FOTW July 30, 2022

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    Really loved Peratts comment on that! Super computing….
    Truly how much are we able learn… so glad you’re a science surfer … how could we ever keep up


    no…money is flowing in to the US because the Eu etc is failing along with other contries…. and investing called capital flow………equities…

    this is a good run down of it

    • Backcast

      Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

  • Pat Vester

    They will move you off of your land and move you into a city so they can have ‘equality’ in food distrubution. Read about Joseph in Genesis and the famine that hit Eqypt. The people sold their belongings, their stock, their homes, their land, and finally…themselves. to Pharoah. It will happen again.

    The long-horn asian tick will keep cattle off any land. Literally sucks the blood of a cow dry. Disease problems for humans as well.

    Of course we need animal protein for health. That’s why they don’t want anyone to have it!

    • Jack Hillestad

      You can get by on just meat 🥩, and be very healthy

  • tribeless

    I will really miss FOTW

    Looked forward to it every Saturday

    Sad to see it go

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d It’s definitely about Depopulation. For me personally, being a sibling-suicide survivor who has been involuntarily hospitalized exactly when not suicidal, I’ve been medicated and groomed to take on suicidal tendencies of patients confined with me and to learn some of the things they did to try to finish themselves, and even if I am part of a class of 7.8 billion unwanted people in a world where an elite want only a few people and the rest to be cyborgs and hybrids, as well as, perhaps, ET’s, it’s hard to motivate from day to day for things like nutrition and sleep and to keep specific ideas of how to dispose of myself out of my mind, because the news is so obvious. Add on to that the fact that many Gentiles in our time, be they of European, Arab/Muslim background, resent Jewish people even still being alive, as a sign that the Judenrein ambitions of the Chancellor of the Third Reich failed, and that some of us actually are alive, which is an idea easily sold to people because we’ve seen so much disappointing behavior from some of my fellow-Jews (i.e. Jeff Epstein, some pharma people, etc.) and knowing that ‘Unz Nisht hab Gevust’, for someone my age with the beginnings of a post-graduate education, who has reached past 63 years, is no excuse to not have intercepted and stopped those crimes, it’s hard to keep those specific planning thoughts out of my mind, and especially hard to motivate daily for diet normalcy and more sleep than, sometimes, 1-2 hours, even with many beds available where I live, and in one of the few neighborhoods where many fine foods are still available, even organic foods, with no more than 25% price hike maximum. So, the Globalists do not have to do much to someone like me, because it’s already at my elbow, if I am clever enough, to take care of things myself, and then they will have only 7.8 billion people minus one, namely me, to snuff. I’m old. It does not matter any more. I was spayed and am already not viable so what is the point. But, I have promises to keep, such as fixing up my family’s property in hopes it won’t be scraped once I’m gone, and encouraging good people who are younger not to give up hope, and keeping promises for my Employer which would take hundreds of years working 24/7, and my earlier promises to Ben, that I wanted to do some kind of database summarizing all previously posted Solar Weather Reports, so they would be easily searchable by topic, with all necessary links and still images, something that I could start on with Access, and also some idea of systematizing a notification network, so that even if people die from Globalist hatred, at least they are not dying due to lack of prior notification re. disasters. Plus I have to work on the compost heap so that when I can finally clear away weeds and aggressive shrubs, again and again, maybe the seeds can grow into something edible and I can at least preserve the tradition of growing vegetables in my own neighborhood. When I think about practical things I need to do, the overwhelming ‘person non grata’ self-harm impulse fades and I can actually begin to find nutrition and rest relevant again. Then from that renewed energy I can get small tasks done.

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