FOTW March 31, 2018

On the Line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Todd

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EMF and Health
Storms and eField
Magnetic Fields and Filaments
Scholz’s Star

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  • markaxen

    so how long would the transit have taken for scholz’s star? months, years? i agree w/ ben on the impact of it on human memory is long term

  • Janice Wiehe

    Just wondering….Does anyone else have the EMF app on their iPhone? I am curious if it is accurate in comparison to a regular EMF meter? Does anyone have both to make a comparison? Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere and I missed it. Take care… ☮️

  • Johnathan Jones

    Mag fields and Filiments: Heat on Earth does not just come from the Sun but also from the core. It would be frustrating if Mainstream only talked about heat from the Sun and one was pointing out core heat. Both should be included for a well balanced model so to speak. The point is Turbulence indeed does induce fields and charges, for a example . This video shows local earth producing electricity know as lightning. Yet since storms and lightning is so close our satillites, it easily shows connections to space and the solar wind at least.

    So where can it be shown how the Gas clouds connects with the overall electric flow of the Universe? Are these gas clouds like a capacitor in a curcit, which technically does not have a electric current flow across it? Why doesn’t the satilites show currents and flows or is all this to distant to see?

    Anyway, I believe mass and energy have gravity because everything has mass even if it cannot be measured or found with the math we have today. That is the inherit limitation of math, you must have infallible perfect formulas to get perfect infallible equations and answer. So much devolves into hog-snogity. I digress. Maybe a start could be a simple paint picture showing a prototype idea on where this current and electrify is. This is for the mainstream and the other not versed deeply in the Electric Universe stuff. Otherwise it would be like me talking how heat pumps and refrigeration engineering drives water to take heat off the planet and bring coldness of space down stopping runaway heating or cooling. Yeah it seem like drivel until you at least know how your refrigerator or heat pump moves the ole heat around. But most people are not ever going to go there, but would say , “ the short version with a simple picture please.

  • drwoodard

    Ben, I have been thinking about Scholz’s star along those lines myself for some time now. Are all the planets in our system “native” to this system or are some of them captured from the passing binary system (earth included), are all the original planets still here? What would that have looked like from the surface of the earth and how would our ancestors pass the story down?

  • Ricky Neff

    Ben, you can use an aggregation program to scan multiple sites at once.

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