FOTW April 8, 2017

Hey folks, since it is conference weekend, there won’t be a recording, but there are some things developing that are worth taking time to go through.

First, if you haven’t read the new papers, you can find part 1 here, and part 2 here. These are the papers that would have gone into the new edition of NCGT, but which would then be paywalled due to the new commercial policies of NCGT. From now on, I’ll just be publishing directly to you. If you have questions about the papers, please post them below (but please make sure you are clear about which part of the paper you are discussing so we can respond appropriately.

Next, would you believe the USGS fired the next shot to break the silence of this quasi-truce? Technically, the fired it before the battle between Love and I ever began (see first link here) but it just landed on March 29th, 2017 with the help of a Freedom of Information Act Request. Dr. Michael Blanpied (USGS) had interacted with this past summer, and reached out to us earlier in March about He presented himself as unfamiliar with us and encouraged me to publish the papers you can read above… but he is much more than he seems.

Post comments and questions about the Blanpied interactions below as well. Enjoy the reading, and please let me know about any editorial mistakes 🙂 you are the new peer reviewers.

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  • Star 0bserver

    Excellent read! Enjoy the conference 0bservers!

  • Catherine MacDonald

    Thanks for sharing your correspondence w/Dr.Blanpied with us, Ben. Excellent!
    I ran across just a couple of typos so far. One is in the Second section, second paragraph which begins: “Are you playing some kind of game?” I believe you meant the word ‘torturous’ instead of ‘tortious’; and in the last paragraph of the last section: “Isn’t is possible I saw something…”, ‘is’ should be ‘it’.
    May the Conference go exceptionally well all weekend! 😉

  • Caroline5765

    Hello to you Catherine! I could be wrong but I think Ben did mean tortious. It is a legal term (obviously he is well vested in legal-ease) and basically means wrongful conduct or intentional interference with to cause… were it not for my little legal background I would have thought the same thing. 🙂 Guess we both missed out on the conference but with them in spirit! 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend too! Kind regards.

    • Catherine MacDonald

      Thanks for the correction, Caroline. I didn’t even venture to think that there could be such a word as ‘tortious’, LOL! Leave it to the so-called professionals to make up new Scrabble words. 😉 Happy Springtime to you, dear Caroline!

  • kirk stalcup

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the informative read.I did find a couple of typos. They are both on the second page, third paragraph. First sentence should read `me and my business’, and in the following sentence there should be a comma after the word ‘paper’. Thanks again for all that you do for us.

  • Lee Hawthorne

    Hi Ben I my opinion you may be going about this the wrong way. These ol-boys don’t want you swimming in there pool. They have a cozy government over paid hot tub job. It’s most likely full of waste and slime and these guys feel like if they help you ( which is probably in there job description ) this will give you the respect they crave for there own ego’s and then you could cash in on there lack of vision. Having the door slammed in your face is a pisser and it looks to me like your throwing eggs at the door. Call a pool cleaner America has a new one. Get a famous crazy to tell the story and one who has the pool cleaners number. The potential for saving lives here should not be ignored, maybe you might try Infowars as Alex I think has the new pool cleaner Trumps number. I know sounds crazy and I only watch infowars when there is a guest on I want to hear, Alex gets a little overboard with hes views. Just a random brain wave. Hope the get gathering of the observers is going good looking forward to hearing all about it. Thanks for the epiphany’s

  • Counselorgimber

    It never ceases to amaze how much resistance you have run into. I hold a Philosophy degree, an area that gave birth to the scientific method. Even though I may not be as solid in Math/Science like some in these forums, ignoring any pattern seems foolish. What do they have to worry about if this information could only be of help? Following your YouTube channel rekindled an interest that I dropped due to an apparent lack of risk to challenge a paradigm. Where would science be without taking the risks that it did before? Now I find excitement over where the scientific community could go now in light of what you and others have published. I am glad to be part of this growing community, waking up, looking to the horizon with “eyes open, no fear.” You should be proud, as I am sure we all could say about ourselves for our willingness to work with you. Most importantly, you have created a tool for us to broaden our knowledge, as well as feeling able to prepare for what Earth and Sun does in future cycles. Thank you!


      WELL SAID! Like The Dog Eat Dog to get my next Pay grade or promotion and my one month a year vacation time. How bigitous
      and on the backs of the American tax payer. Instead of being a humble servant its something like just go to work all for the chain of command and unkind spirit that many have. I don’t know why they are so pretentious like that but oh well let them wallow in their misery… No offence or malice just an observation.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Hi Ben,

    Here’s some additional minor edits for Forecasting Significant Earthquakes part 1 paper:

    p. 6, first paragraph/Figure 8 Caption, third sentence: make ‘earthquakes’ singular: earthquake

    p. 8, in paragraph titled “Deviations from Standard Blot-forecasting,” third line: insert ‘to’ before the word ‘follow” (needs an infinitive)

    p. 8, the last sentence in paragraph titled “Beyond Historical Large-Event Statistics” is very long. I had to re-read it to make sure I understood all clauses and parenthetical. The information would be clearer spread over two sentences.

    Congratulations to all who contributed to these two latest remarkable research papers!

  • richard

    Have a great weekend folks

  • Ricky Neff

    I would like to see the FOIA docs

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