FOTW January 23, 2021

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  • cjan137

    2033 – 2034

  • Lonestar420

    Cyril, a man after my own heart, enjoy the curls buddy

  • American Nurse

    They need their slave force to survive to rebuild things for them after they come out of their shelters.

  • Ricky Neff

    The FRB’s are the Elohim returning

  • Kevin Benham

    Like when Mt Laughlin in Oregon blew and created Crater Lake ~7700 years ago.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen. As always I appreciate you. In the simplest of terms…mother nature, humanity and the current silent war all go tick-tock, tick-tock.

  • Lois Rasmussen

    I understand your perspective, so close to home and all but Lady GaGa was wearing a peace dove. Gotta tell truths folks.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Like the rise of the Internet and cell phones, 1 day soon, we will whip out our phones and do the work of Congress online ourselves. We will log in like we do to comment on FOTW. We will introduce issues and Bills and see how they trend on the bill board chat room. Then like on Ebay, we will have a count down vote period complete with how much money we propose to spend on it from a known running budget. On our phones we will run city , county, state, national and international issues. All this based on where you live for about 15 minutes a day or so worth of online work.

    We will pass our own tax laws, hire agencies and special workers to do government services work. The New Capital we could call “The Online Mile High Capital” shining light on the World, “Denver”, built on the 5th element rock (Love). We can cut out the people sitting in the brick and mortar Capitals that are primarily concerned with getting money and more money and then passing laws that make them richer and us poorer. Don’t give up SZeros, The old ,New World Order may not ever really see coming the New Online World Government of the People, for the People and by the People, coming on like a Hurricane.

    • Johnathan Jones

      And the system will be more secure than the system we currently use online to move our money around and shop.

  • Johnathan Jones

    And it will be a non-profit corporation. One share, one vote per person. We will live directly under the laws we pass. Our term as Office of the Citizen never expires, so no need for elections. Where you live is your voting seat in the Corporation.

  • Johnathan Jones

    And needless to say you would only vote on things that apply to you. So while you would not vote on city issues of some city on the other side of the World, you would on the city you live and so on. International issues of course or Whole world issues would have more or all voting in. And issues and bills will be 1 at a time, not like 1001 page bills or 2112 page long service agreements. Lets be real, Those would be too long to read and still go to work to make a living do something else…And the jist of the bill must be in a 1 page ordinary language format. Attachments full of goobley goop aree allowed as long as they cover the details and not the main points, which must be on Page 1.

    • Johnathan Jones

      And of course it comes online slow, little votes taking away power from the congress in little steps, with current congressional oversight with Visa/ Mastercard consultants verifying that the system is secure and all done constitutionally too, …..I know it might be the first time some in this generation would be following it instead of setting it aside and doing whatever they think is right…But now is a good time to start.

  • sativarg

    Dear S0 community and Humanity,
    Have we been very very lucky? at time frame: 17:00 of 1:00:04

    Or, Has Sol been in that gas and dust region of the Galaxy for as long as Earth’s magma has been relatively stable. Is there a correlation between times of large volcano eruptions and high cosmic ray penetration? Is it good luck to get comfortable and overly confident and over extended/dependent just to be struck down all at once?
    … back to listening…
    Well… I don’t think so: 20:06 of 1:00:04 and back then “they” or rather we could do nothing or had nowhere to go…
    What about all those deep rock cut ruins found all around the world and on every major continent? Some one had the ability to slice stone precisely and do so deep inside mountains and under Egyptian massive perfectly level and flatly constructed Great Pyramid Plateau… seems some one knew quite well how to prepare for Sols moods?
    … back to listening…
    …Is there a term for being resilient?
    “”as a species, we are extremely cunning when it comes to survival. If we want to survive for another million years, we should look to our history to find strategies that already worked…”” from the book Scatter, Adapt, and Remember by Annalee Newitz
    Perhaps we will survive in Earth and perhaps we are preserved now and in other times and Gardens by one or more cultures that value Human Beings and other Hominids?
    Did some “ant people” take indigenous peoples into Earth and save them from disaster?
    Who was Noah listening to if there was a Noah’s Ark?
    A good bee keeper will preserve the best of his bees in the worst of times?
    … back to listening…
    Are the conductive zones denser than the rest of what ever is under the crust?
    I cant see the equation in the images any more… Grrr… equations I used to see are pictures everywhere?
    Where, E = Coefficient of elasticity of the medium
    ρ = Density of the medium.
    I always thought the denser the medium the faster the sound… but how do sheer waves behave in saturated corn starch?or any Non-Newtonian fluid like at the low velocity zone thought to exist just below the crust?
    I heard that there are several branches or tributaries of structure near south Africa. It sounds as though several events may have drawn up from or punched through the core leaving traces of Iron or other very heavy conductive stuff. If that is so then there seems to be a progression at work as each new branch is formed next to an older one? As a huge massive West African Craton moves?
    Could Sol’s behavior explain these structures? Could some huge electrical or plasma energy pass through Earth from Sol in cycles?

    back to listening…
    37:12 of 1:00:04 and mass murder!
    thank you.
    I have been saying that for months.
    Vitamin D and Zinc alone would have saved thousands and the pharmaceutical industrial complex can and does override science and wisdom for power and profit. But when Ivermectin was found to be so effective back in August of 2020 all the agencies control by organized crime made damn sure no one would trust Ivermectin or any one trying to save lives with proven protocols using Ivermectin Vitamin D and Zinc. All of the “news” media stopped saying Ivermectin and any one who tried to tell the truth about the I Mask Plus Protocol were discredited. “It’s for lice and scabies” “It’s for those kinds of people and dogs and horses…not for good people like us”
    September eleven 2001… September eleven 2007 and seven years then eleven years September eleven 2019… just about every ten years “they” provide a problem after they need to push the “solution”?
    John Kennedy, Water Gate, Iran takes hostages in the Eighties, the first Gulf war… 9/11 one, 9/11 two in 08 and now 9/11 three as Covid, see a pattern?
    Did someone release the novel corona virus(s) in September of 19? It would not surprise me at all.
    But “they” did not know how good was Ivermectin at stopping mass murder did they?

    It has become too easy to compare some of the worst behaviors observed by Humans in Earth to the crimes of the Nazis in recent years. Back in the 1940s a huge percentage of Humanity and most German people rationalized the showers and the furnaces and the deaths… now the new furnaces are the funeral homes and the new showers are hospitals? Will we rationalize this away when so many could get Ivermectin right now… so many could have and should have gotten Ivermectin Vitim in D and zinc months ago? Will the NIH continue to behave like NIST did after 9/11? Will the coverup and white wash win?
    How many more people will be marching into hospitals to die… how many more furnaces will burn on?
    and yes I agree at time frame: 52:56 of 1:00:04 to that very thing I wrote above just before hearing it…
    … back to listening…
    time frame 48:11 of 1:00:04 and…
    can you hear how much is the struggle of the S0 community like that of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance? The alliance is made of some of the best of the best in the fields that should be heard when any discussion of critical care is concerned and yet they are facing malignant counterintelligence perpetrated by organized crime?
    Please go and check out their credentials at Home | FLCCC | Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance — … Yes they stress the use of masks to slow the spread but they have the evidence to prove that the I Mask Protocol works to prevent and cure a wide spectrum of viruses including those said to cause Covid 19. The virus may mutate and evolve around most vaccines but probably not Ivermectin.
    … back to listening…
    The End…
    One more thing
    Perhaps Humanity is not in charge in Earth.
    Perhaps Earth is property and Humanity is domesticated and GMO.
    Perhaps all this sort of thing has happened in Earth before.
    The evidence exists that our HisStory is not our story and the Apocalypse that has been predicted is just another touchstone in a cycle that some have seen several or many times before.
    Apocalypse /Epocolapse The collapse of an epoch or story and false narrative used to control Humanity as workers and or product?
    It does not take omniscience to predict how bacteria in a vat of wine will be doing if you are the vintner?
    Is Earth nearing the harvest time?
    thanks for the fine conversation again

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