FOTW January 29, 2022

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  • sativarg

    Hello S0 community,
    I am happy to announce that Humanity has managed to make matter from energy again. We are remembering things long forgotten in my opinion.
    “An international research team led by The University of Manchester has succeeded in observing the so-called Schwinger effect, an elusive process that normally occurs only in cosmic events. By applying high currents through specially designed graphene-based devices, the team – based at the National Graphene Institute – succeeded in producing particle-antiparticle pairs from a vacuum…” from “Cosmic physics mimicked on table-top as graphene enables Schwinger effect”
    How many years have been spent by philosophers here in Earth searching for that stone… the philosopher’s stone? Some have achieved it time and again but due to the Nature of our situation the secret is well kept occult and behind a cloak of plausible deniability. Note I did not use the word Create but make… We can make matter from energy but not ever from nothing. That is not my opinion it is Law and the way it is for all manipulators in all Universes. Lots of energy was applied to another version of philosopher’s stone and matter was made but not created from a vacuum… see? Some philosophers have found ways of focusing intention after decades of meditation and manipulation and trial and error to do the same and or to transform one element to another… always after much effort and energy was spent.

    LOL… are we remembering the future? Or Has this been happening over and over in cycles?
    thanks for the memories…
    chuck 🔥💖🔥

    • Ametrine Moonshadow

      I cannot watch any TV show without being subjected to commercials for drugs. AIDS, asthma, eczema, AIDS, AIDS… I turned on Bugs Bunny the other morning, guess what I saw? Big Pharma ads. Pissed me off. Then made me want to barf.

  • sativarg

    continued at: 15:36 of 54:07 and the magnetic dependency of Life VS Natures nature…
    I expect to see Life being endowed with one or more backups for magnetic navigation. The nature of Nature is redundancy? One resource for those forms confused by Earth’s transient magnetic behavior could well be the stored magnetics or latent magnetic fields in Earth’s mantle? Do magnetic dependent forms of life take advantage of latent magnetic assets when Earth has a magnetic crisis? Hmmm…
    … back to listening…
    31:17 of 54:07 and the affliction is not a cancer…
    What is afflicting Earth and Humanity now and for a very long time is not a cancer… it is a parasitic situation. What may once have been a symbiotic relationship with the real hidden owners of Earth has become a parasitic one. Evidence is coming out that our history is a fabrication and that our true situation is being actively obfuscated. Even such institutions as the Smithsonian Institution have actively hidden things like giants in Earth… archeological evidence of high technologies right here in the continental United States is called “wagon wheel tracks” that go right through solid stone meters deep and wide? LOL… No Mr. Davidson our situation is much more than a simple recent cancer it is a full blown parasitic situation an an abusive relationship between Humanity and our very makers, in my opinion and from my perspective.
    … preemptively posting as last weeks comments failed at this point…

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen. With the magnetic excursion going on, I have been steady increasing the plants which my bees feed on in my yard so they do not have to travel miles out to gather food. I do not give a hoot about grass.
    As a former trucker (and still hold CDL) I can tell you a convoy with a purpose is very effective; we clogged Washington DC back in the early 80’s over the regulations. Can not turn off trucks of contracted haulers, especially Union/OO’s. You can fly it, rail it, or ship it, but without trucks you cannot get it, period.
    Have to keep waking people up to the fact that Nova exists and it is not just an old style car. I do see more people starting to question global (there’s that dang word again) warming, which eventually leads to it. Push on!
    Thanks again and kind regards.

  • sativarg

    … Hmmm. server can not be found for this site just now… LOL so reposting
    LOL… continued with the shiny distraction in the sand box AKA the DOW Jones Industrial Average… LOL
    Here in our toy box are all manner of distractions. When you know them for what they are the are quite entertaining… No? When one wants to take away a favorite toy from a child or perhaps a dog… to get a child to look away from the oncoming injection etc. some resort to a distraction? How like that is the DOW? Now we also have Russia VS Ukraine, Bioterrorism, and even climate terrorism? All manner of terror and shiny distractions abound as the hidden hands slip into our pockets and even up our asses?
    LOL… or Cry as you will…
    back to listening…
    LOL and then there are the number worshipers… almost as bad as the science worshipers? One of the most massaged numbers in the number cult’s pantheon is the Consumer Price Index, then comes the employment statistics… all manner of gods abound in the number cult. “Would you like to take a survey?” LOL…
    … back to listening…
    41:25 of 54:07 and yes Mr. Davidson there is a regional and contextual filter conspiracy…
    I use a VPN and do see different sorts of comments depending on the server I am using. Not only that but some presentations are worded differently at different servers. Some content is very hard to download like videos for Denver but not for New York for instance…
    … back to listening…
    All behavior from the patriots who say no to tyranny like those in the convoy can and will be labeled as a threat to “civilized” peoples and some patriots will be labeled as terrorists or even traders. The irony in tyranny is the reason in treason and the riot in every patriot…? Terror from tyrants?
    So we have the patriot act and an example of how double speak names all such things?
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The very non federal FED? etc. LOL
    … posting early again just’n case.

  • sativarg

    after that little server problem I will close with thanks for the great presentation and stimulation
    chuck 🔥💖💖💖💖💖💖🔥

  • Cosmicgoddess

    The idea for a convoy could relate to the success of the farmers protest in India. The farmers took their tractors to the capitol and blocked the roads until the government relented to their demands.

  • sativarg

    Hi S0 community,
    I am hearing them bones… them dry bones in the news this afternoon.
    “(Soam et al. 2019). In general, these studies found that
    the field is perpendicular to the filament (i.e., elongated
    dense clouds) in their densest regions and parallel in the
    less dense regions, such that the parallel fields may feed
    material into the denser regions of the filament. Moreover,
    the B-fields may provide some support against
    collapse. One much smaller scales (1000 – 10000 au),
    YSOs themselves can have diverse magnetic field morphologies
    such as spiral-like, hourglass, and radial (e.g…”
    LOL my PDF reader is making a mess out of some of this but…
    But I am feeling some more cartilage like stuff in this. observation of ‘galactic bones.’ Plasma filaments behaving like cartilage? The inversion layers like membranes where electromagnetics manage osmotic pressures that maintain turbidity to the galactic cartilage? Hmmm… Sort of like jelly fish structure but in plasma and electromagnetic fields and inversion layers as tissues etc?
    Just how I feel them bones…
    Just how I recognize Life on the mega scale?
    chuck 🔥💖🔥

  • Roos Kohn

    Please consider making a wake up documentary only explaining what’s up with Betelgeuse and build our future scenarios upon that.
    Plenty people woke up with the Plandemic and could use some basic schooling.
    I see on TikTok a way to make a spread so keep it in max 3 minute chunks.
    I guess I could start myself but on the shoulder of a giant the effect would exceed anyones expectation.
    Thank you for your consideration and thank you..
    Rosie Kohn

  • bumpkin

    re magnetic stop sign: Not only will the disaster be like dropping a woodsman into the desert half-a-world-away, it will also quite possibly be thus while the Earth is rocking and rolling… and the usual markers for direction, north, south, east, west, ALL being out of place.. Sun isn’t in its usual place in relation to the landscape as the Earth tilts. Yet, somehow, birds and bugs, et al, will also manage to have some survivors… especially cockroaches. Is this because cockroaches only migrate from within the wall to the kitchen floor and back again? As in they dont bother to migrate at all….? Does this all intimate that only migratory creatures will be worst-affected? If this is correct, should we include in our planning that which does NOT migrate as a food-source post excursion? (with the exception oof cockroaches, of course) Gross.

  • bumpkin

    Gentlemen, keep in mind that the truckers are only using privately-owned rigs. They CANT use company-owned rigs without permission from the owners, or risk prison for theft of a rig.

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