FOTW July 16, 2022

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    The world will be divided .. BRIC+ wants to govern themselves KLAUS side will be green broke and dying… look at the map of it… Armstrong has a great article on it…
    Dems are committing suicide and Biden is the bleeder

  • pepgmsc

    If interested, I can explain the acid rain phenomenon.

  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    A nation divided cannot stand against the tyrants. By fueling the right- left, LGBT+++ vs straight, conservative vs libtard, we cannot stand against the “elites” who are driving it. You think their kids are taught CRT? 1619 crap? You think their kids are taught to follow or are they taught critical thinking skills? They want the world to go back to feudalism where there are peasants and royalty.
    There’s a line from a movie, I can’t remember which one, “What this place needs is an enema!” True dat.

  • John Mallary

    Thank you Todd!
    Can’t wait to get the new app.

  • Bigpicguy

    Summer & winter breaks.. they follow the schools schedule

  • mytechtoday

    Collection of all Telescope images of the sky or planets on one site.

    AAS Worldwide Telescope:

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d There is a LOT going on. There are many recent papers you missed, I am sure, if you will search every journal and every relevant topic in depth, and, there is a lot going on in politics, deception, the approach of famine, deaths from previously taken “lollipops” for CV19, and increased pressure for more people to receive lollipops and boosters, as election time approaches, so that everyone is so soused up with Yuk-substances that no one will notice if the election may be compromised. If you did not see every presentation at EGU General Assembly 22, it may still be possible to see them afterwards. It was still up a couple weeks ago but I’ve been busy since then. The technologies, experiments, models, everything, are fascinating. During the event, I spent almost all my time inside Geodynamics. Most of what I saw was on Rheology, and I learned a lot about how things happen. There was a talk on the East African Rift, what we know to be due to the split and thinness of the LLSVP below Africa. Anyhow, ‘nothing going on’, to me, translates to ‘hot summer weather’ and the accompanying blah’s. Beware the blah’s, there’s not a moment to lose to get ready to survive.

    You might think of doing something on Water, Food, and staying safe from the Lollipop and cybersurveillance. Because if any Observer falls prey to these challenges, it weakens us as a group. Many people independently express their expectations that Food Scarcity will kick in, in September. They warn to prepare now, and, as the grid could go down for a variety of reasons (outer space, domestic security, attack from foreigners, etc.) the problem includes water and plumbing. Not all your constituency look at those sites where I have heard this, so it might not hurt to mention it. This is way before the peak of Cycle 25, which in turn is before the nova. The WEF now seeks to accelerate Agenda 2030. That is chilling.

    Thank you to Todd for taking over the App! My company has customers throughout the world, so, it’s so very necessary in my life.

    Will there be a way later to catch up on Deeper Look, for those of us who did not see all posts.

    Kudos to Adrian for new book. Glad you guys are lawyers and know when to smell a Norway rat.

    Amazing about the Tropical Ozone Hole; I wonder how it will affect the people that live there.

    Waking up will not be waking up for many. Every profession will have to quit, to bury or otherwise dispose of corpses, if we are in receipt of an EMP.

    Putin wants Alaska. His land is getting colder, and he wants more land. He is ready to pull the trigger, I have heard.

    Devora Tavares said that NASA had a plan in 2001, on a 2013 YT video, detailing specific methods by which the government is to accomplish 100 percent depopulation.

    Caution: Polis & Biden agreed that Colorado will increase state taxes to provide all needs for illegal immigrants. He is the first governor to do this. Colorado just became the world’s felon rehabilitation facility, as other countries release their felons to run to south-of-the-border and come in to USA, as, Joe Biden offered and they are sick of paying to keep their inmates alive, so, now it’s on Colorado taxpayers. But, what would Polis know? If he does not have or want to have his own children, he could not understand why people might want to keep some of their earnings so that they will have a next generation. I guess he is just interested in whatever he gets from being with his male partner, and, personally, I think this whole same-sex relations thing, in addition to being an abomination to G-d, is pernicious to society even when men do not go parading in family-frequented venues in drag. It’s pernicious because such policy makers cannot identify with those humans who value posterity and a future for species Homo sapiens. It would be me, as I wanted a child of my own since I was one year old, but, a couple doctors and my Mom o.b.m. scared me about a nothing-burger possibility with some body parts that some doctors think it is ‘standard practice’ to remove if they see poorly differentiated adenosquamous cells from another organ, and I lost my apparatus 19 years ago. Waaahh. Boo hoo. (Sounds corny, but I really am serious, and I cry a lot when my tear ducts are not too dried up due to hormonal imbalances.} I am trying my hardest not to be a pushover for these kinds of lies and fears that the ‘system’ perpetrates on the unwary. That’s why I get so mad when any fetus, infant, or child, is put at risk, because I don’t have any, so suddenly all of them are priceless, to me.

  • Cosmicgoddess

    When I first saw Brandon turn to shake hands with the air awhile ago at the end of a press conference I thought, “Oh! He’s implanted with tech and wired to a brain interface that is projecting a helper (Harris?) standing next to him.” When his handlers cut the feed quickly the poor guy is left alone but he’s polite enough to want to shake his helper’s hand! Maybe he’s shown like this to sell foreign governments on buying the tech? Just one possibility, my guess about the behavior.

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