fuck a young man in my group. All the sudden I was inspired to redirect the would be assailants to taking care of a wounded member of theirs. It was me scared shitless but grounded in spirit in the moment. From then on things were much better for both sides and me as well… I hope I can be so blessed again when the time comes.
    … back to listening…
    There was some presenter talking this morning about the election fraud. He talked about how we need to keep trying and how it was like when a foot ball official is corrupt… you just have to accept it and try to win the next game. I say No! this is Earth we are risking here! our planet at risk not some stupid game! That sort of sports attitude is the very entrainment/entertainment that works to keep us in line and under control! But when every one… I mean every one else is playing ganes then what the Hell is there to do? Every one is identifying with the roles they have been programmed to play… by identifying they become players in a game and they protect the role and the game beyond all reason? It is so much behavioral psychology at work.
    … listening…
    I like the idea of the community camp or settlement. But I think you should consider raising your own flag. At least consider making your own currency… if not right away then have both a flag and currency in the works?
    I have no illusion of inclusion… LOL a blind old man? LOL
    an old Harper, harping on truth Earth and how Sol is alive?
    LOL …

    thanks for the great inspiring conversation all.

  • Allenvaughan

    Ben, I was so proud of you when you said, “Son, your hands are kinda shaky, be sure to aim straight for my heart.” You are so right that we are one step from getting on the trains.

    There are some of us in Georgia that would love to have a southeast Observer Ranch Extention

    • Randrat

      Yes I too am interested in a Georgia extension. Somewhere near the highest peak in Georgia. That being brasstown bald.

  • Edward Rutland

    God bless you Ben and your precious family and your precious leadership ❤️

  • Edward Rutland

    Ben, Andrew Hall’s series on earth crustal electrical discharge seems perfectly correlated to your work.
    Ned Rutland

  • Michael Durfee

    In regards to your broader discussion on the last 30 or so days of seismic quiescence as well as flaring from the sun. This quiet from our normal 14 day interval of 7.0s is very peculiar because it has always been very regular. We did have that one in Alaska a few weeks back, but nothing of equal magnitude for a while now. I’m thinking a year and a half–two years now? That interval has been in the months.

    We do see the dips in the paleomagnetic intensity record at the half of the 12,000 year cycle. Very cool. Correlating other well known indicators (earthquakes and volcanic activity) with these cycles might tell us a little more about what the forecast is going to be.

    Even though the sunspots we’ve seen so far are not as apt to flare (compared to a month or so ago), we are indeed seeing the number rise. I’ve noticed that they have been largely on the southern hemisphere, at least the ones that have umbra. Maybe when we start to see this seismic quiescence subside, or at least come back in a normal interval of 7.0s, will it be when we start to see spots and flares develop on the northern hemisphere of the sun? Can we start to say there has been a regular occurrence of 6.0 earthquakes compared to a year or two ago (at the end of cycle 24)?

    Cyril’s question about nukes being able to generate earthquakes made me think of the 1971 underground detonation they filmed out on Amchitka Island, AK. It’s a very through scale experiment and also entertaining. There’s an interesting rabbit hole down our “Operation Plumbob” tests we did down in southwest during the late 50s as well.

    We just dodged a bullet with Kilauea last week not being a large seismic uptick. Because the Peutro Rican trench, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, La Palma or elsewhere; all locations that should be very closely monitored from this point on. I mean the 1964 “Good Friday” earthquake in Alaska had a tsunami generated from an underwater landslide. Right on that grand conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn too; oddly enough. Jeeze…poor Adrian got the 5G there something fierce somewhere around 5:00 in. Those technical difficulties like to come and go without ending the entire session. That’s kind of weird.

    Comparing the half-cycles of magnetic field flux to the full cycles I think is very interesting and important line of inquiry. These are the cycles we need to be concerned about. Not our own election cycles. We are indeed an actor in the stability and climate of the planet, but the sun is as well. What happens to electricity during its full and half cycle? There is a time where the voltage is higher than the amperage. But there is also a time where the amperage is higher than the voltage. Where is the pressure building? Which effects do we see occurring to our lithosphere? Our cycles are magnetic and infinite, it is these cycles are finite. Gotta figure out where they’re going.

  • Billy Rogers

    Hi Ben Whstever happens by quake wave shake or shine it will not be an accident Brother just like our lives. By The Way my wife is from Beijing ghe communists where more than despicable. Unlike your comment about P.C. I’ll tell you straight up as soon as I know anything else. Love you Ben. I missed you in OKC In my search for Real Truth your honest research has revealed things and I thank God for you and your seeing is believing. Logic I’m j.. Thanks Ben stop calling me out fir mucky mousing around.I deserved that that comment and Thanks for pushing me on that concept Its just that I was thinking of velocity when you reported it.Im not blaming you though I’m thanking you !.

  • Eva

    I would like to counteract the negative comment about Adrian with a positive one. Adrian is awesome!!!!! He has the guts and intelligence to think outside the box which is refreshing to see in a young person. Ben also thinks outside the box and I for one admire them and the rest of the team. Cyril asks questions I would ask and I love that! Happy new year observers!

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