FOTW May 1, 2021

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  • Allenvaughan

    Adrian…I hear a flock of sea gulls!

    • Dirt

      Did you run? Did you run so far away? I just ran all night and day but couldn’t get away. (I’m going to feel like a dork if no one gets this reference!)

      • silvermitt


  • Cosmicgoddess

    Hope everyone has a wonderful May Day in the old traditional pagan way. After the May pole dance, don’t forget to check for ticks!

    Seriously, there’s an interesting assertion that the Hellenistic scholars of the Musaeum knew about alien influence over human minds in the book by John Lamb Lash called “Not in His Image.” The scholars and others in pagan Europe believed that the aliens called Archons were machine based and not biological but that they had consciousness. They also dismissed them as not a threat because their influence was merely mental! Loved the book, it’s well referenced.

  • LyonTheeves

    Ref growing control grid. Here’s a video of WEF advocating ‘digital citizenship’ in all aspects of human society.

  • Bigpicguy

    As we all can see, the fans got sh!t on it so wake up & leave the lies behind. Earths got an extra tilt & it’s confirmed.. only they want to say water displacement 🤣 real observers don’t have to believe.. we know! More players on the field than before & you know it too Ben.

  • Michael Durfee

    We should be watchful to see what our proverbial civilization terminating ‘coal mine canary’ happens to be. Is it something practical we can’t gain comprehension? Or is it a force completely outside our third dimension? Could it be the result of compounded preventable casualty, or a global catastrophe? It’s obvious instead of public health, infrastructure, and democracy; there is an overwhelming emphasis on corporate bureaucracy. And it is no coincidence the cities overseas aren’t faring well when considering solar minimum history. Will our goods and services become digital, making labor and banking forgettable? When strife, discord, and protest have bad analogies, the result is inequality for our formalities. When fear and anger becomes all that is spun, we will not fare well when civilization is done. What then will we do to ensure the battles worth being fought are won? To inquire a problem with a sense of preparedness, to avoid unnecessary labor and risk. It should then be our scientific ambitions, to advance measurement of hypotheses to more accurately quantify originating conditions. We should look to change our place in the universe in accepting more than what we believe to be true, just as we look to the universe; the universe itself looks back at you.

  • sativarg

    Dear Humanity… Dear Earthlings, both Human and nonhuman ”
    RE:How long is a day on Venus? Scientists crack mysteries of our closest neighbor”… and What does this really tell us?…

    Can we make accurate conclusions about Venus from our current perspectives?
    If we make any assumptions about Venus then are we sure of any conclusions?
    from the article: “”Earth and Venus have a lot in common: Both rocky planets have nearly the same size, mass and density. And yet they evolved along wildly different paths. Fundamentals such as how many hours are in a Venusian day provide critical data for understanding the divergent histories of these neighboring worlds.
    Changes in Venus’ spin and orientation reveal how mass is spread out within. Knowledge of its internal structure, (???) in turn, fuels “insight into the planet’s formation, its volcanic history and how time has altered the surface. Plus, without precise data on how the planet moves, any future landing attempts could be off by as much as 30 kilometers.”

    The observations in the text quoted above may be quite valid but any conclusions “drawn” from the observations are, at best, “speculations and, at worst, “assumptions. Too much of our current accepted model of reality; our cultures paradigm is founded in various perspectives that are not adequate to be accurate. While I agree that we can make useful guesses about what is under Venus’ clouds with our current observations I do not trust any guesses about how Venus’ has formed or where she came from. One thing lacking in the accepted model, in my opinion, is the possibility of intelligent and or technological interventions. I say Earth Venus and Mars all show signs of possible manipulation by one or more intelligent and or powerfully endowed life forms. If I am correct then Earth is designed to be, along with her moon, life supporting; specifically supporting Human life. Mars shows signs of having once been as large as Earth, having a much larger and dynamic core like Earth and having a moon and atmosphere like Earth. Venus is so much like Earth now so as to lead me to believe that Venus is also a construct or has been chosen for her attributes by the same intelligence as was Mars and Earth. I see these three similar planets as too similar and useful not to be under intelligent control even now. Without these considerations available to Humanities perspective I say we are not able to see our true relationship to a greater community or ecosystem of Life in Sol and our Galaxy.

    Please, Earthlings, consider the possibility that Earth Venus and Mars are property, systematically and intelligently managed and part of a system that is of use to one or more cultures and or business on an interplanetary or Galactic scale. If not now property, constructed and protected then perhaps once in the past? At least include the possibilities that some one, more than one and or some thing intelligent is, in part or in whole, responsible for the way things are now.

    Our language is full of ironic clues? Why is science spelled with an I before e after a c? Our current “science” is full of lies and strategic lies at that… sly lies that are part of a domestication or system of invisible fences keeping us from a full understanding and adequate perspective from which Humanity could see our true relationship to Earth and Sol and our Galaxy… see? See what we can not see? see what is denied us?
    Can we trust a “science” that is so twisted?

    thank you for reading, Earthlings.

  • sativarg

    time frame 22:00 of 1:04:28
    100% and a united front… Picking the right target and timing…
    Perspective is critical to a successful campaign. If we War is a useful analog of your current effort and you hope to achieve grace or the greatest good with the least effort and or harm then I say perspective is critical.

    Do you have a perspective of the situation that is adequate for you to make good choices of target, direction of action and or ultimate goal?

    What are the real goals of the “enemy”?
    Who, indeed, is the real enemy?
    What red herring and strategic pitfalls may be in the battle field? What tricks and traps remain hidden from both sides?
    In the case of Front line health care VS organized Crime AKA Big Business AKA Big Brother… what is the real goal of the conspirators? What is the real goal of the real enemy and who or what is that enemy?

    In the case of Suspicious Observers VS Agenda Twenty One or an agenda to move Humanity away from… what… fossil fuel? Carbon Consumption? or towards what? sustainability or efficiency? or is the real goal complicity and control? Unless you know the real goal of the “enemy” then you can not make good choices or understand the battle field… see?
    … Perspective gained through objective observation, adequate discipline and humility and time enough to gather information… time enough to gain wisdom or a perspective gained from some one who already achieve wisdom? Perspective adequate is critical to tactical success… see?
    do you have that adequate perspective? Are you making wise choices?
    … all I know is that I do not know for sure.
    … back to listening…
    … Earth is snitching? Well sort of but…
    Could there be information being withheld from most of you?
    Could some group have access to much more information or a higher perspective?
    If there are records that span cycles of Humanity in Earth then one or more factions could be acting on that information while preventing you and others from having that information. If that is the case then how can you get hold of their data or an even higher perspective? How can you make good choices with any thing less than the whole truth or at least as much of it as s “they” have? Could “they” be moving in a good direction using “bad” science in order to obfuscate the whole truth? Is the enemy really an enemy or could the manipulation be as much good as we can hope for?
    … If you knew the whole truth would you make the same moves as “they” are making? Can you know from your current perspective that “they” are wrong?
    … back to listening…
    posting in case this is not allowed again…

  • Donn

    Let’s see if I can keep this concise enough to post… can’t count the times I’ve tossed the less than terse.

    While I do believe there are likely Others, I don’t need Aliens. If an entity has projected itself across vast space or time, it would have no problem projecting disruptive force upon a relatively frail planet full of pressure sensitive biological creatures, and do it without confrontation.
    As for Their need, I’m not so sure. I took a Saturday tour of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. a few years ago. Of all the interesting things about the operations of this process, the idea that only six people are necessary to brew and bottle the batches. And of those six, one persons job is to feed a folding machine cardboard… because the mechanisms of integration are far too complicated, a human mind is economically more feasible. Maybe think of the child in the movie Snowpiercer,
    Note that most crimes against ____ are perpetrated by ____ (use the same descriptor in both blanks, you get the meaning). Nuff said.

  • Bigpicguy

    We’re mining gold for their planet & they continue to recycle our souls.. that’s the 5k year old story

  • Fred Jones

    Make it harder for the chess moves, flip the board , take electricity out of the equation

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