FOTW September 11, 2021

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    Roe v Wade was based on an earlier decision Griswald v Connecticut which established the right to privacy. That was a law that married people would not use birth control. How do you enforce such a law? Does a police officer have to inspect you before having sex? It was held that such a law could not be enforced and there was the right to privacy. Therefore, Roe v Wade was rooted in that principle aside from if you agree or disagree with the subject of abortion. It is indeed inconsistent as a matter of law that you can mandate vaccines but uphold Roe v Wade and the right to privacy. Martin Armstrong.

    • Septeus7

      The right to privacy and body autonomy only exists for pregnant women who want an abortion. If that same women wants to refuse a vaccine…no body autonomy. Want to use drugs…no autonomy or privacy. Want to buy or sell a gun privately for bodily self defense…NOPE.
      The so-called “principle” in Roe and Griswald only exist for the Usury, Sodomy, and Abortion which are the only sacred institutions in the USA and that is why it is bad law.
      It is a fictional right made up whole cloth and solely function to protect activities designed to harm the Nation. Abortion is killing the next generation required for the nation to survive. Sodomy makes sure that sex isn’t fertile but diseased and sterile so that the nation is diseased and sexually sterile, Usury is enslave the nation for that don’t have ability to afford children.

      Nothing about these “rights” is lawful. It is unrestricted 5th Generation warfare on the American People which why they invented these “rights” to Usury, Sodomy, and Abortion aka creating a toxic “antibiotic” culture that ensure that nation won’t survive.

      Abortion and forced vaccines are defended by the same system as “healthcare” because the fundamental axiom of “American” medicine is “Antibiotics” aka against life. Doctors are only to taught to cut, poison and burn and everything since the Flexner Report is branded as “non-scientific”.

      The entire purpose of the being an observer to exit the “antibiotic” sterile view of accepted “science” and build and really return to the older classical view of Natural Philosophy and real science where life is connected to living Electric universe and we want to maximize the possibilities of intelligent life because if the universe didn’t want that then non of us would have the impulse to be observers and want to constantly reach out and connect our minds to the further possibilities in the Universe.

      I used to be “Pro-choice” but then I really thought about it and there’s simply no excuse for wanting mothers to kill their children out a impulsive despairing view of life and nothing good can be built on the ethic of despair. A women’s problem isn’t her “unplanned” baby but her mindset toward the world and telling her to despair isn’t therapy or good healthcare. It is abuse and that’s why it should be illegal outside of only the worse medical conditions which usually mean the child never really had a chance in the first place. 99% of abortions are done because of abusive healthcare system enforced abusive relationships which is rooted in the same ideas which are causing the forced vaccines and murder of the elders in NY and New Jersey. Abortion isn’t a women’s decision. It is decision a toxic society is forcing on her because it is sick and destructive.

  • Zurgla

    Hi guys,

    Please check this out, a great song ! Did not know Ole Dammegård could play the guitar so good.

    • Houseboat Grandma

      Houseboat Grandma Loves this song thank you 😊 🙏

  • ElementOrange

    Still not clear on exactly what a geomagnetic jerk is. Is there another word that describes what it is that might help me wrap my little brain around this phenomenon or the location of a simple definition?

  • ElementOrange

    Maybe the geomagnetic changes are making us all psychotic!

  • jackyl11

    Is the solar “jerk” and engineering statement? Assuming we are not discussing a Steve Martin movie, Jerk is the change in acceleration over time. If you plot this, a constant acceleration level on the Yaxis with time on the X axis means no engineering jerk. Just curious.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    Agreed Element. Chan Thomas wrote about experiments with mice that eliminated the geomagnetic field. The mice became violent and cannibalized each other. TPTB know this so their plan is to depopulate, enslave with nanotech implants and radio waves, and control everyone’s behavior by AI remote control. The problem for them is that they are not immune to the catastrophe cycle either and are going criminally insane.

  • Caroline5765

    The PCR test is faulty fraud.
    Masks do not work.
    The shot is experimental/intentionally detrimental.
    All 3 letter entitles are corrupt.
    The true global reset will be defined by mother nature not man.
    Depopulation made easy with mindless dependents.
    See it or not, devolution is sure, and we are in another historical war.
    As always, Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • nmarshall

    We have been under a state of emergency since Bush. It gets legally re-upped every year – this year it was on Aug 1. Is it not Bush’s state of emergency that the authoritarians are relying on? If so, none of this is unconstitutional.

  • Tony C

    Ben, you were very kind to the Useful Idiots. The Demonic agenda unfolding today is taking place assisted by all the social pressure those Idiots have created. In fact, social pressure is a core tactic of the vx program. PS—”Agenda 21″ is referring to the century, not the year. []

  • Roos Kohn

    If hypothetically the new world order consists op people watching Ben’s show and all they do is prepare for the worst. As a collective entity?

  • dragorios

    Their is no ‘political suicide’ because their are no consequences for any actions. The stolen 2020 election gave them the power. As long as the 2020 election fraud is allowed to stand, their is no fix.
    And on the subject of ‘they hate you’. So the vaccines turn your body into a spike protein making machine. Those little spike proteins lodge on the vascular walls. The graphene oxide floats around then lodges itself to the spiked proteins. One could call that hardening of the arteries or age. So, in my opinion, Biden is mandating an aging shot to speed-up the downward spiral, while insisting on the use of a face diaper. The situation reminds me of my boy dog. He takes my girl dogs food, and when he is finished, heists his leg and pisses on the dish.

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