FOTW April 6, 2019

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  • Michael

    thanks so much. I really like the putting of these puzzles together. 4′ snow banks are now 1′ tall and grass is peaking through here in northern NH. I’m so over winter.

  • Susan-Loyd

    Thank you for another wonderful fotw. I live in Laguna Niguel, California. It is beautiful, warm and wearing shorts taking a hike and walking to the local farmers market . ( Ben just so you know Orange County is very different from LA ) Irvine was named One of the safest cities in United States and Loma Linda is in the blue zone for people living past one hundred. Earthquakes are always on our mind . But very good building codes and awareness of surroundings keep most of us from stressing about it. I have great great grandparents that have been in San Jose California I grew up here and my parents. It is fantastic. You might want to check it out. Huntington Beach , Irvine , Alisa Viejo, Dana point, Coto de Caza, LN and parts of San Diego. And for the mind body connection you might want to check out Dr. Joe dispenza he has wonderful books and meditations. Thank you again.

  • epeeb1

    As to earthquakes , I have heard that they happen a lot more often around Frac operations for oil Recovery …Oklahoma just vibrates now ,,,Alberta has had some activity lately also (?)

  • Deriv

    A lot of great discussions here today, thanks guys! Especially liked the I AM HAARP visualization discussion and that last bit you had Ben about the outgassing of comets, planets, stars, etc… Thanks again for another great FOTW! Oh and by the way, here in the Salt Lake Valley, spring has certainly sprung! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • KittyMac

    Good show, guys! Thanks! I like the new FOTW logo on the screen, too! Is that Xaviar’s work?
    Colorado?! Has Kat gotten bored with the NM environment already?
    Hoping you all enjoy a great week! โ˜€โ™กโ˜€

  • Michael Meier

    Ken Wheeler has a bunch of videos with his concept of the nature of magnetism, electricity, and light. His youtube is ”
    Theoria Apophasis” . The ferro cell videos are awesome and he has a free ebook on magnetism. Check it out, he has interesting ideas.

  • Billy Rogers

    A quantum bouncy house comes to mind or action at a distance still not quite what he said maybe like murphys universal law? Thanks gentlemen good topic

  • David Droescher

    12:45 what did the leadup to St Hellens look like ? Any moddest to big shakers(not the observed magma movements) , allowing/ opening new magma pathways?

    Juan de Fuca plate
    Central Washington University geology department has this playlist.
    They go into great detail about the Pacific Northwest and the reason you see the brakes stop at the Oregon Washington border is this the location of a jog the fault boundary( is now underneath the Cascade mountain range) the Farallon plate has since moved under

  • David Droescher

    X’s manifest destiny
    If you dont know what you want then you get what the lottery system picks out of the hat….

    Memorizing/ nightly mind dump.
    The lymbic system handles this non-conscious function the more important things are shuffled forward to the prefrontal cortex. Combat PTSD is when the wires get crossed and too much information is passed forward with the instruction that a strategy must be consciously developed to maintain survival

  • David Droescher

    Super flair/ micronova
    The star has been refered to as a large capacitor. The devastation caused by a capacitor failure depends on the level of overdrive, how much and how fast.

  • Canamla

    First time comment! So, regarding the auras thing, I’ve gone from thinking it was bogus, to learning about kirlian photography and the electrical nature of everything. While I don’t believe in the whole “your aura is gold with some green” thing, I do have some experience of my own to share. I’ve got four things, so bare with me.
    1.) Sleep deprivation. I know it’s a state we are more likely to hallucinate things, but I was up for over a day and meditating/gazing at a quartz crystal. After some time I noticed a fuzzy, translucent glow of violet around the object. Shocked, I took to my copper pendulum and gazed at it. After some time, and motion, I noticed little feathery wisps of white substance “lick” in and out of existence, licking at the pendulum as if being the force behind its movement. I have not attempted to replicate this because sleep deprivation sucks and I believe less in these things these days. Still an interesting note.

    2.) I sometimes stare into the evening sky (sober and well rested) when it’s clear and see subtle dark columns arcing across the atmosphere. I thought I was seeing things until I learned of the magnetic columns. I forget what they’re called, but they follow the magnetic arcs of Earth. I can only see them in the wee evening hours on a clear day.

    3.) I had just reached the peak of a cannabis high while lounging in the yard. It was late evening when the sun was below the distant trees, maybe around 7PM in the summer. I was gazing at the apple tree above me when I noticed the aura of the leaves. They looked like they were on fire, but it was extremely faint. If I moved my eyes, it’d take a moment to appear again. I’m not sure if I was seeing some photonic excitation of the emitted gasses, convection, or just hallucinating. But I could look around and see it again and again, but only in the direction of the setting sun. I normally will attribute strange things witnessed on drugs to those drugs and don’t make claims that could be credited to the substances. However, this is not the first or last time this has happened, but was the strongest I’ve seen it. I believe the filters and associations in our brain are modulated under these influences to be able to interpret (or not interpret) things that are otherwise well regulated. I have seen this effect without the use of drugs or sleep deprivation prior to this instance and can still see it today.

    4.) Sober, and having been sleeping well, I frequently see the blazing faint aura around trees and power lines while riding in a car. The power lines aren’t as flame-like, but rather have an appearance around them much like the sky columns I previously mentioned. I don’t know why, but I am better able to see this effect while in a car, but even being still can experience this phenomenon.

    Anyways, I know this sounds weird and baseless, but I present it purely as an anecdote. I believe it’s possible that it is a vestigial sense of Humankind, one that compliments the recently re-discovered capability of our brain being able to sense magnetic fields. I’d love to hear from others about these concepts or experiences. Don’t bother claiming it was because of substances or possible psychosis, because my experiences precede drug use.

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