FOTW April 4, 2020

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  • Johnathan Jones

    What if “They” never left? It would be like Man going to Mars and getting a mars virus that would kill all on Earth if “they ” ever returned from where they came. So our history remember them and their writings as their life spans were cut radically short,…like a basis of the War of the Worlds story.

    What if their is no “they” now here and the Earth is such that casual abuse rendered by Man triggers failsafes and overrides that reduce our trespasses, against the Air, Water, Earth, Plants and Animals. Or do you think Man can do nothing against anything on this planet. Maybe their is no Farmer “They” and the Chickens are on their own…are We ready for this?

  • Charles

    Here’s my theory connecting lots of dots I’ve found in the last decade, and lots of supporting info too! Sure some or most of these items are ridiculed, that’s what governments and other groups do to suppress information they don’t want out there. YMMV…

    First some interesting ‘dots’.

    At least a few cultures such as the Hopi Indians tell of the “Star People”. These Star People, visit and often impregnate women, they leave and come back when the child is 6 years old, to take the child with them. Other cultures around the world report similar circumstances throughout history.

    (Re)Watch the Ancient Aliens series BUT modify your definitions for “alien” and “Extra-Terrestrial” to include members of a civilization that includes humans from long long ago, who don’t reside on Earth. Among tons of other stuff, does anyone else think those puffed out ‘space suits’ on ancient figurines could be positive pressure bio hazard suits?

    Why so many weird and unlikely coincidences and circumstances around the Moon, mathematical and otherwise? The only theory that makes any sense at all is that it is an artificially constructed satellite to keep the Earth’s climate and rotation stable.

    Lots of theories out there about our DNA being modified and improved to make us what we are, including in the bible. “God made man in his own image.” Check out Erik Von Daniken’s talks for more fascinating ideas.

    The Dogon tribe of Africa claim they are from Sirius, and they claim it has more orbital companions than we can currently detect. The Hopi astro-architecture tracks Sirius and Orion. The pyramids on the Giza plateau mimic Orion’s belt. So many ancient structures track Sirius or Orion, or both. They are pretty close to each other in the sky.

    UFO culture has a lot of BS for sure, but some of the more interesting bits refer to one or more races that appear very human-like. Their appearance is so human, that if you saw one walking down the street in jeans, you’d think nothing out of the ordinary.

    Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

    Are we wild breeding stock to keep their gene pool strong? A nature preserve, a wild planet with benefits?
    Think about the advantages to a major interstellar civilization. We endure and adapt to possibly toxic EMI fields, parasites, toxic industrial chemicals, food additives, over-population, famines, ice ages, catastrophes, wars, plagues, and pandemics… weeding out vulnerable and weak genetics so they don’t have to. They keep their gene pool and micro-biome strong and diverse, we endure the trials and tribulations of making and keeping it that way. They keep their gene pool hardy and compatible with ours at the same time by continuously bringing hybrid children from our “wild” planet back to wherever they reside, but only after their immune systems and micro-biomes have developed. Its also possible they choose select individuals from their society to come here and mix into our gene pool as well, how would we even know? It seems a two way mix would allow even greater advantages, and more rapid improvement.

    As an added bonus, they can maintain some kind of non-interference “prime directive” and not commit any moral wrong doing. In fact they can claim that they rescue XX number of individuals every year. I bet lots of them come here on holiday too. The more I listen to Randall Carlson’s podcasts and the constant question of what happened to the Clovis people, the more I think there was a massive ET rescue operation right before a particularly bad catastrophe cycle (the Younger Dryas). That would explain why no human skeletons have been found in the huge piles of broken, burnt, crushed, buried, and frozen megafauna found all over the planet. Also why people apparently reappear 500 to 600 years later … let the planetary ecosystems recover a bit and send a selection of people back to N America .. political dissidents? Criminals? Heroes? Maybe its a reality TV show where the contestants are duped at the end and have to stay LOL… I bet a producer could get a big bonus for that!

    Go learn about “cargo cults”, an accidental discovery made decades after WW II when someone visited an island that had been used as a WW II out post, the natives welcomed them back as returning gods. More than one major world religion has the features of a cargo cult, plain for anyone to see. Lets not forget the huge secret underground library the Vatican has, we don’t know what’s in there because that would most likely break the prime directive.

    Livestock mutilation? Gotta check out, maintain, improve, or limit, OUR livestock genetics or maybe mix it with whatever they’ve got going out there. Why did those tasty tasty Berkshire pigs mysteriously show up in the middle ages? I’d love to know the history of the village where that was found!

    It would explain why domesticated staple food crops suddenly showed up around 6,000 years ago, a “gift from the gods”…. every time we lose them to a cyclic disaster. There was recently an article about barley being found from more than 12,000 years ago… oops, we lost that somehow during the last calamity.
    These plants aren’t going to be domesticated in a few years, especially not by tribe of stone age hunter gatherers with no writing etc. How would they feed themselves while figuring out how to improve and hybridize barley, cherries, bananas, all kinds of grains, nuts, melons, fruits, berries, and squashes .. maybe hundreds of others? There are 3,800 (yup almost FOUR THOUSAND) varieties of potatoes from Peru guestimated to have been domesticated around 10,000 B.P.? LOL .. no waaayy!

    What if for some reason a cyclic disaster once every half-million years or so unexpectedly wipes out our species?? Do they reseed Earth from another or several other similar planets/species (hobbits, elves, dwarves, giants, neanderthals, different races, etc)? Someone should tell Michael Cremo, this would explain a lot of the weird stuff he keeps uncovering.

    What if for some reason a natural disaster once every billion years or so actually manages to completely wipe out the majority of Earth’s biosphere? Do they re-seed the entire planet? Is this why there are human or human like footprints found alongside dinosaur tracks? I’m betting there was at least one re-seed operation at some point. Also betting the Moon was built or put here a very very long time ago, and the biosphere has to be re-seeded once in a great long while. The Earth/Moon setup just has way too many unlikely coincidences around it to be natural. Not the least of which is at least one ancient culture that has legends of the Moon being put here, with stories about “The Time Before The Moon”.

    There always seems to be a bigger picture. It would explain Ben’s theory about ‘upper management’ wanting certain benign outcomes for us, but not deeming to come down here and make this planet a paradise, despite apparently visiting for at least many thousands of years. It would explain why, as Dr LaViolette claims, we are not allowed to use some technologies.

    Another element to the bigger picture would be either or both of reincarnation, and racial memories. Something over 80% of people on Earth believe in re-incarnation, NOT believing in it is weird. Why do many things found in various popular sci-fi books or movies come to be? How many more are re-enactments of memories of any of hundreds or thousands of past civilizations? … or current civilization(s) out among the stars?


      Oh my god….. looking for the sling head emoji… what an incredible comment


        Shaking head emoji

  • Allenvaughan

    Ben, your irritation over Skype today actually envigorated and stimulated your thinking out loud! This was a most enjoyable FOTW!!!
    But once again, you also show your care for all of humanity, and its survival for what Nature has in store for us in the coming years.
    I think tomorrow I am going to drive up to see the Georgia Guide Stones!!

  • Charles

    People are already getting the truth out. There was a radio piece about people that died of cancer, car accidents, and heart attacks, being listed as dying of covid19 .. to bring the numbers up.
    Someone linked a video in yesterdays morning report .. the video shows video from several people in NYC and other supposed hot-spots of this virus .. those hospitals all looked like ghost towns, every one of them.

    Several high ranking virologists have come out to say the response is way way over the top, for a common and very mild virus.

    Not virus deniers, they’re calling us ‘flu bros’.

    Ben, have you thought about using Discord or something like that? .. something NOT Microsoft? Skype absolutely sucks.

  • fester

    Climate accords Paris

  • plancktime

    Great FOTW discussion. Please, please, please for the love of packet loss get another platform. Its very distracting frustrating for you to keep going on with a broken platform. Skype is a micro$oft product so obviously flawed. Dump it!! Google Hangouts,Viber,WebEx,highfive are great alternatives and might be more stable.

  • Bigpicguy

    I may be wrong but we seem to be asking for all of the regulations. “They” must be us…

  • Counselor

    Hey FOTW,

    I actually enjoyed the show. Just wanting to bring up from your show a mention of the models they ran and the numbers were supposed to be higher. When I’ve mentioned that to people then I hear the point being made that the numbers actually being lower are due to the measures some countries are taking to help contain it. What do you guys say to that? … that data in models are being impacted by the precautions?

  • tonyio

    Brilliant discussion today. If we are to become an anti-fragile space-faring civilization a tiny bug and some BS directives from men in suits can’t bring us to our knees. Time to man up!

    • Charles

      Amen brother!

  • Janice Phillips

    The media has exposed their puppet master.
    If this also exposes the danger of Communist China to masses of Americans, the deaths will be in vain.
    I’m glad to hear about the gardening. It’s about time people tried to teach their children where real food comes from.

    • Janice Phillips

      I meant if this fails to expose Communist China*
      Is there not an edit feature?

  • Janice Phillips

    I can turn my phone off. I can still set permissions and remove my battery. I barely have 3G where I live and I’m okay with that.
    I will not be allowing the government or any other agency to inject me or my family with any chip or id bar code RF thing. Never.
    They will never take my guns or remove me from my private property.

  • sibeguy

    I couldn’t even listen to idiotic speculation today…you go ahead and think your conspiracy theories! Yes we are at a time of major change in the world. What the world looks like on the other side of this crisis we can actually be a part of creating! I guess it’s a matter of which team you want to be a part of, the cowards who run and hide, sow fear and deceit with crazy speculation of conspiracy theories. Or those who are coming together to address real social issues, building new models and systems, being part of a solution. We in this country are at the beginning of a major social shift…it is the natural outcome of collective human evolution!

    – bad times lead to strong leaders
    – strong leaders lead to good times
    – good times lead to weal leaders
    – weak leaders lead to bad times

    Can you guess what stage we’re in? Donald Trump is a joke as a leader, Obama before him was impotent because of the system he had to operate in, Bush was a puppet. Across the planet there are very few examples of strong leadership. So yes, we are entering bad times, this virus is merely the crisis that will usher in the next wave of change, where strong leaders will emerge.

    If you actually want to have a realistic conversation about social change, get educated and stop your wild conspiracy theory rants. I suggest you read the book “The Forth Turning” to get a better understanding of the social cycle we are entering. We are in for a wild ride which I believe will climax in 2027…so are you going to be victims of “them” or part of the solution?


      Interesting… my study has been simple Martin Armstrong starting with financial cycles that bring forth the historical cycles of climate disease war famine government etc ; abraham Hicks … non physical beings in physical bodies creators of our one experience in which as non physical there is no death because we are energy.. belonging to a broader collective… now I’ll read the fourth wave thank you

    • Michael Durfee

      The reaction our society has to its own afflictions have always included one of panic. Like alcohol and drugs for example. The radio age which was also the age of jazz, is also the age of prohibition. There was an instinctive panic about the dangers of alcohol in the age of radio, just as in the TV age had an instinctive panic about drugs. The effects from television are a very powerful drug. It is an inner trip; a psychedelic inner trip, and it is addictive. Even though pandemics are in no way, shape, or form a mystery throughout history of the global sociocultural theater; we are brought into a panic because…no one saw it coming? Without bringing our crisisies into the spotlight where legitimate models can be developed for understanding their properties, risks, and benefits our society will only continue to be afflicted. Because what is being speculated about (drugs, disease, alcohol) will only be what it is. Speculation. Conspiracy. Which was the result when radio and television became an implement to sow fear and deceit about a problem that could be conveniently solved by prohibition. In 1933 when the 21st Amendment was repealed, it was self evident this wasn’t a functional way to solve societal problems. Imagine what kind of effect multi-billion dollar corporatized social media bullhorn(s) combined with unethical journalism and mass produced personal wireless communication devices will have on not just people, but over time to society. In the 1920s there was more booze than there ever had been, but the panic was new. Drugs were not new but the panic about drugs was new.

      In other words, perhaps we need to come to the brink to come to our senses. It’s just a shame because the amount of life that is lost in the process, is a metric to how well our life support systems collaborate. But it’s also possible that we are on the brink of a big transition, that we’re seeing the beginning of a truly transformational change at the scale of what happened at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance in Western Europe. Or the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages. Which leads me to believe we’re in a moment of transition right now not from one order to another, but when there are multiple orders at work at the same time and we’re figuring out what the synthesis of these orders will be. And if that’s the case, then the final question for our time is, “What can we do to ensure what the world experiences next is a Renaissance and not the end of a civilization?” Because it is our suspicions that grant us, the followers of mainstream science, technology, and education a leadership role in the way they think about problems in general; so that the leaders will eventually have no choice but to follow.

  • sativarg

    RE: the potential “dust” structure …
    In Situ Observations of Interplanetary Dust Variability in the Inner Heliosphere – IOPscience —

    and going further…
    a three pronged approach
    1) binocular array broad spectrum
    radio to x-ray…
    2) the virtual cortex, a self learning complex to render the observation…
    3) a probe, a finger to touch the focus of the “eyes to provide feedback to the rendering complex so it can learn to accurately render what is really there?

  • sativarg

    RE: what Humanity did to contribute to pathogenic severity…
    click baiting aside…
    Humanity is behaving like a child home alone who has discovered daddy’s laboratory.
    We are experimenting with everything at once and every experiment is compounding the consequences…
    How can we not see that exploding atoms in Earth has resulted in increased mortality, rapid pathogen evolution and reduced immunity… etc. ?
    How can we not see that babes with test tubes and nuclear chain saws might look up one day and wonder what happened to all the birds and trees?

    add greed and the hunger for power to this toxic mix and we get Covid XX… and much much more; much worse?
    just my opinion and perspective

  • Calvin

    We’re all Julian Assange now…


    Never trust anyone over 30~~~. Selfish me @ 75… bring the flip… bring it … then … I want my children to survive…. it’s a complete mixed bag of emotion from knowledge taken in to the information we are being fed… this is happening to every human that has aconection with communications… the energy that is effecting the hive is tremendous…. the asking the praying is profound…. I leave it there … “ gird up your hips”.

  • Strangerinyourmidst

    Where are cosmic rays in your discussion. Humanity is losing its civilisation due to increased cosmic rays. Not politics, not money, not power.

  • TurboSol

    I won’t get chipped either, but there is one chip that might be worth doing yourself, an authentication key for digital devices, it’s a physical password basically and can keep devices locked unless it’s actually you using it, I would possibly chip myself with that, or have it integrated on me as a bracelet or something.

  • Archytype

    Ben, for heaven sake, your home internet connection is a bloody nightmare! Either its a poor wifi signal or its your DSL line itself. Talk to a local IT contractor to get some stability sorted. After dozens of FOTW episode where we hear you complain about it, its getting tired….Its probably got something to do with your actualy location. Look in to an Symetric Fixed Line…. In the UK we call them Leased Lines….1000mbps synchronous bearer that can provide you a min of 100Mbps circuit. £350 give or take…..

  • Rusty

    I am already at the angry stage.

  • Fred Jones

    well…I think this one will keep me thinking and reading about a whole host of topics for a good month or two… and thats a good thing… true parts of it had been difficult to follow but all in all i survived … as you say “Eyes open No Fear be safe everyone” Thank you guys for the FOTW.


    Your latest fly on the wall downplaying climate change is wrong. These scientists are wrong using global warming. These diseases happen because of poor forested areas. Trees control the climate. They not only absorb but evaporate water into the atmosphere more or less “sweating.” Water is treated poorly throughout the world and rivers are damned up ruining the natural flow of water to revive itself. They dump chemicals and use water to cool down radioactive technologies. They disrupt the harmony in water with high frequency channels in the navy, oil rigs, and noise distortion in regions. Coral reefs are dying because they don’t have oxygen due to warming. Colder water has more oxygen rich supplies. Viktor Schauberger has talked about how virus, cancers, and various diseases stem from deforestation because he was a forester. The nazis forced him to build their saucer propulsion technologies. We have to build implosion technologies using the vortex not explosion technologies. Ben you’re not wrong at all on science but you’ve gotta understand nature more rather spending so much on dogmatic science that doesn’t look at nature at all. I’m a fan not bashing just expressing my opinion and I’m still watching and listening but I disagree. The Spanish flu can be attributed to massive deforestation when the troops wiped out forested areas. Forests can decrease particles which this virus rides on. England did a study and less green space areas had tuberculosis issues because pollution made 35,000 pathogenic bacteria particles in the air. That’s why cities are being destroyed no green foliage. The water doesn’t help either. If you’re showering in chlorine basically you’re cleansing your anti bodies to fight this virus. We’re 90% water so makes sure you got high quality water.. good luck finding any. I can site the articles and study if you wanna know more about the tuberculosis study. France and Spain had similar stats. I silenced a BBC reporter because the report came from a bbc broadcast in 1990s lol 😆

  • Shane

    This link is of Robert Kennedy Jr talking about dangers of 5G for anyone interested. It’s a very concerning problem.

  • sativarg

    RE: uniform Universal expansion and Ass, You and Me or Assume?
    Ever since I learned the equation for gravity in college and after some interesting experimental mental explorations I have held that the little fudge factor in that equation must always be dependent on the subject or rather the environment being modeled. If I am correct then that little factor is in fact Huge and represents the availability of emptiness to fill in the”space” or rather ?distance? as dense matter/energy expands to reach equilibrium with it’s surroundings.
    In my model of this Universe all dense energy accelerates outwards at an acceleration proportional to the density of the energy in the given volume and inversely proportional to the density of energy surrounding that volume. Or the more emptiness available to fill in the gaps in the matter or energy filled “space the faster it will expand… So, the little g needs to be observed as an input to the equation for every subject to be modeled?

    no one is going to take such a model seriously while every tool we have to test my expansion explanation for “gravity” and Magnetism and “small force” are also expanding or as long as we are in the middle of the subject we are measuring… see?

    When I model two objects in free fall to explore the symptom of energy moving towards equilibrium AKA “gravity” I see the two expanding into each other even as the space between each also expands because The space between also has energy, not as much as the two masses but enough to be a factor… in fact if enough space exists with enough energy in it then the two masses will not seem to grow closer… see? Also surrounding each mass is an envelope of depleted emptiness;a zone of depleted nothing due to the latency or time it takes for accumulated energy density on the surface to also expand and for emptiness to be replenished. A depletion zone of “holes”.

    Where ever there is a high energy density a mass would not accelerate outwards as fast as it would in an aria of less dense energy. Thus in any two regions of Universe with differing energy densities all expansion would differ and all gravity observations would show the flaws in any equation like ours using a fixed differential factor? little g must be measured and input like any variable in my opinion…
    messy minded today sorry yuk!
    muddy messy explanation and such dreams as do mangle all flavor and senses for hours assault me of late…
    sorry but still
    Gravity is a symptom of matter moving towards equilibrium;all energy in fact moves thus in our Universe and thus Time/change are manifest?

  • 420MPH

    Hi all, a fotw newbie, listening to the episode while I get off my arse, wash some dishes,
    and as usual, enjoying the many topics discussed. (The following is off topic, but having fun)
    Maybe it’s just me, or is your major Skype weirdness messing with my 420’d mind,
    but at about 7:00 min it sure sounds like chopping something (garlic onions?) on a cutting board,
    then at about 8:00 min it sure sounds like they’re in a pan w a nice sauteing sizzle. Yum!!
    Okay I really should get these dishes done, finish this tea, then get on my mtn bike, seek out
    a nearby trail with less snow (big drifts still here, another storm on the way, a wavy polar vortex!)
    and extra-oxygenate to repurpose some of this sheltered food-haze. Okay, back on topic.
    I agree, how can anyone think a conveniently marvelous chip-ccine with UV ink is acceptable?
    And what’s all this about 60ghz absorption by oxygen making an effective transmit medium between
    transmitters? (I think I read that correctly)
    Also, surprised to learn about how this virus (like malaria parasite) can screw with hemoglobin to release
    the iron from it’s strong biological containment structure (Nature is so freakin awesome) which renders
    the heme unable to give you any oxygen and the now liberated iron is dangerously destructive to the lungs
    and anything else it gets to in your body. Anti-oxidants anyone? Vitamin C, & others, including Mega-Hydrate!!
    Then it blew my mind that it may decipher that supposed word fart text. (CovFeFe)
    Admittedly, I’m not a fan of his, but Holy bleeping bleep, that’s mysteriously interesting.
    On a greater level, can we all continue to/start to create a strong inner light of care and compassion
    with a gentle yet firm approach towards others, so that your wonderful observations of the fascinating
    Earth Facing Quiet might just be sufficiently in place when the next Solar shell-burst erupts.
    Then maybe, like in your great video depiction by the ESA guy, the shell will start to disperse just the right way,
    where gaps form just enough to spare our planet from the worst of the worst of the solidifying
    plasma-into-matter debris waves. Our poles and orbital axis could still get played, but then return again,
    and as you commented once, that the waves are a bit mellower “like a high tide on steroids” instead of
    Vogt-level 2012movie flood surges. Just my inherent hopefulness I guess.
    Hmm, forget those dishes, I’m going for a mtnbike ride in Nature and inhale lots of negative ions.
    It’s also quite beautiful to mtnbike during a snowfall!
    All the best to you Ben & beautiful family! Thank you for what you do! Peace S0’s! EONFBSE!

  • Katz

    Great FOTW!

    After all is said and done, can any of you advise the females of our species what to do and how to cope and survive the first coming decade?
    I am in my 50’s and all of a sudden I am uncertain of what I need to do…I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel any more.

    Thx guys and girls, you’re awesome!

  • Bart C

    This was NOT a train wreck of a “Fly in the Wall”. Love the Brain Storming of ideas and thoughts here. Excellant show by all!

  • ddtufw1975

    Bill Gates paper’s. Nope. Papers. We don’t need no stinking papers, or a chip or leash up the butt. That folks is the thin red line.

  • tribeless

    I thought that Ben’s crystal ball theory regarding TPTB and these ‘roller-coaster’ Times we are in was perhaps the best explanation I’ve heard that quite elegantly ties so many different conspiracy facts (tptb/catastrophism/nwo/societal collapse/vaxers/ageist’s/financial collapse/mass media suicide/political suicides/fiat printing frenzy) into one cohesive, simple, and easy to understand format.

    Absolutely brilliant Ben, Thank You

    p.s. the technical glitches were really trivial from my vantage point… i mean seriously. first world issues *rolls eyes*


  • David Droescher

    They are using the media against itself, saying here’s some rope.

    We’ve been through this before, The Great Depression, it was only 3 generations back in my family tree, taught the world to be prepared and self-sufficient these lessons were lost in a mere 3 generations . The media has condemned any such Behavior as paranoid schizophrenic persons twisted babal. With coronavirus having been Unleashed upon the world to kill a mere .01%. “They” gave the media enough rope to hang itself, let’s hope they don’t decide yo go suicide bombers instead, because the nooses around their neck and they have three legs cut off the chair. They are just about done the 4th leg cut. There will be a Fallout from this.

    Sometimes you wake up gently by stumbling upon something pre civid. For those getting ready to wake up the frying pan has been brought up to Mach 3 and is about to hit him upside the head. And if anybody knows anything about getting hit in the head with a frying pan sometimes you don’t wake up from that. I’ve got my life bet that more will wake up , than take the hit and pull the wool down over their eyes. My sister is stumbling around at the moment, the jury is out whether she wakes up or pulls the wool. All I can do is give her guidance and hope for the best.
    If I place my wager in the correct place and I think I have you will see a building boom that will put the post-world war II get America back to work boom, to shame. We have the technology, the personnel, the equipment, and the resources to complete necessary preparations to have all of America ready in 11 years however we need to have it done in 5. I set this schedule based on the assumed peak of solar cycle 25.

    We can do this positive thinking is necessary

    Dream Big Chill Down To Reality

    Gumby , stay flexible.

  • ckaupp

    I agree with most everything the FOTW team has to say, except that I don’t believe the PTB actually care enough about we peons that they would try to prepare us through some “elegant” plan. They already have their plans in place to protect themselves and they only need to say enough peons to be their slaves.

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