FOTW August 15, 2020

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  • Fred Jones

    This was a good show, Ice Age, Hemp Plastic, Magnetic Reversal, Humans eating Humans, Death Stars and sperm. Thank you for the show


      If the sun miro nova correlate with pole reversal, do all the planets poles reverse simultaneously?

  • olduglycarl

    From what I have vetted, so far, and what I have observed…this video may be one of the most important videos of this sort, to listen to.
    This girl went on her own and is not a shill for Infowars or AJ.
    This material is way to detailed and consistent compared to anything AJ has ever put out…so put the association out of you head.

    Listen/watch/then pay attention…lets see how much is revealed in the Durham Report; after all, the President remarked that it is: Horrific!

    Would really make great discussion on FOTW.

  • Vinny

    All of the mainstream news agencies have played a part in destroying America – some slower than others. About 3 years ago , they actually started not telling us certain news global news stories. I have repeatedly sent 2 people in fox news (breaking news information) with an attachment saying if you have and honesty and courage you would run this story – and the stories never get told.
    Without a doubt, we are being screwed by all mainstream news agencies now.

  • Katz
  • Norton

    It would be cool to have a couple of Elon’s boring machines.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H Sounds like you got an ad hominem comment re. whatever you said about the 2 sun-diving comets… and I think ad hominem attacks are a symptom of the cogniiive decline we can expect with the decrease of the magnetosphere… it is a health symptom of that commenter, and given that the magnetosphere will be going down increasingy fast, we can all expect to receive ad hominem attacks whether it is about space weather media posts or home management woes, things we can’t handle right, or weether it is about bringing home the wrong flavoe of ice cream or for men turning up the brim of the hat on the wrong side… we need, now, an extra dose of patience and goodness, because everyone is likely to go crazy and part of that is to develop crankiness and paranoia and lam into others, whether they are family, rriends, or distant online contacts, for no reason at all…

    • Michael Durfee

      Because after all ridiculing or shifting blame to another scientist is no way to falseify a hypothesis. But its par for the course for this Fleck character.

  • sativarg

    feedback: Sativarg’s gravitas
    at time frame 13:38 of 1:04:54 and magnetic noise and protein folding…
    If magnetism is so important to how molecules form then should not science and or medicine study how magnetic waves effect protein synthesis?
    Or has this been done already? Yes of course it has: Magnetism of tryptophan and walk memory of proteins – Matters —
    But has the focus been on Health Effects? Have the studies been independent of interests, bias and or funding?

    RE: magnetism, gravity and Creation…
    Word, Breath, Sound, cycles… could all be symptoms of Creation in action. Even what we call gravity could be due to the way things are. If all density seeks equilibrium in our Universe then all matter should absorb emptiness as it expands at an acceleration proportional to its density. Gravity could be a symptom of such expansion. Magnetism could happen when matter is organized in a way that would result in more absorption of emptiness from a given direction. On the very small scale packets of dense energy like protons and neutrons combined in a molecules nucleus expand into each other so closely that there is very little emptiness where they are closest and thus separating them is very energy intensive?
    Any body organized to absorb emptiness monodirectionally and that is free to move may be effected by the availability of emptiness by orientation and motion. Iron filings on paper above a bar magnet could be orienting according to zones of greater emptiness and the movement of that emptiness?

    … back to listening…
    32:55 Plastic, irony and oil…
    Why are the vast majority of plasticizers also endocrine disruptors?
    Why do we not have Hemp and or good plastics? answer: Oil Industrial cabal.
    Irony… plasticizing chemicals are causing Human fertility to drop dramatically and they are in most of our food packaging??? coincidence?
    … listening…

    1:00:07 protection from micro-nova…
    Could there have been a civilization in Earth who tried? Could the Moon of Earth be part of such a protection system?
    If some peoples did try and build a system to protect Earth from Sol’s life cycle e extremes then perhaps it is still working and that is why Earth has any Human beings surviving past any such solar event?
    Are there any features of Luna that may be an indication of an ability to moderate electrical and or plasma events? huge towers or antenna sticking up like lightening rods?
    Is there any evidence that Luna is a construct? size, location, relationships with Earth and Sol…
    Is there evidence that Luna has intercepted Sol’s outbursts?
    could Adams Calendar or South Africa’s Blaauboschkraal be some sort of construct that functions in coordination with Deep Earth structures reaching to Earth’s core… or could Blaauboschkraal be symptomatic of plasma discharging into Earths core through such structures? Could The structures under south Africa draw in and discharge much of Sol’s worst fury?
    How about that, Anthony Peratt?
    … back to listening…
    sativarg over and out there somewhere…

  • Soryo

    Hi guys I can’t seem to see the forums I get a empty page.

    My question is about the the frozen trees from Norway with no tree rings. I can’t find any info on this when I search.

    Would like to see a video just on the for a 90 degree tilt. Not the crust displacement but fossils ect.

    If the earth really does tilt 90 degrees that would put the uk in the tropics no?

  • Curtis loew

    Great Session guys.. lots of food for thought. Have you ever wondered, what the ancient human societies went through…before the previous cataclysms obliterated them? Would there have been people like us, awake and aware, watching with incredulity as the so called leaders descend into a self delusional hell.
    Were there people who just quietly snuck away, underground or places of relative safety with their interpretation of what was happening in their society before it all ended?

    • Cyril Guthridge

      i think about this all the time.

  • Chalmer

    If a cosmic reset IS coming in a few decades than nothing is worth any amount of personal consideration except developing and implementing means for survival. All these human caused wrongs in human society will be resolved as a result! Focus is what is needed because like in war, fighting on multiple fronts can be overwhelming and deadly!

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